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Happy Easter from us!

It’s a very different Easter, but despite everything, I wish you all a lovely Easter and that you can enjoy it as much as possible. Stay healthy and safe dear friends!

Despite the difficult times, I am still very lucky to have a home that we’re safe in, that we’re healthy and together, and that we have everything we need and won’t have to worry too much. I’m happy to spend Easter with my little family of Ralph and the cats Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa. I’m also happy and thankful to have all of you wonderful friends! I just want everyone and their furbabies to be safe and well.

I am writing on a post, that I’ll hopefully be able to finish tomorrow. The migraines have messed all the blogging and updating up, again… I’m so sorry.

But I wanted to wish you all a lovely Easter and let you all know that we’re still perfectly fine. Still under lockdown and at home, not meeting anyone. It will be a long time before the lockdown will be lifted I think.

Sending lots of love from Ralph, the kitties and me!

Have fun watching Lisa fetching her toy balls in this video:

Not long after this video, she actually started bringing her balls right to me, so I can throw them again. She’s now actually fetching properly! Of course I’ll do a video about that soon.

13 thoughts on “Happy Easter from us!

  1. Happy Easter! It’s good to hear you are all safe and sheltering in place successfully. I hope your migraines subside soon, Natascha! I have never seen a cat fetch–smart cat and patient mommy. Looking forward to seeing that video when you feel better.

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  2. Happy Easter, a different one this year. However the sun has been great and you have your balcony to enjoy it. I hear Austria is doing well with the Virus unlike its neighbours. Your PM did the right thing it seems. Hopefully it continues to be good for Austria if he relaxes the lockdown a bit. All the best to you all! ♥

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  3. Happy happy Easter to you Miss Natascha an Mistur Ralph an Lisa, Hero, Sonic an Samantha!!!
    LadyMew was meowin to mee ’bout all of youss’ yesterday. Shee said shee beeleevess Sky Cat brott you Miss Natascha an you Mistur Ralph together fore this reeson. So you wuud bee with each other an bee loved an supported…shee iss a soppy Meowmy! Shee sayss yore all furry blessed.
    Wee are doin Okay here. LadyMew did 14 dayss of isolation; came out to do shoppin fore this month an now back in self isolation. Shee iss weary of this Virus an shee keepss gettin sick butt Docktur’ss will not test ‘civilianss’ here…
    Mee has bin stayin close to her to keep her spiritss up….shee needss lotss of Tee El Cee fore sure….
    purrss BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

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  4. Charlee: “Happy belated Easter to you! Hey tell Lisa that I used to like to play fetch, too!”
    Chaplin: “Why don’t you play it anymore, Charlee?”
    Charlee: “Well, you know, I wanted to turn pro, but I couldn’t quite make the cut.”
    Chaplin: “In other words you got lazy?”
    Charlee: “Pretty much.”

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