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Covid Update Part 1 March 23

It still took me until now to finish this post. Sigh… sorry about that. The weird tiredness still wasn’t letting up at all and it was impossible to think clearly enough to write in such a state. This post is simply an update about the pandemic and the current situation in Austria.

Like I’ve said, I publish these updates to document the historic circumstances we all are finding ourselves in, to have a record of it for myself and for whoever else is interested in reading about it again later on.

One of my huge worries is now gone! I will not lose access to my pain medication at any point. Everything has been sorted out wonderfully, for everyone.

It would be a long boring description of how everything works and was worked out right now, but basically: The health department and the national health care activated the new electronic prescription system a lot sooner than planned. With this system, people are able to call their doctors and order their prescription over the phone. The doctors office then adds / uploads the prescription into your file on the national health data system. Now people can go to any pharmacy they want, tell the pharmacist that a prescription has been put on their file, which the pharmacist can look up and access through your social security number. Then they simply print out the prescription and give you your medicines.

Narcotic long term prescriptions are not being sent through this electronic system though. They are added to your file and everything, but you still have to get the physical paper prescription from your doctor. At the moment, doctors offices are bringing these special prescriptions to the health department office themselves, as an original paper document. The health department then stamps the prescription, scans them into their computer system, and has them brought to the various pharmacies that the patient is receiving their medicine. Because with this prescription, you have to stay at the same pharmacy for the duration of that prescription, usually 28 days. Of course, most people will stay and not change every month.

So basically, I don’t have to go to my doctors office for the prescriptions for as long as this lockdown is going on. Also, depending on the medication, people are able to fill up to 3 months worth of medications at once. Except narcotics. Also, I am almost sure that not every doctors office will give their patients the 3 months worth of medicine at once, as they generally don’t like to do that. I know, because I have trouble every time my doctor goes on holiday and I need my migraine medication for the duration.

Thankfully, I got 4 weeks worth of pain medication at once. Which is a relief, as I was really worried they would just lock everything down, including pharmacies and the health department, and not care one bit if people get their pain medicine. That worry exists due to my horrible experiences throughout my life, with being in terrible pain, but not being helped. With specialist doctors just shrugging their shoulders, literally, and simply not caring one bit.

4097 Coronavirus Infections, March 23 at 5pm

The governments update from today at 5pm.

Staying home, toilet paper craziness and panic buying

So for whatever reason, toilet paper is still being bought like crazy. All over the western world. Maybe even all over the world. Shop keepers say it’s gone within a short time right after they open in the morning. I wonder if we will ever find out what that is all about? Why on earth toilet paper? Some even managed to buy massive amounts of toilet paper, thinking people will be desperate for toilet paper and that they can sell it to them at a high price.

Despite the fact that grocery stores are still being stocked up normally, people are still panic buying long-lasting food and the stores can’t keep up with it. It would be more than enough for everyone if it wouldn’t be for panic buyers. The panic buying seems to happen right when the stores open. For the rest of the day, there are only very few customers in the stores.


The emptiness in the streets during the night is now increasingly used by criminals to break into stores and to rob the few people that are out. Thankfully it’s not rampant here, but it definitely happens a lot more now.

Even my old pharmacy has been broken into and robbed on the first night of the lockdown last week. I am glad my current pharmacy is in a really public place with police CCTV. My old one was in an area that is always quiet and empty overnight, but especially now.

I know there are hardly any hand sanitizers available anymore, and the few that are sold are sold with massively hiked up prices. But before you buy insanely expensive sanitisers, you can use alcohol like Vodka and Schnapps to disinfect your hands while you’re out, if you fill it into a small bottle to carry with you.

I’ll keep updating as much as I can, about life and the cats and everything else going on. Should anyone ever feel worried about us, or simply just feel the need to contact us, you can always email me directly at:


17 thoughts on “Covid Update Part 1 March 23

    1. Yes, this Virus seems to be absolutely relentless. I am shocked at the unbelievable speed at which this Virus has spread in Spain. It’s a nightmare. I really feel for everyone who lives in the midst of a large outbreak like that.

      Most countries are in lockdown now. It’s weird how we’re all in the same situation, no matter how far apart we live.

      It’s not slowing down here in Austria either. The number of cases are still increasing awfully fast.

      Big hugs my friend, stay safe.

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  1. Glad to hear you are well. We are good too and staying home. We have thought about taking a drive in our new car,yeah maybe not the best time to buy a car,but we will probably just hang out here. I got my pain meds for my back as well a month of regular pills and they deliver.The most exciting thing is figuring out what to have for dinner! We have a good bunch of food and toilet paper. With my IBS I go through a lot. Take care!! I talk to Patricia every day.

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    1. So glad you are fine too and that you’ve got everything you need and you’re able to stay home. I’m especially glad you’ve got your meds! It’s such a worry during times like this.

      LOL! It’s true! Figuring out what to have for dinner is the highlight of our day too!

      I’ll try to stay in touch with everyone more, because I absolutely love to be able to chat with you all.

      My big problem is that I have very little energy and it’s gone very quickly. So all the normal things I do, usually leave me too tired to even try to chat and write, because I can’t keep my eyes open lol.

      Stay safe and well! We will get through this ❤
      Thinking of you all!

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  2. People talk about what to do to fill your spare time. I feel like I get less done than I ever did. Stress? Two hour government press conferences? Other people wanting my time? Trying to keep up with the latest ever-changing information? I don’t know, but I do know I am exhausted at the end of the day.
    Natascha, I couldn’t agree with you more on two topics: this pandemic is bringing out the best and worst in people, and those whose jobs potentially expose them daily if not minute by minute to the virus are heroes and deserve our thanks.
    I am so happy that the government has facilitated your pain meds so you don’t have to go out during this time, perhaps exposing yourself and Ralph to the virus. Take care and stay well!

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    1. Maybe take some time each day to disconnect from everything. I find that I’m OK checking in with the news a couple of times a day, after that I overload and can’t function for the rest of the day.
      Give yourself time to mourn the loss of ‘normal’.
      You’re not alone. 🙂
      Stay safe.

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      1. It’s a great idea! I only read up on everything regarding the Pandemic in the morning now. Before, I was constantly trying to keep up with the latest news about the Pandemic and involved myself with it all day. My anxiety got a lot worse because of it.
        Now I keep our days as normal as possible. We watch what we like, and read about the things we are interested in, that have nothing to do with the Pandemic.

        We are all in this together! Stay safe 🙂

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    2. Thank you for always leaving your wonderful and kind comments 💕

      The lockdowns affect people in all kinds of weird ways. Ralph and I are forgetting which day of the week it is, and I often feel like I forgot to go somewhere, even though I know that I don’t have to go anywhere. We are very lucky though, because we never feel bored and we just love being together all the time anyway.

      I agree, these people are true heroes. I feel so thankful to absolutely everyone.

      Stay safe and healthy!

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  3. Stay safe both of you and the fur babies. We have been on lockdown now in the UK since last night but there are people being stupid as all over the world. Love from lockdown, Scotland. xxx

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  4. There are foolish peeps here in Canada, too. Foolish peeps ignoring the government’s pleas to stay home except for the absolute necessities. Bottom line is, some peeps are stupid. MY peeps and I watched our Premier address the public ’bout this on Sunday. He was obviously frustrated by the actions of these foolish few. Frustrated and disappointed, that some peeps don’t give a rat’s patootie ’bout anyone or anything but themselves. Peeps are now gonna be fined big bucks if they congregate in groups. I say, fine ’em with tuna! And give that tuna to me. MOUSES!

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  5. Many thanks for your update Natascha!! Your country sounds very much like Canada!! Or maybe we are like your country!? I was able to request 2 months of all meds. I am still in self isolation until April 2nd
    After that date I will have to go out to get more groceries; toiletries & BellaDharma’s foods & treats. I am hoping I will be able to access the stores. I am not good at shopping online at all. WE shall see.
    Even as we self isolate there is that 5-10% who do not care about physical distancing or stay away from each other! It is ridiculous.
    In the past 2 weeks we had 1,000,000 (million) Canadians return to Canada. All told to go into self isolation. My friend upstairs is doing that….however we are hearing some are not,,,,going to grocery stores & Liquor stores & they could be carrying the Virus….
    Like Austria our numbers keep climbing & that scares me alot.
    My Doctor will NOT give me B12 shot & that is a necessity for me…so with people running about unprotected & possibly positive when I go back out I will be risking my own health.
    Our world sure has changed in the blink of an eye!!
    Give regards to Ralph & kisses to all the kitties.
    (((hugs))) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen x0

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  6. Mee-yow wow what guud mewss Miss Natascha ’bout yore meddycinss…LadyMew gotted 2 monthss supply on most of her meddycinss. Wee are inn self isolation; have bin for 8 dayss….6 more to go. LadyMew iss not doin well beein cooped up. Wee have bin sittin out on patio most mornin’ss butt shee iss furry angree an sad.
    Mee doin mee best to keep her spiritss up! Wee hope you an Mistur Ralph are doin well. Give mee ree-gardss to Lisa an Hero an Sonic an Samantha too….
    purrss an ❤ BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} LadyMew

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