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My medication worries are gone – Update Part 2 March 23

Hello dear friends!

Even if we’re locked down and stay at home for who knows how long, I will always be happy and content with my lovely little family!

There’s no getting bored in our home anyway. Not with the 4 cats and each other, and the internet, which lets us connect to our friends and lots of entertainment.

Every day is a lovely day with our cats

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, this is usually what I see…

Hero on me, Sonic farther down to the right
Lisa is usually all up in my face, once she realises I woke up

Hero, Lisa and Sonic usually sleep on top of me, or cuddled up on my tummy, my legs, arms, or my side, depending on the way I’m lying. It’s usually these 3 in any order that are all over and around me. Samantha loves to either be curled up next to Ralph’s legs, or she watches the birds from the bedroom window (that’s where Samantha was when I took these photos).

It’s impossible not to smile first thing when I wake up with my little family of Ralph and the cats all around me. No matter how anxious I feel, or how bad my migraine is when I wake up, I still wake up feeling happy thanks to them.


Spring is definitely here with flowers everywhere and birds who are building their nests again. The temperatures before the weekend were amazing! Almost like summer. Unfortunately, it got really cold again over the weekend.

Especially today, the wind was awfully strong and ice cold. I really hope it will warm up again soon, the cats and us really missed the warm sun.

Despite the cold, Lisa and Hero always enjoy some fresh air and love to watch the birds for a few minutes. Also, Lisa and I have a little game where I throw one of the toy balls out onto the balcony and she will run out to bring it back in every single time! She usually carries her ball to the same spot, there she’ll wait for me to get it and throw it again.

This video has clips from yesterday and today. I could have kept going for much longer too, she just loves it. Here is the link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCK1Ls5UurAYojCxqRRveVw

But at long as it’s sunny, the cats are getting their fill of sunshine inside as well. With every day we’re getting closer to summer, the sun will shine into our apartment longer.

Hero fast asleep in the sun
Sonic and Lisa at the bedroom window
Samantha and Lisa on the balcony last week, a day before it got cold again

A small earthquake with the epicentre in Croatia

Yesterday, there was even an earthquake we slept through (at 5:24 UTC). Well, I’m sure the cats noticed, but Ralph and I didn’t. Here in Graz it wasn’t anything serious. The epicentre was in Croatia, a little less than 200km from us, where earthquakes aren’t anything unusual. I’ve experienced a couple of them when I was in Croatia myself as a child.

The purple circle is Graz, where we are. The other markings show the earthquake. More details to this earthquake at: https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us70008dx7/executive

Small earthquakes with the epicentre within Austria are not unusual either, as the African plate meets with the Eurasian plate in the Alps. Especially our region is rather active for these little earthquakes.

Since it’s almost midnight again, I will go to bed in a bit. I’ll hopefully feel more rested soon, as the day seems way to short when I need more sleep than normal.

I keep thinking of everyone, hoping that you’re all safe and well, and have everything you need.

Sending love from Ralph, the cats and myself!

10 thoughts on “My medication worries are gone – Update Part 2 March 23

  1. What a delightful post and such a relief from the virus information. Your cats are truly wonderful entertainment for you. Enjoy and may spring come sooner rather than later!

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  2. Hi Natascha and Ralph. Enjoyed the post and especially the movie of the cats. They are worth their weight in gold when in comes to entertaining us and calming us down amidst the storm. Glad you are safely hunkered in and getting all your needs met. We are sequestered as well, except for trips to the grocery and beach walks with the pups. That certainly helps us maintain our sanity.

    The photo of the cats waking you in the morning is priceless. It’s the same here except substitute a couple of pushy mutts with cold noses telling me it’s time for breakfast!

    Give my best to my blogging buddy, Ralph. I miss his sardonic humor which is so much like mine.

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  3. Mew mew mew Lisa are you ree-lated to Unkell Tyerrone??? Hee iss upss at THE Farm an iss ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha’ss Brothur. Tyerrone will play ‘fetch’ fore over an hour with LadyMew (or who efurr hee playss fetch with…)
    Hero lookss wunderfull. Sonic & Samantha look so happy too!
    Mee snuggellin LadyMew efurry day an makin sure shee playss toyss with mee to keep her calm!
    Today was a purrfect Spring day an wee sat out on patio ALL mornin!!! Purrfection….
    Sendin ❤ an purrss to efurryone there, BellaDharma

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