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How the Covid situation affects us

I’m sure most people are sick of hearing about that Virus all the time constantly, but I wanted to let you all know about our current situation and about what I know about everything so far.

I’ve been writing on this post since Monday, but due to constant changes in information and situations, I kept updating my draft, trying to write with the little time I had during the week. This is going to be a really long text post.

They made a live map for the outbreak You can zoom in and click on the red dots, which will tell you the case count, the deaths, number of people recovered. Though not every country has the dots as detailed as in China or the US, where every affected area gets its own dot. For most other European countries, there is just one dot that represents all cases in that country.
arcgis.com – Map created by the Johns Hopkins University

Italy, one of our southern neighbour countries, is apparently one of the worst affected countries now

The first cases in Austria according to the government

February 25, 2020
Innsbruck, Tyrol, 2 Cases

Austria had it’s first confirmed cases in Innsbruck, Tyrol, the state that directly borders Italy. 2 People, a young Italian couple, who came from one of the worst affected areas in Italy.

February 27, 2020
Vienna, 2 Cases

A married couple in their 70s, were confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus, after they came home from their vacation in Northern Italy.

February 28, 2020
Vienna, 1 Case

The son of the older couple from Vienna, was confirmed to be infected with the Virus as well.

February 29, 2020 –
Korneuburg, Lower Austria, 2 Cases

A man and woman in their 50s, from Lower Austria (the state around Vienna) who also came back from northern Italy, were confirmed to be infected with the Virus.

Eastern Styria (Our state), 1 Case
A 50 year old woman, who also came back from northern Italy, was confirmed to have the Virus. She’s now being treated in a hospital in our city, Graz.

Salzburg, Upper Austria, 1 Case
A 36 year old woman, who came back from Northern Italy as well, has been confirmed to have the Virus.

March 1, 2020
Vienna, 4 Cases

  • A German couple coming to Vienna, after visiting a carnival event in Germany.
  • A woman from Vienna, who came back from Italy, was confirmed to have the Virus.
  • Another man was confirmed to have the virus, but I did not have any information as to where he came from, or any other information.

March 2, 2020 –
Salzburg, Upper Austria, 1 Case

1 case confirmed in Salzburg. No other details are known to the public yet.

Vienna, 1 Case
1 case confirmed in Vienna. No other details are known to the public yet.

March 3, 2020 –
Salzburg, Upper Austria, 1 Case

1 case confirmed in Salzburg. No other details are known to the public yet

Graz, Styria, 1 Case
1 case confirmed in Graz. He knew and had contact with the 50 year old woman from eastern Styria and got infected through her.

In the evening of March 3, we had 18 confirmed cases in Austria.

On March 5, 2020, the case count went up to 29. There are no more details mentioned for any of the new cases. Only the state or the city is mentioned anymore. But by now the number has gone up again most likely.

On March 6, 2020, Austria has 55 confirmed cases: Vienna (23), Lower Austria (15), our state Styria (5), Salzburg (5), Tyrol (4), Vorarlberg (1), Upper Austria (1) and Carinthia (1). In all 4000 people have been tested for the Virus.

This morning, March 7, 2020, Austria has 74 confirmed cases: Vienna (23), Lower Austria (23), Tyrol (7), our state Styria (6), Salzburg (5), Upper Austria (4), Burgenland (4), Vorarlberg (1) and Carinthia (1).

In all 4308 people have been tested for the Virus in Austria as of today.

First 2 patients are healthy again

On the other hand, the first two patients that came in from Italy and then became ill in Innsbruck, Tyrol have now officially recovered. They’ve been kept in the hospital until the repeated tests showed that they were free of the Virus. Even after someone is already feeling fine again, the Virus can still be detected in the tests.

Most of the people who have been infected, are not getting severely ill thankfully. They feel better within about 10 days.

According to the current information they gave out, Patients that recovered from the Virus are immune against becoming sick from it again, at least for a few years. They don’t really know yet how many years, as it can also vary between people, but with other Corona-viruses people still had antibodies and therefore immunity against it up to 5 years later, others up to 3 years. They also said that it could be totally different this time and the immunity could be a lot shorter. Nothing is certain at this point.

Another information they gave out was the hope that the warmer temperatures coming with spring will help to slow down the spread of the Virus. Saying the Virus does not like warm temperatures when it’s outside of a body. The warmer it is, the sooner the Virus dies on surfaces. The sun will also fry it on outside surfaces.

No evidence throughout the whole outbreak that cats and dogs are able to contract the Virus!

One of my first massive worries were the cats. All cats and dogs. Our furkids. But thankfully, the ECDC and many other health organisations have found no evidence that pets can become ill or even spread the Virus. During the whole outbreak, there has been no sign of it. Most Viruses mutate to fit only cells of a certain animal family or only humans. They have the right fittings basically, to fit just the right receptors in bodies. And if it’s human cells that it has fittings for, then it will not affect a cat or dog. These fittings are made to exactly fit the receptors of certain cells, where they attach and invade. If such a Virus enters a cat, it simply can’t invade through any of their cells, since the receptors aren’t fitting together.

Now they started testing pets of Corona Patients in China and they have detected the Virus in some of the pets, who are then put in an Vet Clinic for Quarantine. But it seems the pets don’t become ill themselves. So unless the Virus mutates to be able to infect the cells of dogs, cats and other animals, the animals won’t become ill. But I guess they are worried that pets can spread the Virus.

Since it seems that cats and dogs won’t become sick themselves is a huge relief. Because I was so worried that Samantha and Sonic especially, would not be able to survive an infection, due to their age. And with Lisa and Hero, I was not sure if they are too young to survive it, or if they would be strong enough by now. But that worry is now off the table.

People here already started small scale panic buying

Last Saturday, I went to the nearby grocery store, a rather large store. Ralph and I had planned for us to get some shopping done over the next days, to stock up for a while, so that we don’t have to go into the stores again for some time. Mostly because of the flu going around rather quite badly.

First I headed off to get powdered milk and long lasting UHT Milk. Normally that big store has a big stock of it all the time. This time though, it was ALL gone. All of it. I saw the last of the UHT milk being carried off by a few blokes who belonged together. They had 3 full shopping carts, filled to the top with nothing but UHT milk.

Even the coffee creamer powders were gone, as well as the condensed milk.

The tinned food I had planned on buying was gone as well. Just like noodles and rice. Otherwise most of the stock was still there like always. It was just the stuff that can be stocked for a while that was gone. Oh and hand sanitizers and disinfectant cleaning products were decimated pretty bad too. There are also a bunch of random empty shelves that don’t really make sense. Like just one type of produce that’s been bought up by somebody. At least in the last few days, this has been the case for all the stores I’ve been to.

I could hardly believe it. Only when I read the online newspapers for Austria, did I find out that before the weekend, some officials had recommended that people stock up on food, water, sanitising products and other necessities, to last them for about two weeks. So that was most likely the reason behind that.

Now it seems all sorts of sanitizers and disinfection products are absolutely sold out everywhere here. In all the stores I’ve been to, these things are completely gone. But alcohol with a high percentage should be just as good. Therefore, I’ll get some strong Alcohol, like some typical Austrian Schnaps, which usually have a ridiculously high alcohol percentage. Then I’ll fill some of it in a small bottle and carry that with me to disinfect my hands when I’m out and about.

Stocking up

Since people have already been panic buying, in a rather small scale compared to full-blown panic buying, I thought I better make sure we have a good amount of everything that’s important. So I guess I’ve been panic buying then as well? So it’s panic buying because of people panic buying. Which is probably why it’s always gets so bad… But at least I didn’t empty out shelves in the stores. I ordered some online and I am buying additional things for our stock, little by little.

First I placed a number of orders last Saturday for food with a long shelf live, which arrived on Tuesday. I also bought more than enough milk that won’t spoil, as well as sugar, rice and noodles, and a whole bunch of high-calorie food that lasts long and where you don’t need to eat much of it to get all the nutrients. There is a whole bunch more for us that I stocked up on, so that we could last for quite a while without having to rely on the stores.

I also thought that those slim fast type drinks, that are supposed to be food replacement, can be a great emergency food source. I have some of it, because I had phases where I had no appetite at all and could not get anything down, but I was at least able to drink those.

Also stocking up for the cats

I already have quite a bit of food stocked for the cats anyway, but I also ordered some more on Saturday. Mainly I ordered dry food, since that lasts long and you get a whole lot of it. I wanted to have that covered first. But I will also try and stock up on wet cat food now as much as possible.

Even today as it was raining hard, I rode to the closets pet supply store to buy some more supplies for the cats.

Ideas for the cats

Then I realised that baby kitten formula can be a great emergency food supply for the cats, at least in the worst case. Since it will give them all the nutrients and energy.

Also, there is formula for cats in recovery, which is very similar to the baby kitten formula. I’ve got both at home for Samantha to help her gain some weight.

Then I thought about the kitty litter and how I could have enough of that at home. It seems the silicate type, which I have never used before, could be a great idea for an emergency kitty litter supply. Since it is lightweight and supposed to last quite a while.

Maybe those ideas can help someone. Also, if you have any helpful suggestions for the cats and us, let me know in the comments or in an email: catlady-natascha@protonmail.com

My worry was/is not so much about Covid, but about the access to my pain medication

Because according to the current emergency epidemic laws, any establishment, office, store, building etc., has to be closed right away, if there is just one person that frequented said place even just once, and then turns out to have the virus.

Also, everyone who works at one of these places and anyone who was present in these places at the same time, has to be tested multiple times and stay home in quarantine for 2 weeks, or until they recovered and the Virus isn’t detected anymore in their blood tests.

It just takes one person, in any of the places I depend on for my pain medication, and it has to shut down instantly.

I depend on…

  • my doctor’s office, to write my pain med prescription once a month.
  • the health department’s office for narcotic medications, who’s head doctor stamps and signs the prescription to make it valid. Without that, you can’t get anything at the pharmacy.
  • my pharmacy, who has the physical prescription as well as all my medicine for the month, to be picked up by me in the intervals it says on the script. So I never actually have all of it at home.

So even if just a person, who simply worries they could have contracted the Virus, comes into my doctor’s office, the doctor’s office is shut down right away by the health department head doctor and it’s going to stay closed until that person is cleared to be free of the Virus.

There has been a case just like that, a few days ago, in Lower Austria. Because a woman who ran into her GP’s office, because she was in a panic about being infected with the Virus, the GP was forced to close the whole office right away, as the law requires. Otherwise he would get in huge legal trouble and face harsh consequences. So after closing the whole office in an instant, he was required to call the health department and inform them of the situation. After that, the health department will officially shut down the office for a certain amount of time. Even though that woman turned out to be free of the Virus in the end, the Doctor’s office is still closed two weeks later and not even the Doctor himself knows when he’ll be able to open up again. He’s not even receiving any information from the health department upon his request either.

On top of all that, every person who was in the office at the time that woman entered it, has to quarantine for two weeks and get tested repeatedly after these 14 days.

Even though they list it absolutely everywhere not to run into any doctors office or hospital if a person is worried about having the Virus, I’m certain that many will still simply go in and then all of the above starts at another doctors office.

For this reason, I have worried myself sick. The prospect of losing access to my pain medication from one day to the next is extremely frightening, especially when you don’t know if there would be any help at all if it does happen. From past experiences, I know that chronic pain patients have a hard time to receive actual pain relief even during normal times. In an emergency, the situation is usually the same everywhere and one is turned away everywhere and told to deal with it.

The problem is, that with just my own agony of being bed bound from pain, I would be unable to care for Ralph and the cats in a normal way, as I would have a hard time to even care for myself. Who would get everything done then? It would be a nightmare. I can’t even stand for a minute because of my spine and joints without pain medication. On top of that, my migraine would become a lot worse too. The pain level of the migraines would be so bad again, I would just hope to pass out from pain for a while. These severe attacks would last 14 days or more at a time. That is why I’m so freaked out at the thought of losing access to my medication.

As of now, most, including the staff at my doctor’s office and most other people, don’t think the chance is very high that it’s going to be so bad.

Thankfully, I already have the next prescription all sorted out and after my current one ends, the next one goes until mid April. To have the actual valid prescription is the most important thing. That way, I could at least prove that I have a valid prescription and a hospital or a different pharmacy might be able to provide my medications. Especially since it’s not my fault if the pharmacy has to shut down. There are also many many many more patients like me in the exact same situation all over Graz and the Metro area.

The general situation

I’ve seen the empty streets in many cities in Europe on the news. Here in Graz life still seems to go on like always. The number of people wasn’t any lower in the city from what I saw all week. The city centre is usually packed full of people on Friday afternoon and Saturday, with people going shopping in all the stores and people sitting in the Cafés, laughing and having fun. The city centre is a typical shopping area, with one store after the other, as well as lots of Cafés.

Apparently, in the UK toilet paper, kitchen rolls and all sorts of things are running out in stores because people are panic buying in lots of places. When I went to Aldi’s and Spar, they still had enough of everything. Even the long-lasting milk is still plentiful. Although tinned food, all sanitizing products, including hand sanitizers, are totally out of stock. These products are completely gone everywhere. But as long as you can buy strong alcohol, like Schnapps and Vodka, for example, it should not be a problem. Even just washing your hands with soap should be enough.

Ralph, the cats and I right now

We’re all fine, as are the cats! We’ve got lots of kibbles stocked up for the cats and we have food and drink stocked up for us as well. So on that end, we’re not going to have any problems.

At the moment, I’m still feeling the migraine from earlier in the evening. It was gone, but then came back when I was doing household chores… It was the second migraine today, the first one came on in the morning. It’s all that worrying about losing access to my pain medicine. I feel bad for poor Ralph, who’s had to listen to my worries for the past two weeks…

Otherwise, spring is coming, there are beautiful little spring flowers everywhere in the garden and bushes and trees are starting to sprout. Soon, the cats will be able to lie in the sun on the balcony and open windows (with cat safety nets of course).

The birds are also feeding happily and collecting little sticks for their new nests. We’re looking forward to the late spring and early summer, as by then, hopefully, this crisis will be over.

Thinking of you all and sending lots of love from Ralph, the cats and myself ❤

25 thoughts on “How the Covid situation affects us

    1. I agree! It’s important for the bees and all pollinating insects, and it’s an especially lovely sign right now, as it shows that spring is coming and with it higher temperatures, which will slow the spread of that virus and then they are probably able to finally contain it. Hope you’re doing well and everything is good for you! Have a pleasant Sunday!

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    1. They are! I like that it’s such a good sign as well, as it shows that spring is coming and with it higher temperatures, which will slow the virus down. That’s why all those flu large outbreaks are usually in the winter months. It belongs to the same type of Virus.

      I totally agree. The way way back original Corona Virus might have originated from bats maybe, but not this one. They already said that this Virus most likely came from a lab in Wuhan, which had an accidental leak.

      Yes, they say that everywhere, and I think it’s because they worry about pets could become potential carriers of the Virus. As of now, the Virus can potentially enter a pet’s body, but not it’s cells, therefore dogs, cats and many other animals are not getting sick themselves, but they could maybe carry it to other people, who would get sick. It didn’t really happen yet on a large scale yet, but I guess they worry about it.

      The other reason is probably that they want to avoid any mutations of the Virus, which could then make our pets sick as well. But if potentially sick people avoid too close of a contact with their pets, it makes it less likely for the Virus to have too many chances to mutate into being able to invade our pets cells as well, causing them to become sick. Just my theory.

      How are you and your sweet DaisyMae doing? I really hope you’re both doing great.

      Take care of yourselves ❤ I’m thinking of you and your sweet DaisyMae!

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    1. Yes! Totally! Ralph, the cats and myself! We can’t wait for the lovely warm sun and air, and the smell of flowers and trees everywhere. It’s always so beautiful! I’m looking forward to it this year especially! ❤

      Hope you’re doing fine! Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Hello Natascha! Hello Ralph! Hello darling furbabies!
    What a relief to hear from you. I WAS going to email if you had not posted…..thank you for your detailed post. That map with the red circles says alot. You know, if China had told the world sooner there would not be this amount of illness all around the world. I have been following the saga since Day 1 & it is scary. Alot of people seem to be very cavalier about this Virus & comment how so many die from ‘regular’ Influenza every year worldwide. That upsets me greatly as any Virus can become so deadly that we are all in jeopardy.
    Have you heard of the WorldOMeter?? I will post link here for you:
    This Meter keeps track of total people infected; recovered; deceased & then breaks it down country by country. I check it 2-3 times a day! We are at 60 peolel infected with 8 recovered. As Canada is a huge country we have been lucky so far. Nothing where I live but I am still being careful. Washing hands more & not touching my face; only going out when necessary. Staying away from anyone who coughs…with my compromised Immune System it is better to be cautious.
    From the research I;ve done Corona Virus in cats can only be transmitted to other cats & the same with dogs. Corona Virus’es of the past have been zoonotic meaning they can’t be transmitted from species to species. So if any pets are sick it is highly unlikely it is with our present Human Corona Virus. I would say tho’ as people went into quarantine that many pets in China had to fend for themselves. I can’t imagine what has actually happened to many of them.
    All we can do is be vigilant & careful. I hope you & Ralph will be untouched by this Virus.
    On a brighter note: your Crocuses are very pretty. We are still under 2 feet of snow…February was a wild month with much snow!
    Sending ❤ ❤ an {{{hugs}}} & good wishes & purrss Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma

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  2. We have a similar situation here in Washington State, U.S.A. and my wife and I are basically taking the same precautions you are. Our media and government sources are downplaying the whole situation, which I really believe will backfire.
    Glad to hear that you and Ralph and the kitties are doing OK. Des

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    1. I’m glad you’re taking the same precautions. Especially as people become increasingly worried and panic buying. Better to have everything at home in time. I’ll keep stocking up on other things that I haven’t really thought of before, like maybe baby wipes, in case toilet paper runs out in stores, like in the UK and other sanitary products, as well as soap and shampoo, and everything that can be used to clean.

      Here, it’s the same thing. Especially the government is downplaying everything, just like the big TV and radio networks. Newspapers (print and online) are a bit more varied, many downplay, others overdo the panic, and again others are more balanced and truth-oriented.

      I totally agree, the downplaying is most definitely going to backfire.

      I also have another friend in Washington State, who lives with her cat and dog in Seattle. I’m worried about all of you. Please be safe and take good care of yourselves. I’ll keep in touch with everyone through my blog, email and everything else online.

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  3. I think you are taking all the precautions you can. I do hope you will be able to continue to get your medicines. Best wishes to you and Ralph. Hopefully spring will bring not only beautiful flowers but also a decrease in virus dangers.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, yes I really pray I’ll be able to get my medicines. For the moment, it still looks good so far. Despite the fact that case counts are multiplying every day, everything is still calm and normal in Austria, especially in our city of Graz. People go about their daily lives as always. But there are public adverts playing on the screens on public transport and other public places, explaining to people that they have to call the special number if they fear they are infected and to not go into hospitals and doctors offices.

      I hope that the infection rate will have reached its peak in about 2 or 3 weeks and then go down. All the measures that are taken now, will only become apparent in a few weeks. The vastly decreased travel and movement of people will make a difference. Just two weeks ago, the number of people who were travelling to and within Austria, was almost as high as at any other time. Also, people will increasingly stay at home as much as possible now.

      Together with the warmer temperatures, I pray things will start to turn around in a month.

      Hope you’re doing fine and things aren’t too crazy where you are.
      Much love from us all! ❤

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  4. Stay safe my lovely people and the fur babies too. What a great idea about the alcohol, I have a bottle of Icelandic vodka in the fridge, very strong. It is good news that the people are recovering, hopefully when the warmer weather comes in it will make the virus die off. I hope so. Sending love and hugs from Scotland. xxx

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    1. Aww thank you! Stay safe as well my friend! Vodka is great! I’ll get a few bottles of it. I’ve heard it doesn’t smell as much? Because I think I will smell like a drunk, once I start using the other strong alcohol I have at home, for disinfecting my hands lol.

      I hope the warm weather comes soon, for all of us. I hope that all the measures that are taken now, and because people stay at home as much as possible and aren’t travelling, the infection rate will be decreasing in a few weeks. I really think it will.

      We all need to celebrate once it’s all over and the last patients recover. I can’t wait!

      Take good care of yourselves! I will be updating as much as possible, so you all know we’re fine and how things are going.

      Much love from us all ❤

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  5. You are doing the right thing to avoid getting the virus. Glad Spring is coming. The warmer weather will hopefully sort this virus out. Our shops are emptier too, I don’t quite understand the toilet roll panic buy. Soap maybe. Let’s stay safe and do the right thing. Big healthy cyber hugs to you and Ralph and your furbabies!

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  6. PS: my cat has discovered the huge red beanbag I received from you. He is allowed to sit on it only on an old cardigan draped over it. He loves it! I still love it too! Yes we share! 🙂

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  7. Good Morning Dear Natascha and Dear Ralph, I was thinking of you all, I am so happy to hear you. Yes, time is not good and as I said before too, as if we are all living in a science fiction film… I can’t believe this… Everything is so fearful and I worry too. In my country as Health Minister explained, there is not any case but there are many people have been tested for the Virus, none of them was positive… but all our neighbours announced that they all got the virus… and then I start to think, how… Can I believe the reports of our minister… on the other hand you can’t hide in the international platform even WHO is watching the world events too… Then another question How possible to keep the virus away… I think we started to prevent actions and important precautions… I hope and wish we could keep this in that way. I am a special one about health problems dear Natascha, and I don’t go out even for ordinary flu too… but my Love, he is working and going out… I am thinking of my cats too… I heard that cats/dogs are very powerful on our immune system… But anyway, I worry. My son he is living in Baku and there are virus in Azerbaijan… coming from İran. They closed the borders and stopped the flights too late… I worry for them too. I can’t go there, they can’t come here right now and how long will it be we don’t know… in here there is a rule by Health Minister, whoever comes from abroad will be in quarrantine for 14 days… People especially businessmen are not happy for this… but there is nothing to do right now… just obey. I pray, I hope, I wish this outbreak to be stopped as soon as… You are doing good and I am sure Ralph too. Be in safe, God be with you all, Thanks and Love, nia

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  8. Today the government changed it’s tune, and advises all people 50 and older to stockpile food and other necessities at home, and avoid going out as much as possible. Guess I better make a list. So much for “Don’t Panic!”

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    1. Oh dear. Seems they are changing their tunes in more countries now. They advice pretty much the same thing here. Please take care! Hope you can pile up everything you need for you and the cats and stay home until the worst is over. I’ll be online now as much as possible, because I worry about everyone… Big hugs!

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      1. Got what I wanted after two trips Starting to look like a ghost town. I unfortunately will have to go out for medical reasons unless appointment s cancelled or get drugs. I am not in a blogging mood with this hanging over my head. Gives me nightmares. Watch out for Ralph. 😸😸😸

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        1. I can relate. I’m glad you got what y needed. I’m sorry y have to go on for medical reasons too. It’s giving me nightmares as well and I can’t sleep properly because of the worry. I went to the doctor today, but unfortunately he wasn’t there, just another doctor who took over. But he’ll be back tomorrow or by Monday. I went there to request for the doctor to write me a note that will allow me to get all my meds until April 12. Because I don’t want to go out anymore by mid next week until the 13th of April. If it were just myself, I would not be too worried, as my immune system is really strong. But I don’t want to risk catching it and in turn infecting Ralph. I hope that I’ll get it granted and that the health department will still be open next week. Because they need to approve that I can get the meds for the next few weeks all at once on Wednesday. Should it all work out, I won’t leave the house any more at all until April 13. Which is when I need to pick up my meds again normally.

          I hope they work something out with you, so you can avoid going out. It’s a nightmare anyway and even more so if you need regular medications.

          Might be better if it’s looking like a ghost town anyway for now… Less people that can infect you.

          The atmosphere has now changed in Austria as well. Almost over night. Cases are doubling every 2 days now. In the rate it’s going, we will have a few 1000 in two weeks. But it’s all the people that got infected while there weren’t any restrictions and people came in from Italy and other places. It’s only since last week that the travel has decreased a lot, and borders have been closed.

          It’s only now that hopefully not many new infections happen (outside of the ones already in quarantine).

          With something so troubling over our heads, I’m not in the mood for much either. Now my blogging is mostly to keep in touch with everyone.

          I’m doing everything to hopefully prevent any harm from coming to Ralph. Watch out for yourself too and the kitties ❣️🙋🏻😺😺😺😺

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