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May you all be blessed, healthy and happy for the new year and forever!

Happy new year my lovely friends! Ralph, the kitties and I wish you all a much much much better year than it has been in 2020! Stay happy, enjoy what’s still good and beautiful in life, even if it’s hard.

I hope the sun will shine on our mask free faces this summer!

Here, I was trying all day to write a lovely post for you all. As well as another long post about what’s been going on here in Austria and more. But the 4 little rascals just didn’t leave me enough time in one sitting. Oh well. That’s how it always goes here. I have to stop and get up lots of times and my concentration goes out the window that way too. At some point I end up to tired to try and continue, that’s how another day has gone without a post lol. But I love my little rascals, I can’t say no to anything with them.

Sonic was watching the fireworks through the bedroom window just now. As you know, he can’t hear anything, but he always loved bright lights, blinking lights, colourful lights. He really enjoyed it! Samantha isn’t worried and rather continued with her nap next to the radiator on the rocking chair.

Lisa and Hero were a bit panicked. Hero especially started running off in a panic as the banging from fireworks and firecrackers intensified and he could not make the curve tight enough into the kitchen, and bonked his little head into the door frame. He is just as fast as his sister, but he can’t get take the corners as accurately and as tightly when he runs off full speed due to his missing back leg. I cuddled him and calmed him down, he’s fine thankfully and his head doesn’t seem to hurt. It wasn’t that hard of a bonk.

Lisa was running in a panic with all of her tail on the floor for a bit as well, but she actually started watching the fireworks from the bedroom window. I have a little video of it all, which I’ll upload soon to share it here.

There is so much I want to write, it’s been accumulating and there’s a lot that I want to share. So on to the next year, where I will hopefully get the things done that I plan. On that note, I am getting a proper planner in the mail next week, so I can plan what I need to do and what to do a lot better. Found that writing it onto actual paper works better for me than having it in a calendar on my phone or laptop.

This pic is from today, as Samantha and Sonic had their chicken. Hero and Lisa in the background had already eaten and were watching. I love my little band of rascals! Excuse the brush and dustpan in the picture but there is a never ending beach of kitty litter to clean up in that area.

Samantha and Sonic having chicken!

Love to you all! We all hope you have a lovely New Years Eve, despite the hardship of the current circumstances.

17 thoughts on “May you all be blessed, healthy and happy for the new year and forever!

  1. Mew mew mew Sonic an Samantha youss’ look like yore REELLY enjoyin yore Chick-hen!
    Hero an Lisa you look so cute inn yore party hatss too!
    Aunty Natascha an Unkell Ralph mee an LadyMew are reeleeved yore both healthy an safe.
    Pleese stay safe an well.
    purrss an ❤ LOVE ❤ an Happy Mew Yeer BellaDharma

    Hello Natascha & Ralph & Kitties Four!! We wish you a Happy New Year from our home to yours.
    I will be glad to see the back of 2020, altho’ I feel 2021 will be more of the same.
    My 2nd hubby Dave is in a Hamilton Hospital with Covid. He went missing Dec.21st & was admitted to Hospital on the 24th. He was unconcious from the 21st-28th. I finally located him on the 29th. We finally spoke yesterday & he was gasping. Today he is able to breathe w/out Oxygen. I am 325 miles away from him & wish I could be there…I keep visualizing myself sitting at his bedside holding his hand….
    Please stay safe. This Covid is horrid an it is NOT ‘just a Flu’ as some insist!
    ((hugs)) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen


  2. Happy new year to you and Ralph, and your rascals. 2020 will be better and we can look forward to see smiles again without masks. I can’t wait to hug someone. Much love from Ute and Thomas.( on my lap right now) 🙂

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