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Update about Lisa’s Spaying Surgery

Oh it was a long day! Especially for poor Lisa. I wanted to let you all know that she is fine and the surgery went fine, no problems.

I went to pick her up from the Vet at 4:45pm. It took a while though until we were able to leave, since there was a little emergency dog who was being treated, when I arrived. It was about an hour later than I finally got to pick up sweet little Lisa.

But I knew that everything was fine and she was doing well, so I didn’t have to worry.

Lisa was wide awake, and freaked out. She was struggling, so it wasn’t possible to put the pet shirt on her, that is her size and made for after surgeries, to prevent them getting to the surgery site. So for now all that was possible to quickly slip on was the dreaded cone.

Of course she’s upset about having a cone now. But I will try again tomorrow to put the protective garment on her, as at least she would be able to move freely and be able to use all her senses. With the cone, the whiskers are of no help, the hearing and especially the directional hearing is impaired, as well as her view.

I wish it would be easier to put something like that on a kitty.

I will let you know how it goes and how Lisa is doing over the next days.

Anyway, I am going to bed now. Lisa is staying quiet on the window in the bedroom, one of her favourite spots. She’ll come into the bed later I’m sure.

I’m just glad that both, Hero and now Lisa had their neutering / spraying surgery behind them. Now we look forward to when Lisa is healed up and won’t need a cone or protective garment.

Good night from us! Lots of love, and thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Will be replying as soon as I can.

18 thoughts on “Update about Lisa’s Spaying Surgery

    1. Hi Crystal! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! Yes, it was such a big relief. I’m always worried, every single time. I am overjoyed when I can pick them up and they are well. Lisa has been doing awesome. The next day, she started playing right from the morning, having fun and eating plenty. She’s her normal self. So glad! Now both Hero and Lisa have had their surgery, and are perfectly fine and happy.

      The doggy was fine afterwards by the looks of it, as he left with his/her human.

      Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Purrs!

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  1. Meow meow Miss Natascha wee are so happy that Lisa did so well inn surgery! An wee wish her speedy ree-covery an POTP too. Pawss crossed THE cone can come off inn a few dayss. Maybee Lisa will let you put shirt on tomorrow…then cone can go ‘byebye’ rite??
    Wee ❀ all of youss’!
    purrsss BellaDharma

    Hello Natascha: I am so releived for both of you. I remember when I adopted Purrince Siddhartha Henry & then sent him off the next day to be neutered. I paced the floor for hours worrying about him. He left with Feral Cat Rescue lady @ 6 a.m. & came back by 7 p.m. He was spunky & hungry & glad to be home…..not concerned in the least!! I aged about 2 years in 12 hours! ROFWL!!
    {{{hugsss}}} & ❀ Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Hello my dear sweet girl BellaDharma! Yes, we are so glad Lisa did so well! She was just fed up after that day, which is understandable. Poor little girl. Once we got home, she ran around a bit confused with the cone, bumping into things, with me constantly walking after her, making sure she is fine. I stayed with her and only had short light naps during the night, since I listened for every noise she made in her basket next to me, beside the bed. She feels safe in there. But it was all good and she slept the whole late evening and all through the night after we got home.

      At some point in the early morning I must have fallen asleep properly, as she woke me up at 7am, calling out from her basket: “Hello? I’m hungry! Hello? I could really do with some food right now!”
      So right away I made breakfast for everyone, and Lisa ate two bowls of food. She had great appetite! Then she wanted to play. Which we did all morning basically, and then she got plenty of cuddles as we laid down for a rest at midday. She’s been doing awesomely since then, being her normal self. Hero and Sonic are always on the bed with us too and everywhere else we are. Samantha still prefers her spot in the living room by the heater, like she does every winter.

      Yes sweety, that’s exactly what I had planned. To put the shirt on her, because then the cone can go bye! But knowing Lisa by now, it would have stressed her out all over again. She has become used to the cone surprisingly well and learned quickly how to move around with it. I was stunned how quickly she figured it out. Smart girl! She does not seem to care one bit. But of course, she’ll be really happy one it’s off again, and so will I!

      Thank you so much for your sweet and caring messages BellaDharma! We luv you lots! All of us!

      Hello Sherri-Ellen my dear awesome friend!
      I’m sorry my comments are always so long… I just don’t seem to be albe to talk about anything in just a few words lol.
      Oh dear, I absolutely understand how you must have felt, waiting for the sweet Purrince to be back from surgery! And what a long time! 12 hours! I would have aged at least 2 years as well in that time. Poor you!

      At least with Lisa it was from 1pm when I left the Vet and she was being prepared for surgery. Then I would have normally gotten her back at 4:45pm, but because of the poor emergency doggy that was in, it was 6pm by the time I left the Vet with her. So just half of the wait you had to endure! With Hero it was even shorter, only 3 hours in all, with bringing him in and getting him back.

      I’ll stop now, finally, and try to reply to all the sweet comments!
      Sending you both lots of love from us all and purrs from Sonic, Samantha, Lisa and Hero

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      1. Meow meow Aunty Natascha: Yore THE bestest!! Just like LadyMew; all wayss watchin over us kittiess…wish efurryone was like youss’. An w..hat a reeleaf that Lisa adapted to cone an got thru wearin it without too much upss-set! How iss she doin now? Pleese give mee meowss to Lisa an Hero an Sonic an Samantha fore mee. Well dun all of youss’!!
        ❀ ❀ an purrsss BellaDharma

        Hello Natascha: You did so well with Lisa surgery; far less stressed than I was with P SH. He was my only ‘boy’ cat so I had NO idea what to expect. Well I found out the boy cats heal far quicker than ‘girl’ cats. Being spayed is invasive as opposed to neuter surgery. I am pretty sure I aged about 2 years like you said waiting for Siddhartha Henry to come home. He was neutered thru Feral Cat Rescue we had here at the time. So Nikki would pick up cats & drive down to Orangeville (1 1/2 hr drive each way) & have cats fixed. Usually 6-8 went at one time. When P SH went he was #8 so a large amount of cats to be done in 1 day. Then 1 1/2 hour drive back. Nikki was exhausted. P SH was ready to eat & play…he never missed a beat that boy!!!
        I am glad all is back to normal for all of you.
        Sending ❀ & {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen
        P.S.: My FB got hacked so I deactivated account for now. 😦

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    1. Yes, it’s always such a big relief when you get them back from the Vet! I would have so loved for her to get rid of the dreaded cone, but knowing Lisa by now, she would be getting upset all over again if I would have changed it the next day. I had planned to do it the next morning actually, but Lisa was totally happy, not caring one bit, getting around amazingly well, when she woke up the next morning. I had her shirt ready and everything, but since she was doing so well, playing like always, cuddling and eating plenty, I decided I will just leave it as it is. If she would have been as upset and scared as the day of the surgery, I would have changed it for sure. But now that she is happy and relaxed, I didn’t want to upset her again. With some cats it’s really easy to put anything on them, with others like Lisa, it’s upsetting and stressful.

      Thank you for all your lovely and kind comments! You’re awesome!
      Love from all of us and lots of purrs from the kitties!

      PS: Do you have a blog or anything else, so I can visit you too?

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    1. Thank you so much Irene! It’s always such a big relief. I’m so worried every single time. So glad that both Hero and Lisa had their surgery now.

      Btw, thank you for retweeting my blog posts every time! So sweet of you. I’m really glad I got to know you thanks to WordPress. Love and big hugs!

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      1. You are welcome, Natascha. I tweet posts, as I like and think could be interesting for others too, when it is possible to tweet a post. We met each other through Ralph, as I met at WP, while he still lived in Spain.

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  2. I am so glad to hear this dear Natascha, take a rest now, I know how stressful to wait. Blessing and Happiness to you all, Love, nia

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    1. Aww thank you Nia! You always write lovely comments. So sweet!
      The evening after we got home from the Vet, Lisa went into her favourite basket, which is next to the bed on my side. There she stayed for the whole night, until she woke up at 7am. When she woke up the next morning after surgery, she was all back to normal. Happy, cheerful, playful and very hungry! She quickly learned how to move around with the cone and surprisingly, she does not seem to care too much about having the cone.

      I am just thankful she is fine and doing so well. It’s wonderful to see her so cheerful. Coming Thursday, we have to go back to the Vet, for the post-surgery check-up. If the skin of the cut has grown together strong enough, the cone can come off.

      Lots of love and hugs from us all!

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    1. Yes, so very glad! It’s scary every single time to leave them with the Vet for surgery. But Lisa is doing amazing. By the next morning, she had already become used to her cone. She learned extremely fast, how to get around in it and how to move. She’s been playing normally, is just as wild and full of energy as all young cats are (with me running after her constantly, making sure she’s alright and not overdoing it). So since she got used to the cone so well, it would only cause her to get upset all over again if I would have tried to put the shirt on her, to be able to leave off the cone. It won’t be long anymore now anyway. She’s back at the Vet on Thursday for a post-OP check up and we can most likely remove the cone after that. Because I’m sure she’ll be healed up enough for that.

      Lots of love from us all! HUGS! πŸ’•

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  3. Yay! The worst is over. I had never heard of the protective shirt, but I’m glad she is doing so well with the cone. Thursday is right around the corner. Hopefully she won’t need either after that.

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