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Lisa is being spayed today🙀😱

Lisa and I are in the waiting room at our Vet right now. It’s busy too! So I guess her surgery will be after 1pm or so.

It was an anxious morning if course. Lisa wasn’t allowed to eat, and so I couldn’t really feed the others easily and had to be really sneaky about it. I basically just gave them all little snacks when Lisa was in the other end of the apartment.

I was shaking all morning like always before I have to bring one of them to the Vet. Especially when I have to put them in the carrier. Since they all sense that something is off about me, they get panicky as soon as I pick them up. Any other time I pick them up they’re perfectly relaxed.

My heart is still beating like crazy, and I just hope we will be called in soon.

I will calm down as soon as I get the call from the Vet that the surgery went fine and that Lisa is doing well. Until then I am going to be all over the place, as I always am, especially with the girls when they have their surgery.

Lisa right now in her carrier

I’ll update as soon as I have her safely back home.


9 thoughts on “Lisa is being spayed today🙀😱

    1. Me too!!! It’s going to be a while still. But they said I can pick her up at 4:45pm today. So in this case, no calls are a good thing. She’s probably just been through the surgery now. I forgot to ask how long the surgery lasts. As I can’t remember anymore how long it took with my other kitty girls. Then after the surgery they stay there for a couple more hours to make sure they’re fine and so they are a little less out of it when you get them back.

      Anyway, I will be so happy to let you know how she is doing as soon as I can. Thanks so much for your nice comment!!!

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