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Hot summer days

Hello dear friends! I hope you and your loved ones are all well! I continue to feel great! But I’ve been seriously busy every day, with just the usual chores, that are more exhausting due to the heatwaves we’ve been having. The heat would not be a problem, as it’s not extremely hot compared to other places, but the humidity is through the roof constantly.

The kitties, who love to hang out on the balcony cation when it’s nice, have been flopping all over the place during the day.

Eating and drinking is done as comfortable as possible…

Aside from the humid heat, we’ve had a couple of really severe thunderstorms, with unbelievable amounts of rain, high winds and hail.

The storm in the video below came through in the afternoon of August 14, 2020. It rained so heavily at times, that all you saw was white when looking out of the windows.

The flower tray below, filled up within 15 minutes, if not sooner and was then simply overflowing. It was empty because I took the flower pot with my Lavender out of it before the storm.

We’ve had some severe thunderstorms here, but I’ve never seen that amount of rain within such a short time.

The leaves on all the trees and bushes look like they’ve stood in a war zone. They are completely ripped to shreds by the few hail storms we’ve had recently. The leaves are just shreds or have multiple round holes in them.

The photo below is from August the 5th, after just one severe thunderstorm with hail. It’s the bush to the right of our balcony. By now they look much worse and are simply shredded. I still need to take photographs of how it looks currently.

Though as I mentioned, for the most part, all of August has been very hot. In the morning and the late afternoon, the kitties and I love to hang out on the balcony catio. It’s just lovely.

In the following photos, it’s pretty much obvious that it’s really hot and humid. The kitties are just simply totally flat out and try not to move at all.

Thankfully the living room window is always a cool spot. The sun moves to the west and the whole street is in the shade after midday. But even before then it’s lovely and cool. There’s always a nice breeze and the cats just love to watch what’s going on out there.

These blinds are absolutely wonderful in creating shade and keeping the heat out. The living room and the bedroom are always nice and cool. The old wooden shutters on the bedroom window keep the bedroom perfectly cool, even though the sun is on them all afternoon. It’s quite amazing.

In other news

I’m full of ideas.. and there are so many things I enjoy doing and want to do. Like crocheting and learning how to sew clothes. It’s all a slow progress, as my energy allowance for each day is rather low and easily used up. I will find a way to sort it all out and plan my days a bit better. Now that my migraines aren’t as frequent, I want to do all kinds of things at the same time. There are also about a million jobs to do just around the home, like organising the wardrobe in the bedroom, the books, paperwork and bits and pieces in the living room and the kitchen.

Although all of the mentioned comes after what’s most important: Ralph and the cats, all daily tasks, then the blog and all the wonderful friends we made. Love and friendship are where I get my energy from!

I will leave you with this photo-filled post now and we wish you all a lovely Sunday evening! Big hugs and purrs!

21 thoughts on “Hot summer days

    1. Thank you! How have you been doing? I hope everything is comfortable where you are and DaisyMae and you’re feeling well!
      I’ve been really busy these past weeks. You’ll read in the next post about it all. Thank you so much for your patience with me, and still visiting and commenting, despite me being so late with my replies most of the time. I really do appreciate your comments a lot. Big hugs & love from the kitties and me!


  1. We are so glad to hear how you are doing and see all these wonderful pictures of your cats ! We have had heat and humidity in NE Ohio – even more than usual. We are well too. Take care and stay safe !

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am grateful you’re so patient with me and my late replies. I’m just constantly busy with daily life lol and my lacking memory never helps either. But I enjoy it so much once I do get to my blog and lovely friends like yourself, as it means so much to me.

      So happy you enjoy the kitties pictures! There will be another bunch in the next post (as always). Hopefully, the weather is a bit more comfortable for you now? It cooled down considerably this week, and it starts feeling like early fall almost. It still warm, but not summerly warm. The humidity is still here though and now it just started raining.

      Happy to hear you are all healthy and well!
      Big hugs and love from the kitties and me!


  2. That was quite a storm. I had the sound turned up and it scared my dogs. We need rain where I live, and this is wildfire season in a lot of the western U.S. and Canada. I guess there is good and bad everywhere. I don’t envy you the humidity. I am glad your migraines are better. Do what you can in bite sized chunks now and it will make the projects more enjoyable when cooler weather and your energy return. Have a great week.

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    1. So here I am, finally…. very late again. I’m sorry your poor dogs got a scare from the video! Yes, many places desperately need rain. I’m so sad to see the wildfires on the West-coast. Thinking about everyone and how terrifying it is, and how devastating once the fire reaches a home. Also heartbreaking to think about the wildlife. All of it is a tragedy and I wish there would be enough rain to put an end to it.

      We’re really lucky here, so I should not even complain about the discomfort of humidity. My valley is usually protected from the worst of the storms due to the way the mountains surround it and the winds are redirected or weakened considerably. We have no huge wildfires, no severe earthquakes, and the storms don’t destroy our houses. There are other regions in Austria which are often affected by landslides after prolonged rainfall though.

      I will definitely take your advice and do what I need in smaller chunks. I also started a log where I note how much time I spend for each of my daily chores, errands, rest and anything else really. I’m trying to plan a little and make time for the things I want to do. It also helps not to forget what I need to do with my bad short term memory.

      Hope you are doing fine? Lots of love and purrs from the kitties!


  3. Mew mew mew efurryone ISS flat out tryin to stay kewl there!! Same weather here Aunty Natascha!! Fur reel….wee did have a kewl down an it was purrfect an now iss hot an hue-mid again. LadyMew keepss our blackout drapess closed all mornin till ’bout 2 Pee Em. Mee likess to go out aftur suppurr an watch THE birdiess. Iss a bit kewler than inn mornin when Sun iss beetin down on us. LadyMew has an Umbrelly fore mee Condo butt mee can not see alot….so aftur suppurr with NO Sun iss purrfect!
    Sonic yore so hansum an Hero yore adoorabell. Samantha you chill out just like mee an Lisa yore purrty as a pickture!! Mee hopess THE rain stopss an tHE wind an THE hail so youss’ can enjoy yore Catio-Patio without wurryin ’bout THE weather.
    Sendin you ❤ ❤ an purrss BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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    1. Hey my dear lovely friends LadyMew and BellaDharma 💖💖 Time went by as always. So fast. Can’t keep up! By the time I’ve done everything I need to, I’m exhausted and the day is over basically lol. But I’m starting to figure it all out. Writing down how long I spend doing something all throughout the day. Going to log everything like this for a while and then I will plan and put aside time for the things I love and want to do as well, like blogging, writing comments, chatting with friends, reading blogs, sewing and doing crochet.

      We did have a few cool days after that storm, but it has warmed up again since and we had many lovely days on the Catio-patio! Today is especially nice, because even though it’s hot, it’s not humid!

      How are you both doing now? Is it hot today?

      It’s lovely to watch birdies, isn’t it? I keep feeding the birdies here and the swarm of Sparrows has become quite big since we moved here. Plenty of baby Sparrows, Baby Titmousies and other birdies are born every year, it’s lovely.

      We love it the most in the later afternoon too! That’s when the kitties and I love to be on the balcony the most. Oh and when it is too hot on the balcony, the living room window is purrfect, because it’s in full shade all afternoon. It’s open and secured with the cat safety net.

      The kitties 4 says thank you for the lovely compliments! You are such a sweetie! All 4, Ralph and me think you are a purrfectly beautiful kitty girl! Your eyes are stunning! We are all so happy you are our lovely friends!

      Big hugs, lots of love, purrs and nose bonks to you both!


      1. Mee-yow wow Aunty Natashca yore so like LadyMew. Shee has so much to due an sorta losess track of thingss to due an it spirallss from there….wee understand 150% purr cent! An you have 4 kittiess an a Hubby…so yore 4 timess as busy as LadyMew, mew mew mew….
        Wee have had kewler weather an so much rain…too much! An West Coast of USA iss burnin away from firess…iss terryfyin to see on Tee V.
        Mee lovess beein out inn Condo to watch mee Sparrowss an Wrenss an Mornin Dovess that come fore snax. An mee likess seein Chew Too Chipmunk an Fluffy Squirrel too!
        Mee not bin out today as it iss cloudy an drizzley an windy….. Give mee meowss to Sonic, Samantha, Lisa an HERO pleese! An ~~head rubss~~to you Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph~~
        purrss BellaDharma

        Hello Natascha, Ralph & Kitties Four! Summer sure flew by didn’t it?? I am hoping we will still have Indian Summer here…it was far too hot & humid June & July so hard to actually enjoy the weather. Mind you with Covid lurking I really only went out for essential shopping. 2 weeks ago I was able to go with Mary-Ellen to Giant Tiger a store that has a little bit of everything. Got a new pillow & 4 new books & snacks….it was nice to feel ‘normal’ for once. We are mandated to wear masks in stores which is fine by me. And I hear you about ‘running’ out of time each day; same here! I find it takes me longer to get showered & dressed & do that sort of thing. And there is always something needing to be done, lol.
        I finally got to meet Ortho Surgeon. It was a bust for me. He did not answer my questions & he wants me to take medication I am allergic too. He did not see me as a person; just as a wrecked knee. I suggested arthroscopic surgery & he said all or nothing. I even signed a form but regret that now. I am going for a proper Physio Assessment end of month & hope I can get referral back to my original Surgeon…..it’s always something!
        Anyway, we are hanging in here & enjoying each other’s company. BellaDharma is a really really adorable kitty girl & we have been together 2 years & 1 week today! So glad I adopted her!
        Sending good wishes & ❤ ❤ to all of you, Sherri-Ellen x0x0


  4. Hello Natascha, Ralph and cats!

    I love the cats pictures, every one of them!!
    We have been staying home mostly, due to the Covid.
    It goes up and down here, but the USA is on fire. The border has been closed for almost 5 months, and no plans to reopen.
    We are all sick and tired of the virus, but the virus is not tired of making us sick!

    Love to all!

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    1. Yay! So happy you love the photos! I’ll post many more soon!

      We have been staying home ever since the outbreak of COVID started, except for me going out for necessary things. Haven’t gone out for fun only, or for a walk since it all started.

      Ralph and I follow the news from the US and Canada every day. It’s scary times everywhere. The wildfires are awful. So heartbreaking.

      I absolutely feel with you. We’re sick and tired of the Virus too, but as you say, the Virus isn’t tired of making us sick.
      The numbers have been really low right at the end of the lockdown and after. But once mask-wearing wasn’t mandatory anymore, the cases started climbing. There are lots of people who simply don’t adhere to social distancing and keeping apart far enough. So now the numbers are going up again steeply and they hope they can prevent a second wave. Masks are now mandatory again, only inside of public buildings and public transport. But people rip off their masks as soon as they come out of the stores. Considering that people don’t keep apart on the sidewalk and streets, they should be worn everywhere in public. That would help a lot I think. But oh well, we’ll see how things go. Hopefully, there will be a vaccine soon.

      Otherwise, we’re fine! The kitties are fine too! Ralph’s hands have gotten much worse, so I’m doing a lot to be of help to him.

      As I mentioned in my post, I’m going to start learning how to sew. I now have a lovely sewing machine, and the first rather simple pattern for a dress is coming soon. Then I will get some fabric and try to sew a dress! It’s not difficult and a dress that can be done by beginners. To me, the biggest challenge is the cutting of the pattern. I will also make toys for the kitties and I have plenty of clothes that need to be changed or fixed.

      I hope you and your kitties are doing well! Have a pleasant Sunday and stay safe and well❤️ Love from the cats, me and Ralph ❣️

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  5. Yes it was rather hot, here in London too, I sort of enjoyed it as I love hot weather specially when I don’t have to do anything. Thomas was combed constantly as he lost a lot of fur due to the heat. It was hard on cats. Now all over and the cardigan comes out again. The virus seems to go up everywhere with travelers going places and bringing it back. So we still need to stay safe, it is not over as some people think. Glad your migraines are less frequent. Enjoy the time with the cats and Ralph, the most important is family and you have a wonderful one! Love to you all ♥♥♥

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    1. Yes we heard from a good friend, who lives not all that far from London, that it’s been really hot! Ralph was really happy about the hot weather here, since he loves the summer heat too. I absolutely hear you about the combing and the heaps of fur being lost. I’ve had to comb all 4 every day and still do. Hairy monsters! It’s definitely hard on cats when it’s hot and even worse when it’s humid, like here. I guess sweet Thomas was flopped out all day not doing much while it was hot? Our 4 were stretched out all day, all over the place. They only went onto the balcony once it’s cooled down a bit towards the evening, or in the morning.

      Hope Thomas is comfier now that the temperature has gone down.

      After the storms, the temperature went up and it’s been rather warm. It’s definitely noticeable that fall is coming now that the sun is getting much lower in the horizon and the nights are getting chilly.

      You’re right, it really seems the Virus is going up everywhere again. The numbers are going up steeply now in Austria, almost as steep as at the beginning of the pandemic. I just hope a vaccine will be available soon.

      Until then, keep being careful and stay safe! Thank you so much for your lovely words. Family is the most important thing in the world for sure, as are lovely friends like you!

      We’re all sending hugs and love to you and Thomas ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Glad to here you are all well. The cats have the right idea in the heat just do as little as possible. We have a cloth for Dante our dog which we soak in cold water and it goes around his neck, keeping him cool from the heat. Love from us all here in Scotland. xxx

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    1. That is such a great thing to do with the water-soaked cloth for Dante! I’m sure he loves it!
      It’s still quite hot here during the day. After the rain and storms, the heat came back. Although it’s noticeable that fall is nearing. The sun is obviously lower and the nights are getting chilly.

      Hope you’re all doing fine! Stay safe! Love from us all ❤️❤️❤️

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  7. Glad to know you are doing good. The kitties have the right idea by stretching out to stay cool. Our outside cats do the same, and it has been so hot here, too. Loved hearing the thunderstorm in your video. We sure need rain here. Glad the hail didn’t break your windows!
    Keep well and stay safe! ❤

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    1. So true! Animals always have the right ideas! Is it still hot for you?
      After the thunderstorms we had, the heat came back. But it’s obvious that fall is close. The sun is a lot lower and the nights are chilly. The cats are also losing a ton of fur now, so I keep brushing them every day. Sonic is the biggest hairy monster of the 4 lol!

      Hopefully, you got some rain by now. Sending love from us all! Stay safe! ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Still no rain to speak of here at our house. Some surrounding areas have had a little. At least the temps have cooled off from the 100s F to only the 80s F now. We are getting hazy skies from the fires in California and Oregon, even though TX is so far away. I really feel bad for those who have lost everything.
        Glad you, Ralph, and the kitties are doing good. ❤


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