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Thank you so much for the photo letter LadyMew and BellaDharma!

Thank you so much Sherri-Ellen and BellaDharma! Your beautiful letter and enclosed photograph of sweetie BeallaDharma arrived in the beginning of this week! The letter is in perfect condition and it has none of the usual wear that international mail usually has.

Not long ago, I was talking to our dear friend Sherri-Ellen of nylabluesmum.wordpress.com about photos and painted portraits of our beloved kitties and how I am planning on having our cats portraits painted (from existing photos) and to have a few of the really beautiful photos printed out as well. I want to have a dedicated wall area in our home for them, and to send them to friends who would love to have copies of the photos and paintings.

Which got me thinking to also have a dedicated wall area of our kitty friends photographs as well! Sherri-Ellen and BellaDharma were really fast and sent us a beautiful photo with a lovely letter.

Thank you so much again! It’s so sweet and really made my week! Lots of love from us all!

3 thoughts on “Thank you so much for the photo letter LadyMew and BellaDharma!

    Our letter an mee foto gotted there an inn grate shape!! Furabuluss!
    It was our pleasure to send you a foto of mee…it iss mee faverite of meeself (Iss it Okay to meow that?)
    An wee wuud love sum small fotoss of all THE kittiess an ‘angel’ Murli too fore out foto album….
    Wishin you Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph an Kittiess Four a lovelee Sunday an a wunderfull week to come…..
    purrss an ❤ ❤ an paw kissess BellaDharma an ❤ an (((huggiess))) LadyMew too!

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  2. That’s so sweet of LadyMew and BellaDharma sent you a letter and a painted picture.
    It’s so funny you mention painted pictures of our Kitty Cats because I just had one of my Cats and just got notified it’s ready.
    Have a great day.


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