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Life at the moment – Covid Update March 11

I really wasn’t sure if I should write regular updates about how things are going here in Austria and in general, since Covid is now unavoidable and it’s all that’s being talked and written about in the news and on all social media site and I didn’t want to add to that as well. As people are already getting fed up with hearing about it and nothing else anymore.

But then I thought it’s going to be a record of our life, and it’s the details that I would otherwise forget about.

Update for Austria, March 11, 2020 at 3pm

246 cases so far in all of Austria.
Cases for each state: Lower Austria (45), Vienna (50), Styria, our state (25), Tyrol (57), Upper Austria (35), Salzburg (14), Burgenland (4), Vorarlberg (13) and Carinthia (3).

New temporary emergency laws and recommendations during the Corona Pandemic in Austria

  • Anything with gatherings of more than 100 people indoors (which also includes any staff) is temporarily forbidden.
  • Outdoor gatherings with more than 500 people, including staff, is temporarily forbidden
  • Universities and any schools for higher education are being closed
  • No entry into Austria from Italy, except with an up to date document that proves the person is not infected with the Coronavirus
  • Austrian citizens still in the now locked down Italy will be brought home by the government, but they have to stay in quarantine for two weeks in Austria
  • People should avoid private contacts and gatherings and stay home as much as possible
  • Older people and people with compromised immune system should not receive visitors if it can be avoided

Life seems as it always is, in the city and of course at home

While the media is full of panic and fear is spreading from it everywhere, it’s very calm and normal here in Graz and Austria in general. Austrian people usually don’t panic quickly. It has to get really bad before there would be widespread panic.

The late afternoon sun, seen from the balcony with the cat safety net

Today was a wonderfully warm and sunny spring day, with temperatures over 20Β°C / 68Β°F. As I went out this this afternoon around 4pm, people were out in the usual numbers. The large park in our neighbourhood was filled with people sitting on the grass and taking walks, enjoying the warm sun. The outside seating area of every Cafe I saw in the city was quite full and the streets were just as busy as always around that time.

Just like last year, the spring flowers are everywhere, the birds are building their nests in the garden, the neighbourhood kitties are walking around in the garden. Hero and Lisa saw two of the neighbourhood kitties yesterday and got all excited. Unfortunately it was past sunset and too dark to take pictures of them.

It was a mostly sunny afternoon yesterday, and you can feel that the sun is getting warmer and warmer now, as the northern hemisphere is getting closer to the summer. Especially this year, we can hardly wait.

The kitties are crowding in every sun puddle, especially on the bed.

Hero, Lisa and Sonic. Lisa is giving Sonic a friendly nose greeting and a few licks on his head.
Lovely warm sun! Samantha is hardly visible, but she is in the top left area of the picture, in the shadow, lying on a white mat under the side table. The sun had been there a while ago, but was now gone.
So Samantha decided she would try to get into the sun puddle on the bed.

Our life is going on as always

I’m sure there will be many changes and restrictions soon, like everywhere else. They are already talking about measures that might need to be taken.

Thankfully, my doctors office, the pharmacy and the health department are all working as usual. I haven’t heard of any more closed doctors offices for Austria and haven’t heard of any pharmacy or other larger health care provider closing down. And there is no atmosphere of panic among people. I hope it’s going to stay that way.

There are just as many people around as always, from what I can tell. People are still sitting in Cafe’s, stroll through the city and stores, people are still doing they’re daily runs along the Mur and the parks, and you don’t really see any panic buying going on in the stores (yet). But the sanitizers, disinfectants, and tinned food are still sold out for the most part, although they’re being restocked.

We still have enough toilet paper in stores.

Even in the smaller stores, like the one I took this photo in, there is no toilet paper missing.

There was more toilet paper stored at the top of the shelf and even more around the corner.

Plans for next week

I will try to talk to my doctor on Monday, to use all my vacation allowance to get a month’s worth of my pain medication, instead of having to go to the pharmacy every day. Because I don’t want to suddenly stand in front of closed doors at my pharmacy one day and have no pain medicine for God knows how long. I’d rather have a few weeks worth of medication right now, while they are figuring out what to do. At the moment, everyone I ask at the pharmacy, or even at the health department, they have no idea what will happen. None of them could reassure me that I would not end up without my medication soon.

Please stay safe, as some people tend to go crazy in times like these and others are bound to try and use the confusion for their own gains.

Lots of love from us all ❀

16 thoughts on “Life at the moment – Covid Update March 11

  1. Good to hear, that you don’t have any panic yet, where you live Natascha.
    I came to think, that I buy so much online as possible, mostly to avoid carrying everything by myself and sometimes to safe money too. I buy my animal food through Zooplus, as has departments in almost all countries in Europe. When I buy for more than 49 Euro, it is also free delivering and mostly delivered in few days. This is so easy and very economic.
    Take good care of all of you πŸ˜€

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    1. Oh Zooplus is awesome! A lot cheaper than in the stores. The Zooplus I order from is the German one, but it has a couple distribution centres in Austria too, so I get the delivery within 2 or 3 workdays. Usually it’s just 2. It’s really great and they really have everything. Otherwise we order lots of other things as well. I will keep ordering the biggest grocery shopping online from now on as well, as it’s actually a lot cheaper.

      The newest from our government is now that they’re going to close all schools and kindergartens by mid next week. I am sure there’s going to be new emergency measures every day now. I’m not complaining at all. The less movement and meeting of people, the faster it will be over, if hardly anymore people become infected and the sick ones can recover within that time as well. That should leave us with a much lower case count in a few weeks.

      For now I am still quite hopeful.

      Take care! I’ll be updating again soon! At the latest tomorrow. As things are moving so fast, that things are different from one day to the next.

      Big hugs πŸ€—πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ίβ£οΈ

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  2. Hello from Canada!!! So far we are safe where we live here. There are more cases in Canada but in larger cities.
    I checked the WorldOMeter & it counts Austria has having 302 cases in Austria. 56 are new cases reported today. Sadly there has been 1 death & only 4 recovered…..so it appears from the numbers Corona is being contained in your country. I sure hope so. Took WHO & Mistur Tedros long enough to declare a ‘pandemic’….I feel badly for Italy & all places deeply affected.
    Sonic, Samantha, Hero & Lisa all look wonderful…sun puddles…we barely have Sun-anything here. And still hovering around 32 degrees….brrr….
    We take Life a day at a time here. Panic solves nothing!
    Thanks for updating us…..fingers crossed all will be well….
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & purrss BellaDharma

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    1. Hello! Oh I’m so glad you’re safe where you are!! I’m so worried about everyone.

      It seems the WorldOMeter is a little bit behind by now, as the case numbers are going up in a frightening speed. I wish it would be contained in our country, but at the moment there is no telling. The numbers are doubling almost every day and the rate at which that is going is increasing too. It’s getting more and more serious here.

      By yesterday evening, it had reached around 370 in Austria, this morning it was 422, and just a few hours later, it’s 437, with 44 cases in our state. Yesterday it was 28 in our state. But other states in Austria have much more cases, and a very few others have less.

      I’ll write an update again today. The mood has most definitely changed among people now. While they were more relaxed still on Monday, by now most are very concerned. There are more restrictions coming, which is good.

      I just hope I can get my medications sorted out and approved. I will only know about that on Monday. Then I’ll go to my doctors office to get my next prescription, much earlier than normal. That one will go from April 12 to May 10. Also, if my request is approved, I’ll be able to get all of my pain medicine for the time from March 19 to April 12 home with me. Which will enable me to stay home that whole time, to decrease the risk of me catching the Virus and infecting Ralph in turn. Because I need to make sure that Ralph won’t catch it.

      I just hope it will work out and I can get my meds home. So much is depending on me being well and therefore I need these meds.

      The prognosis isn’t too good for Austria as of right now. They said that if the rate of infection isn’t decreasing, we will have more than 100000 sick by the end of March.

      If everything works out with my meds, we will simply stay home for the next few weeks. Paws and fingers crossed that it will work out.

      Sorry for the long message with me rambling on. I guess I’m full in anxiety mode now. Though, if my plan works out, I will be able to calm down next week.

      I’m thinking of you and sweet BellaDharma. I hope you can stay home for a few weeks should things get bad in your area too. Please take care, and I will keep updating and stay in touch with everyone.

      You are totally right, panic solves nothing at all. It makes people crazy and do stupid things, and it makes them selfish. Thankfully people aren’t in a panic yet, just worried and rather quiet and calm. I think they are in shock that the case numbers are increasing so fast. I just have my usual anxiety going. I wish I could get my anxiety condition under control, especially now.

      Big hugs, purrs & love ❀

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  3. Hi Natascha, thanks for dropping by my blog. I haven’t seen any updates for Ralph’s blog recently so it’s good to know he, and all of you, are doing well. πŸ˜€
    Because I’ve been following the epidemic/pandemic for a while now I’m well past the ‘panic now!’ more that the majority of people are experiencing. It’s a relief really. I fell like I can get on with life, in this new ‘pay attention’ mode.
    May all of you stay safe, and please say ‘Hi’ to Ralph for me. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by mine as well! I know, even I miss Ralph’s hilarious blog posts. I’m sure he would be able to cheer everyone up with a typical Ralph post during this Corona Pandemic.

      Unfortunately, Ralph had to stop blogging altogether now. We hope he’ll be able to get back to blogging, should there be any medication that can help to decrease the shaking of his hands. It’s gotten too much of a struggle for him to write anything on the computer. I do his emails and any other text for him. But with blogging, he would like to do it himself. As it’s not the same flow of thoughts if I have to type for him. It’s just different. So that’s why there are no new posts on his blog.

      Ralph is subscribed to my blogs comment, and so he gets notifications for all the comments my blog is receiving. Therefore, he’ll read your comment himself as soon as he gets on his laptop later.

      In Austria, the mood has changed almost overnight, which is why I’m going to write another update, which will probably be published around midnight (Central European Time).

      My panic was worse at the beginning of it all too, but I have my moments, where it comes back, depending on the constantly changing situation.

      Please, stay safe as well and be careful! I planned on posting much more often in general, but I’ll try to post every day, especially now during this pandemic.

      HUGS!!! ❀

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