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Is it really Fall already?

Because it looks and feels like fall for us here. The leaves are dropping faster and faster and the days are getting shorter, the nights decidedly colder. We had to put the heating on over two weeks ago, for the most part only for the nights though. Thankfully, on most days the afternoons are still warm enough for the kitties to spend a few hours out on the catio.

What we’ve been up to since the last time

Ralph and I needed some more storage space for all our combined stuff in our home. We especially wanted a storage unit for the living room. But the furniture we saw in the stores were not really what we liked. So I went to look for a storage unit from private sellers. There is a very large site in Austria with all sorts of categories of stuff that people are selling. You can find just about anything there. The only problem is you have to pick it up yourself, which isn’t all that easy with large pieces of furniture.

Minutes into me browsing the site for storage units, I saw countless beautiful pieces for a very good price. One advert was especially great since the seller also provided transport for a small charge!

It was a lovely Lady who had to sell a bunch of her things because they were moving into a smaller home and had to get rid of a few large things. So, two weeks ago, the Ladies son and one of his friends came with their huge truck and delivered the storage unit to us! The unit comes in two separate pieces, the top and the bottom. The two guys brought them in and put it together for us. It was all done within a few minutes.

And here it is!

Of course, Hero and Lisa, who are terrified of strangers, were hiding. Samantha didn’t care too much and Sonic didn’t notice anything, since he was outside on the balcony with Ralph.

I had been hoping Hero and Lisa would stay out on the balcony with Ralph, as well, where they would not have noticed as much. It didn’t even take long for Hero to come back out!

Sonic followed Ralph into the living room and had quite the surprise to see the new storage unit there! As you know, Sonic is completely deaf, so he really had no idea anything was going on while he was out on the balcony with Ralph. Hero and Sonic were first to inspect everything!

Samantha came out soon afterwards, and Hero coaxed his sister Lisa out a few minutes later.

The first thing I did was to move Murli’s urn into its new spot in the storage unit. Finally, I had a safe pace for her, where I could also see the urn all the time.

Murli’s urn and her paw print in a clay heart below

Next to Murli’s urn are her favourite mousie, her wooden toy ball, her valerian root cushion, and below is her paw print in a clay heart, that the lovely people from the pet crematory made for me back then. It feels good to be able to honour her physical remains in that way. I know her beautiful soul is watching us sometimes. One day, we will all be reunited again.

Ralph and Hero ❤

That’s my view now when I move my head to the right from my desk ❤️ Hero loves to hang out on Ralph’s desk, and also loves to walk all over his keyboard…

Continuing my crochet and starting to sew!

You might remember that I started to crochet a curtain with a cat motive at the end of last year?

This is what it will look like, although mine will be wider, to fit our window in the living room.

I was working on it at the end of 2019 and when Murli passed, I lost all motivation for anything. I just felt too sad to engage in any of my hobbies. Only by the end of this summer did I finally feel all the motivation come back, to engage in the little hobbies I love again.

In addition, I wanted to learn how to sew my own clothes, as well as mend things and create toys for the cats. Luckily I found a lovely sewing machine and ordered it!

This sewing machine had some really great reviews and wasn’t expensive. Of course, the bag I chose for it has kitties on it!

I also have a few sewing patterns for a dress and a top, that are rather easy and for beginners. I sewed before, just easy little things, but that was over 15 years ago.


We’ve been at home ever since the beginning of Covid. Ralph does not want to take a chance with anything, just in case. I only left to go buy what we need, go to the doctor for my regular prescriptions and pick up meds for Sonic and Samantha at the Vet. It’s not much different to me than any other year, since I am so limited by how much I can do physically in a day, due to the chronic migraine and fatigue. But I do really miss going for little walks with Ralph.

I’ve only been out for fun about 3 times since August, and that was to visit my best friend Conny and her two kitties.

The current data for Austria



I can’t believe it’s the 8th of October already, because this year went by faster than all the years before. And the previous years felt like they were over in a flash already!

Samantha on the window sill, Sonic on the kitty tree, Lisa on the bed near the tree, and flopped out Hero on the bed.

We had another sunny and warm afternoon. But as soon as the sun is gone, it gets chilly quickly. Some days were cold despite the sun, then the 4 kitties go into the bedroom to soak in the sun. Now that the bed is right beside the window, they absolutely LOVE it. They can lie around in the sun and see the birds while on the bed.

Cuddling up with cats

During the night, I usually have Sonic to my right, with his head next to mine on the pillow and my hand on his side. That’s how he cuddles up every time I go to bed. Lisa and Hero will either sleep along or on my legs, or one of the two will sleep way up on the left side of my head, leaning onto my pillow. Samantha will usually stay to my right and when Ralph comes to bed, she’ll cuddle up on his legs.

My only problem is that I get a bit hot sometimes with all the kitties around me…

I’ll end this post now, but I’ll post another one soon. I will go catch up on all of your blogs now. I hope all your furbabies and yourselves are well!

Ralph, the kitties and I send love to all! Take care!

16 thoughts on “Is it really Fall already?

  1. That’s a beautiful piece of furniture. Which one of the kitties do you think will be on top making it “their space” first?
    Good to see Ralph, say HI for me!!

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    1. It really is! So happy with it. 😊

      😆And I am absolutely sure it’s going to be Lisa who will be on top of it first. She’s trying already. Samantha would probably want to as well, but it might be too high for her at her age. Sonic doesn’t care 😸 Lisa’s brother Hero would love to jump up, but he can’t jump higher than onto a chair with his 3 legs. But he’s not upset about it.

      Ralph says HI back! He read all the comments and he says thank you for thinking of him! We both say thanks for always leaving such kind comments! The cats and us wish you a great Weekend! 😺😺😺😺

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  2. Mee-yow Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph mee bin wunderin how all of youss’ were doin! Hero iss so hansum an takess such grate fotoss!! You know mee not know sonic iss deaf. Even LadyMew said shee not know this. Wee musta missed that point way back when. Samantha an Lisa look lovelee purr ususal. An wee MOL/LOL over yore foto Aunty with Kittiess all over THE bed!! Too funny. Unkell Ralph iss wunderfull to see you. Mee hopess yore doin betturish.
    Mee iss doin guud here. Out inn Condo inn mornin when it iss sunny. Today is started out sunny an then gotted cloudy an then HAIL started an mee gotted pelted…LadyMew launched off couch an came an gotted mee….there was HAIL inn mee Condo with mee! Autumm iss here too Aunty. Okay mee shuud let LadyMew meow a bit now…..
    purrss an ~~head rubss~~Couzin BellaDharma~~

    Hello Natascha & Ralph! WOW I LOVE that unit…it is so stylish & so lovely. And Murli now has a lovely spot to rest in. Our weather is exactly the same here. Warmish during the day but cold enough for heat to be on @ night time. WE have had ALOT of wind & rain tho’. Almost every day…makes one wonder what Winter will be like???
    And I AM sorry about the rise of Covid cases in Austria; the same is happening here in Canada! Like you, I’ve only gone out when necessary for months. Mind you in August Mary-Ellen & I went to our favorite store Giant Tiger & bought lots of books & snacks. Last month she DID take me to STAPLES so I could buy a 2021 planner & pens & other office supplies. Our world has changed so much I barely recognize it.
    I AM happy that you & Ralph are all right. Lovely photo of him with HERO!
    And I love your new sewing machine & the cover is 44 paws up for sure!!
    Wishing all of you happiness & good health, Sherri-Ellen x0x0

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    1. Meeeow from the kittehs 4! Purrs & love to you sweet girlie BellaDharma and LadyMew! Natascha here! My, what sweet comments from both of you!

      We all love the new unit a lot! All 4 kitties enjoy to rub their little heads on it and walk along the narrow edge in front of the glass doors lol. Lisa was up on top of it already too! But the little girl LOVES to chew on wood… So I had to put decoration on top of the unit, so she can’t jump up there anymore. I’m mostly worried about Lisa herself getting splinters in her gums or damaging her lovely young teeth when she chews on wood. Little Rascal girlie Lisa!

      Sigh, Ralph and I had a cold since I wrote this post. It’s definitely just a normal cold, since we didn’t even have high temperature or fever at any point, or any of the typical covid symptoms. Basically, we have been having sniffles that drag on combined with low energy. It’s going away now thankfully. It was/is more annoying than anything. Especially the low energy, since I’m dealing with chronic fatigue anyway already.

      I have learned from doctors, that the more you stay inside, away from people and basically reduce your exposure to the normal environment, your immune system actually weakens. Because the immune system stays strong due to constant exposure to the bacteria, viruses and other outside influences. It’s basically used to fight these things constantly. Similar to how a child builds immunity by playing in the dirt basically. So that’s probably how we caught this cold.

      And we don’t really know where it came from. Ralph and I normally never get a cold. So it could have been due to a weakened immune system. We have now started taking probiotics in addition to the normal supplements and veggies. Since the healthy bacteria in our gut have a big influence on our overall immune system.

      Yes, our world really has changed. Things are unbelievable now. So I’m going to focus on my little family and lovely friends like you! Keeping the positivity and happiness going within our own little lives.

      Again with my long comments… So I better end it here. Lisa is trying to get my attention right now anyway lol. Sending love from us all! Purrs & pawhugs & headbonks! 😽😽😽😽❣️


  3. We are so glad to see and hear from you and all the kitties and glad you are doing well. It is getting chilly here too (NE Ohio ) but no sign of frost yet. Purrs !


  4. Yep, temperatures are dropping and the nights are drawing in here too … and the Covid-19 infection numbers are climbing too … so many younger people are behaving like idiots when all they have to do is wear a bloody mask and stay at least two meters apart. Grrrrrr … the good news is that in our area almost all the people we see when we go out are wearing masks. Those that aren’t kind of scurry along like they’re little mice with giant cats after them – as well they should.
    Great new piece of furniture! – well done! … big hugs to the kitties and Ralph and your Self.


  5. What a beautiful piece of furniture! I’m glad to see y’all are doing well. Covid cases are rising in the US also. Like you, I’m being very careful, but it’s because of my own health issues. At least you have Ralph for company.

    I love seeing the pictures of your kitties. I have a dog but I miss having a cat. However, for health reasons I can no longer have one. At least having a dog makes me get some exercise since he has to be walked.

    Tell Ralph “hello” from me. I miss his posts. It looks like we may have the same HP laptop.


  6. Always wonderful to hear what you all have been doing. Such cute kitties sure give lots of love in your house.
    Beautiful piece of furniture! 🙂


  7. We’ve got the fallin’ leatves goin’ on here, too, but today was super nice. 19C and sunny. MOUSES! Please stay safe from that virus, my friend. Nova Scotia is doin’ well but New Brunswick has an outbreak with fifty new cases or so. It’s kinda scary for peeps on account of New Brunswick bein’ a part of our Atlantic Bubble. PURRS


  8. That was a lovely informative post. So lovely to see all the cats and Ralph too, send him my love please. The new furniture looks lovely and surely helps with storage well, also you can see some stuff displayed. Really nice. Everywhere the virus gets worse. So please do stay safe and take good care of yourself and Ralph. Big hugs to all!

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  9. I love your new piece of furniture. Getting something that large moved is quite a challenge so I’m glad it worked out well for you. I’m sorry to hear Covid continues to keep you inside, but at least your kitties provide free entertainment. Your tribute to Murli is sweet; you must miss her.


    1. Hi!!! You’re welcome to crash my posts anytime you want! Love it! Ralph and I are so happy to hear from you! The cats and us wish you a merry and blessed Christmas! Hope you are doing well and you are happy! I’ll post a few updates on my blog during the holidays now, to let you all know what we’ve been up to 😉 We’re thinking of you too! Love and hugs ❤

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