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A new phone, a new Internet connection and lots of cat photos!

Hello dear friends!

I hope you all are doing well!

I’m so excited because I’m starting to be fully active again online these days. There is A LOT to catch up on, but I’m happy to do that.

Since I don’t want to make it a long rambling story, I try to make this update as short as I can.

I’ve been feeling better regarding the daily migraines, which are now down to about two a week on average. Sometimes 3, sometimes less than 2. It’s thank’s to Vitamin B2 in high doses, and Magnesium and Q10 in normal daily amounts, that I’ve been taking and responding to well. Now, when the weather is nice and sunny, without any changes, I’ve had a migraine-free phase of over 2 weeks, which is a miracle almost. Everything is better than having a migraine every single day, or one that goes on endlessly without a break for many days.

Since things can’t be always perfect, something else happened… The internet went silly. Again. We changed providers in December 2019 and it was great for a while. But for some reason, the 4G router, which connects to the internet via mobile phone towers, started having reception problems that got worse, around February. Then the bandwidth itself was getting awful and the speed was too bad to even try and do much online. Thinking it could be due to the lockdown and everyone being at home, I just waited and hoped it would get better. Unfortunately it didn’t and instead it got even worse.

At the same time, my old iPhone was starting to show it’s age, unable to cope with the apps that are getting more demanding on older phones. My phone would shut down or crash when trying to take pictures, or trying to write anything on WordPress, or on other sites. At least I was still able to make phone calls with it! 🤣 So with the internet being awful, my phone being unusable for internet as well, we needed to get it sorted out.

I had us changed to a landline internet connection, which is mostly all fibre optics by now. I was not sure what to expect, but it’s amazing. We’ve got a plan that costs us the same as before, but now we have reliable and fast internet. It’s a huge difference. Since the new router does not have to be near a window for reception, it’s in the hallway, in the centre of our home. Therefore I have now WiFi all throughout our home, including out on the balcony.

Ralph also encouraged me to get a new iPhone as well, which I did. It’s the first time I ever got a new and current iPhone. I usually always bought an older one. But since even the older ones last me many years, this new one will last me even longer now. I’ve been having way too much fun with it. The photos and videos it takes are stunning. I can finally record videos and take photos with a phone in low light conditions.

Of course, I’ve been taking 1000s of photos and videos of the cats within a few days. Also, I can now comfortably post from my phone and do anything I used to only do on the laptop.

What’s going on these days

Hero, Samantha, Lisa and Sonic

We enjoy to sit out on the catio (Balcony) as much as possible. Now I can even blog and do other internet things from out there thanks to the new router!

Hero and Lisa spend the most time outside. Like sweet Murli, they want to go out onto the balcony no matter if it’s raining, cold, storming, hot or ice cold. Hero and Lisa even flop down or sit down right in a puddle!

That’s why I’m going to try and see what they do if I put a basin of water out on the balcony on a hot day. I’ve seen them play with water and I’d be curious to see what they do if they have the possibility of actually going into the water.

As of today, the weather has been like summer again, but with storm winds. Now in the evening, it has calmed down and it’s now a hot summer evening.

All week before the sky looked mostly like this and it was rather chilly…

But if the weather is too bad, we just enjoy our time in our home. The kitties can still watch kitty-TV from the bedroom window, as it’s the closest to the bird feeder.

Hero at the bedroom window

I will end this photo-rich post now, before it gets too difficult to load for some.

Now that I can post a lot easier and with internet that works all day and night, I’ll post a lot more frequently, but shorter posts, just like so many of you do as well. Little updates of our daily life.

It’s now nearly 10pm and I am looking forward to bed. I’m not necessarily going to sleep, but I can be online on my new phone too! It’s so much comfier in bed, with kitties around me.

Sonic, Hero and Lisa leaving no room for us to get into bed
Samantha cuddling with her mousie

Ralph will be watching some videos on the laptop or a movie on the TV.

I hope you had a good start into the new week! Sending love from us all and purrs from the kitties 💖

16 thoughts on “A new phone, a new Internet connection and lots of cat photos!

  1. Hi Natascha and Ralph. Good to hear from you again. So happy for you that you have the internet problem sorted. There’s nothing like fiber optics, for we have that as well. I can even get good signals from our dock out in the backyard!

    Love the kitty pics. They sure are a blessing to have around. I credit our pups with helping us make it through the worst of the quarantine. Pets are life savers!

    It looks like you are in a beautiful area. In my one trip to Austria in 1967, I found that the entire country is one gorgeous view after another so it’s no surprise to me.

    I really miss Ralph’s take on current events. I would love to hear what he thinks about the goings on here in the U.S. right now. The snow flakes are more emboldened than ever and trying to erase our history! I greatly fear this country is circling the drain toward socialism. It took a civil war 160 years ago to settle it the last time this country was so divided. The election in November will be the tipping point one way or the other.

    I know Ralph has trouble writing due to the essential tremor but now that you have an updated smartphone do you realize he can use the speaking feature to write? He can dictate his blog and then post it. Just a thought.

    Enjoyed the post!

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  2. Awesome news that you got new Internet & are back up & running Natascha! And I am glad you bought a new iPhone also. The ‘catio’ is lovely…I can visualize all of you out there enjoying the good weather.
    You sure had some wild looking clouds there; we had them a few days ago but not one drop of rain…we were told Thunderstorms but they never got this far North!’
    WE are in Stage 2 of re-opening here. Larger places are starting to open up except for Windsor/Essex area of our Province that has many new cases. I am still in Stage 1 in my mind. I never want to get Covid-19. I know people who have succumbed to this Virus & I do not want to become a statistic!
    Give my regards to Ralph & lots of kisses to the Kitties.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    Meow meow Samantha you take such cute fotoss!! An Hero an Lisa youss look so happy out in catio! An Sonic yore lookin mitey hansum mee frend. LadyMew lovess yore ‘Catio’ setup. Wee NOT alloud to do anythin like that here….so mee enjoyss mee littel Condo out on patio with LadyMew sittin on her bench an reedin. Mee watchess Birdiess an Chipmunkss…is grate to bee abell to go outside again!!!
    All yore fotss of youss’ are lovelee…
    purrss an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

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  3. What a beautiful post dear Natascha, I missed you all. And I am so glad to hear from you again. How nice to hear happy news… We all need this. I loved, loved so much all your photographs but you know the best one(s) your cats… Thank you, stay in safe, Love, much love to you all, nia

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  4. I still don’t have an I-phone. I really don’t want to be found so easily. haha
    Just as I was getting tired of this “rest” period of confinement and getting the itch to go back to the gym, my county is beginning to spike. My better-half and I are both high-risk, so I dare not go to the gym just yet.
    Stay safe!

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  5. Wow, you are now on the cutting edge of technology! Enjoyed looking at all the interesting photographs. Your balcony is impressive. I hope you don’t have anyone complaining about it. Here someone probably would. The balcony though small looks a wonderful place for the cats to enjoy. The virus here is out of control and I am just hiding out in my house as much as possible. When there is no one left but me, I guess I will come out!!! I do venture out to the doctors and veterinarian, but order all else on the internet.Speaking of which, your post loaded quickly on my desktop just to let you know.

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  6. Having a reliable internet is a thing of wonder isn’t it? 🙂 …congratulations for getting it all sorted out, and with a minimum of fuss it sounds like. 😀 …
    I need to upgrade my phone and computer this year too … they’ve been faithful companions for many years, but alas are not able to keep up with the demands of the era.
    G’day, Ralph … I hope you’re having a wonderful time with the new wi-fi toys too. 😀

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  7. It is always wonderful to have a new phone. The cameras get so much better in them these days. Glad you sorted your internet too. So it is all well. Greetings to both of you and the kitties!

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  8. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better, Natascha and we’re happy to see you too kitties and so enjoy your pictures with the new camera, but most of all that all is well😸😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to all of you and thanks for the update🐾😽💞

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  9. Hi, I am so happy you have a new connection and phone. The pics are adorable. I am also glad that your migraines are better, I started taking Magnesium and mine have improved too. Love to you all from Scotland. xxx

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  10. What a great post! So wonderful to see that the cats have taken over, everywhere.
    They have some great spots. Never too, many pics of your sweet kitties!
    Love this, and love to you, Ralph…. and of course kisses and hugs for all kitties!

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  11. Congratulations on all your new technology! It really makes a huge difference. It’s also good to hear that your migraines are less frequent. I can’t imagine the pain, but I’m very happy for you. Your pictures are great!

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