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Hero’s selfie and love from all 4 kitties

Mew mew… 😸 I gots Mums phone…

So how does dis work?

So down there’s da button…

Does I holds it rite?

Oh, I just needs to look into da phone now!

Yay! I dids it!😺

I sends a BIIIG paw hug to all of you sweet furiends & hooman friends😽🐾 Luv, Hero

Lisa: I sends lots of luv and purrs!

Samantha: Luv to you all! Please take good care of each other and stay healthy and happy 😺🐾❣️

Sonic: Big purrs and luv from me too! We was missin bloggin and connecting wif u all! Mum too! A whole lot! 😺🐾❣️

I’ll hopefully get it worked out someday, how to get everything done that I need to do and still manage to blog 💕 I miss you all!

12 thoughts on “Hero’s selfie and love from all 4 kitties

  1. Meow meow iss so grate an wunderfull an GRATE to see all of youss’!!! Wee bin thinkin ’bout you all so much…LadyMew was goin to email an here you all are!
    Hero not onlee are you hansum butt yore furry guud with THE fone!! An yore {{{huggie}}} iss lovelee…mee sendss {{huggiess}} back to you!
    An Lisa an Samantha girlss yore lookin beeuteefull today! An Sonic yore eyess are like THE golden Sun! Mee iss feelin a bit poe-etick, mew mew mew….
    Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph mee an LadyMew hopess yore both well an happy.
    Wee purray fore ALL of youss’!
    Not sure if you’ve red our last 2 postss butt LadyMew has had a furry ruff time without her Lidocaine shotss. Shee meowed to her Speshellisttoday furinallee an hee can not give her (or any other payshuntss) shotss as hee cuud lose his job!?!?!? LadyMew iss furry dee-pressed an sad an inn severe pain. Mee does mee best to keep her companee an play toyss with her.
    Mee cuud meow on an on….
    HURRAH!! Yore all OKay!!!
    purrss an ❤ an nose rubss BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too!

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    1. Awww sweetie! So sorry for always taking so long between blog posts and everything. I just seem to never have enough energy and time for everything I want to do each day. So I keep being out of energy after doing things that are important no matter what.

      But other than the typical fatigue I always have anyway, I have had a great two weeks just now with only 1 migraine, which is amazing! And we are all happy and well ☺️😺😺😺😺💖

      Have been thinking about you both a whole lot. Every day you’re on my mind and I send some warm thoughts and purrs from the kitties 4 your way 🐾

      It was really really time to get to my bloggie and let everyone know we’re fine and to check on everyone else.

      We’ve read your last blog posts and we will come by for comments soon.

      I’ll let the kitties meow to you for now!😉

      Hero: “Mew mew fanks!!! Me watchted Mum when her was usin da fone, so me kinda knew a littul bit. But iz not easy to holds!
      U r sweet! Fanks fur ur compleement sweet BellaDharma! Ur cute urselves nd ma siblingz all agrees!
      Big hugz & purrs to u & LadyMew! Ur littul Hero😺”

      Samantha: “Meow ma sweetie! So sweets of u! U haz da best compleements & da best poetics! We luvz it!
      So tru, Sonic reely haz sum luvly sunshine eyes!
      We iz goin to meow sum more wif u in da other commentz tomorrowz.
      We needz to go to sleep nao.
      Sendin all ma luv & purrs ur way! Samantha 😺

      Natascha here again… Yes, that is just the worst LadyMew can’t get her shots. It’s the worst to be in constant horrible pain. I really feel with her, as I can relate so very well.

      So I totally understand how low she must be feeling. I just pray that there’s going to be relief coming her way soon. It’s all so very difficult, especially right now with the Pandemic, pain patients have it even harder than already before.

      You are the best BellaDharma! Just absolutely the most wonderful kitty girl! I’m so happy you both have each other!

      We all send lots of love to you both and healing purrs from thee 4 and we keep thinking of you both. We’ll be back with more comments tomorrow.

      Big warm hugs! Natascha and the kitties 😽 😽 😽 😽 💕

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      1. Hello Natascha! I am so relieved to hear from you…only 1 Migraine in 2 weeks! That is wonderful…I think of you alot too & worry about the Migraines. I can say this week has been gentler on me. I;ve been soaking in Eucalyptus Epsom Salts & they it has really alleviated alot of the pain.I also take my Codeine nightly & it helps me feel comfortable & fall asleep. I also have sublingual B12 I take daily (altho’ I forget once in a while) to take to keep my energy level ‘up’. It is a HUGE balancing act (as you know) however I do the best I can! I had 1 seizure last month & BellaDharma spent 2 hours by my side in bed purring until I feel asleep. She has come such a long way! I wish you & Ralph only the best. Be well & stay safe dear. friends. Love & {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

        Meow meow Hero yore efurryone’ss HERO fore sure! Yore a brave an sweet man cat an mee purrayss fore you efurry nite. Lisa yore such a guud Sistur to Hero. Mee lovess yore fotoss together! An HERO yore furry clevurr usin moe-bile fone! 😉
        Samantha yore so sweet to compleement mee…mee iss ^^blushin^^….An Sonic mee iss glad yore doin well; mee glad efurryone there iss doin well.
        Pleese watch over Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph for mee, ummm us OKay?? Yore ALL so speshell to us.
        purrss an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~

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        1. Hello my dear friend Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma!
          It’s a great phase I’m in right now with the migraines. I think the good weather helps as well. It is much needed after months of constant migraines. But my spine and hip and knee joints are acting up again. But nothing too severe. My pain meds still help, it would be so much worse without them. So no worries about me ☺️

          I have been thinking of you both every day.

          So glad that you had a week that was a little easier on you. You rarely get a break at all from pain and so I am happy for any little relief you have.

          So awesome you have something that helps a little!
          I need to see if I can try Eucalyptus in some way on my messed up neck at the moment, that would be nice.

          The Codeine is very helpful for sure! I’ve got something similar, for twice a day. It definitely helps with comfort and sleep. Even if it doesn’t get rid of all the pain for me either, it still makes a big difference.

          Oh Vitamins are so great! I take B12 as well and B2, Magnesium and Q10. They help with the migraines. Without the B2 I would have a constant nonstop migraine. It would just be there all the time.
          So it’s a huge help!

          It’s a balancing act for sure. And the balance has to be kept pretty accurately, as any deviation usually causes flare ups and pain.

          BellaDharma is such a special sweet heart purramedic!
          It feels a much more comfortable and calm with the kitties in the bed, cuddled up to me and purring. I can’t sleep without at least one of them by my side. Thankfully, they are always in bed with us. Sonic comes to bed with me right away and cuddles right up to me. Then Hero and Lisa, and later Ralph and Samantha😆

          Sometimes we have a purr choir with all of them purring at the same time 😉

          BellaDharma really has come a long way, and you helped her so much to be able to do that. Now she’s helping you 💕

          Hero: Mew mew sweetie BellaDharma! Fanks fur ur sweet meows & compleements! Me & da other 3 is thinkin of u & LadyMew efurryday! So glad we is able to meow to each others wif da internets! Big purrs & head rubs!

          Lisa: Meow! U is so sweet! Fanks so much! Me luvs ma brofur lotz. We both went tru horribul fings together & always tooks care of each other. We is siblings & best furends 😸😸

          Samantha & Sonic: Fanks so much fur da luvly meow! We is so glad efurryone is alrite too!
          Sendin head rubs & purrs to u both!

          Natascha here again…
          Feeling exactly the same, you both are also very special to us. So grateful to have you as friends. Thank you so very much for your kind & sweet comment.

          I’ll stop writing this long comment now. Writing in bed from my phone. Sonic is right next to me, fast asleep and snoring 😂🐱💤💤💤💤

          Lots of love from us all! We will come back for more commenting soon!
          Night night, Natascha and the kitties 🙋🏻😽😽😽😽❣️

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          1. Hello Natascha! It is Wednesday & I FINALLY am here to reply to your lovely comment. I am so thankful the migraines have left you alone. I get maybe 1 a year & it is awful; so I admire anyone who deals with them on a regular basis. And you are right about the vitamins/meds/weather/sleep being a balancing act. Same here..1 wrong move or 1 missed med can mess up my entire week. I am still medicating 5-6 times a week with Codeine & my digestive tract is a mess….but I need pain relief badly. I called local Public Health & they do not have any jurisdiction over Private Medical practices….so I may be waiting for Lidocaine shots for weeks or even months. I am trying to hang in there. My quality of life is pretty bleak. Funny thing: I miss having a husband to help me during this Pandemic. I’ve always had a husband from 18 until I was 47. Then a Fiance til I was 50. I’ve managed to do well on my own for all these years until the Pandemic!
            Anyway I am so glad we are friends too. Please give Ralph my regards! {{{hugs}}} & ❤ Sherri-Ellen

            Deerest Hero an Lisa yore THE bestest Brothur an Sistur together. Mee iss so happy you got ‘dopted together an bye Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph. They are THE sweetest peepell fore sure! Samantha you look wunderfull. An Sonic yore THE Cat’ss Mee-yow fore sure! Mee hopess yore weather improvess (an ourss two) so youss’ can go out on balcony an mee can go out inn Condo on patio…..
            Pleese take of yoreselvess an each other. An keep snuggellin Aunty; yore THE best meddycin! Wee are “Purry-medicss”!!
            purrss an ❤ ❤ an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~

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  2. Love and Hugs to you ALL, How nice to hear you dear Natasha, your little team is amazing, Blessing and Happiness, to you All, Love, nia

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