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Sonic is doing better! A lot better!

Hello my friends! You remember when I wrote about Sonic and that his age is becoming very apparent? Back in December, Ralph and I were very worried about him. He kept losing weight, but neither of the two Vet’s in our Vet office could find anything wrong with him. They did a big and very detailed blood test, and it turned out to be perfectly fine. It was actually quite amazing for a 17 year old kitty! Samantha’s blood test turned out just as great btw. His heart was checked, his lungs, everything. He had a full body x-ray. All good! The only health problem he has is a slow digestion and he needs a fibre rich diet and stool softener. The other problem is his auto-immune disorder, which causes inflammation lesions in his mouth, a runny nose and eyes. But that was and is under control with the immune system support tablets he’s getting.

By mid December, we thought he would pass away any day. I checked if he was still with us multiple times during the night and I stayed with him in the bedroom during the day as well. He was almost too weak to walk to the kitty litter or go for a drink. So I carried him to the toilet often, and brought him to the water. I just wanted Sonic to be close to us all the time. I got him a soft basket and put it between Ralph and me on our large bed. He’s basically between our heads. It was heartbreaking and we thought it was his time to go. He wasn’t purring anymore, because I think he didn’t even have energy for that. Hero, Lisa and Samantha knew he wasn’t well. They were staying with him on the bed a lot.

He was just not eating enough. It was really difficult, as I could not convince that little boy to eat more and Ralph could tell you just how worried and stressed out I became, because I tried every food I could possibly try on him. Including kitten formula and special Reconvalescence support drinks, that help very ill cats regain strength and help them gain weight. The problem was just, Sonic didn’t want any of it, no matter what I tried.

Then I had the problem with his medication. He started refusing to accept food with meds on it. So there was only the syringe left. But he always used to struggle when I tried giving him anything into his mouth with a syringe. He would also refuse to swallow it and spit it out.

So I tried to feed him without the meds on it which worked a little, but soon he refused to accept any of his usual food.

Though I refused to give up.

I knew he had to eat, no matter what. I also knew he absolutely NEEDED his meds, because otherwise he would start having severe constipation and his auto-immune disorder would flare up and cause lesions in his mouth, which would make him want to eat even less.

Sonic doesn’t normally want anything but kibbles. But I had the idea to try boiled chicken breast, which I always used to make for Murli and still do it for Samantha every now and then.

And wouldn’t you know it, he started to eat! I started feeding him all throughout the night and day. I took the chicken bits into the bed with me, in a little bowl I could close up. Sonic let me know when he wanted some food, or I would wake up on my own and check on him and gave him some of the chicken. About every two hours, sometimes less, I fed him through the night and during the day. I didn’t care that I wasn’t getting proper sleep, I was just happy he ate.

Samantha and Sonic eating chicken together

After a few days, less than a week, he started getting some strength back. He was walking a little better and didn’t appear so unsteady. But I still had the problem with his medicine. He didn’t accept the chicken if I would add the meds to it, even if I tried masking the taste and smell with salmon oil.

The only way was to use the syringe to give him his medicine. I thought I rather have him be upset with me for using the syringe to squirt meds into his mouth, than him not having his meds at all. After a bunch of failed tries, I managed to figure out how to properly do it via the syringe.

I pick him up and put him on a kitchen counter. Then I put one arm around him and with the other, I use the syringe and squirt the medicine as far back as possible. Just far enough to get it to the back of his tongue. I only use about 0.5ml at once. Which is so little, that it doesn’t cause a problem and he swallows it. I also add gravy from Samantha’s food, to make it taste better, which makes a huge difference. I also found that I can dissolve the immune system tablets in the liquid meds I give him. So I mix it all up and give it to him 3 times a day.

How Sonic is doing now

After doing all of that since around Christmas, Sonic has been slowly gaining weight! It was and is beautiful to watch him get stronger again. I still feed him throughout the night and the day. I don’t wake him up for food, but I keep checking on him, and if he’s awake, I’ll give him his chicken. He also finally started accepting his high fibre kibbles again!

Of course I have to give him supplements, since he eats mostly boiled chicken breast, which probably doesn’t have nearly enough Vitamins and other important things like Taurine. He’s getting that in his syringe as well, because I bought a liquid formula which has everything he needs, including Taurine.

His digestion is getting better and he’s so much stronger now. He’s going to the kitty toilet and for drinks all the time and it’s not a problem. He’s purring and rolling on his back whenever he gets a cuddle, and he loves playing on the bed with strings and his fluffy little toy mousies.

Sonic in his basket on our bed yesterday afternoon. Sleepy after eating.

Sonic is still staying in his basket on our bed, because he just loves it. It’s actually like a miracle that he is gaining weight and doing so much better. He still has to gain more weight, but we’ll get there. He’s eating very well and getting stronger.

I am so happy to be able to write this finally and let you know about how that sweet boy is going, now that it’s absolutely certain he is improving for good. I’m just so thankful.

Lots of love from us all!

21 thoughts on “Sonic is doing better! A lot better!

    1. Late, but here I am. Had a long episode of daily migraines that would not subside and started new every single day. Now I am FINALLY ok. I’m so sorry for being so late.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I am so happy to see our sweet Sonic improve! He still needs to gain a lot more weight, but he will get there. I started feeding him kitten formula again with a syringe, in addition to his chicken meat. The formula gives him all the important nutrition that the normal chicken breast might be lacking in. It also gives him a lot more energy.

      He’s now walking around a lot more, gets up on the windows to watch what’s going on and seems to be really cheerful and comfortable. It’s a big difference to how he was in December.

      Hugs from us all! 😺😺😺😺❤️


    1. It really was a Christmas Miracle! Back when he was so unwell before Christmas, I was really praying for a miracle. I am still keeping it up with his meds and supplements, as well as lots of feedings. In addition, he also gets kitten formula with a syringe into his mouth, which will help a lot in addition to him eating properly.
      Thank you a lot for your lovely comment!
      Big hugs! 😺😺😺😺❤️


  1. What good news ! Sonic is obviously fighting but he could not be succeeding without the devoted care you have been giving him. What love you have for each other. Sending purrayers and Power of the Paw !

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m sorry I am so late again. I’ve been through a mess with a bad episode of daily migraines which just didn’t let up at all. Which makes it unbearable to look at computer screens or my phone. Thankfully I am alright now and pray it will stay that way for a while, so I can try to catch up with everything online.

      Sonic is now walking around even more and gets up on all the windows to check out what’s going on. He still needs to gain more weight, it just takes a bit of time. He’s gaining weight, just slowly. Now I added kitten formula to his daily intake of food. I give it to him as many times as possible with a syringe. He also eats very well and has great appetite.

      I am so thankful that Sonic is doing so much better. I wasn’t going to give up and I never will, on any cat or any human ❤️ I love the kitties to bits. Fun thing is, Sonic seems to pick up on my thoughts sometimes. Most of the time, if I am somewhere in the home and I think of Sonic, he will suddenly come to me. It has happened too many times to be coincidence. I had the same thing with Murli.

      Thank you from all of us, for your purrayers and Power of the Paw 😺😺😺😺❤️


    1. Thank you so much! You’re always so kind!
      Sonic is amazing! He keeps getting better, it’s obvious to us in the way he’s behaving and looking. His weight gain is slow, but it’s going up for sure. In a couple of months, he’ll be at a healthy weight if this keeps up. He’s already a lot stronger and walks around a lot and jumps onto all the windows to check out what’s going on outside. He also always has his little follower by his side, which is Lisa. She is usually following him around. And both of them follow me around 😄

      Sonic has great appetite now and he’s eating well. I’ve also added kitten formula to his daily intake, with a little syringe into his mouth. I usually give him about 3 syringes of formula every 3 hours (except when he is sleeping).

      I’m feeling lucky actually, because I have my awesome Ralph and 4 awesome kitties! 🥰

      Sorry for replying awfully late AGAIN. Same reason as usual. A longer episode of daily migraines. I could not get rid of them. Thankfully it stopped and I’m feeling great. Hopefully it will last for a while!

      Big hugs from us all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I totally AGREE with Catladymac!! Without your devotion & love Sonic would probably have let go. You are a miracle worker Natascha. Please give Sonic kisses from his Aunty Sherri-Ellen & some gentle pats from BellaDharma.
    Sending all of you kind regards.
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    Mee-yow wow Aunty Natascha yore amazin!!! APAWSS APAWSS!!! You werked a meeracull on Sonic. Mee snedd lotss of POTP paw to mee deer man cat Couzin. Keep on ‘keepin on’ Sonic! Wee love you lotss!
    purrss an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~

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    1. Sorry for replying awfully late AGAIN. Same reason as usual. A longer episode of daily migraines. I could not get rid of them. Thankfully it stopped and I’m feeling great. Hopefully it will last for a while!

      I’m so thankful I was able to help Sonic! I’m just wasn’t going to give up and kept coming up with things to help him. If one thing didn’t work, I thought of something else. I am able to get any medicine and supplement into him easily now, thanks to working out how to put anything into his mouth with a small syringe. With Sonic, I have to go farther back in his mouth than with all the other kitties. Not extremely far, just farther back on his tongue. Works like a charm now.

      That way I also started giving him kitten formula every 3 hours a day, except when Sonic is sleeping or I am sleeping. It’s just an added boost of energy and nutrients to add to his daily intake of food. He still eats chicken. He east a whole lot of it too now! That’s why I give him supplements, as he wouldn’t get enough nutrients from just the simple boiled chicken breast. Especially the important Taurine.

      He is gaining weight, just rather slowly. Though we’ll get him to a healthy weight. Just takes time. Sonic is doing really well and he’s a lot more active. It’s truly a miracle!

      Thank you both so much for your lovely and kind words and POTP! We send you both lots of love, hugs, purrs! And head rubs and special head bonks! 😺😺😺😺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      1. Hello Natascha! I am so sorry Migraines came back with such force. I hope they ease off so you can enjoy Life more. I find myself spending more time in bed this Winter than past years. Too much bone pain & the Costochondritis pain thru’ out rib cage barely eases off now…..We sure are quite the pair aren’t we?
        I am not surprised you pulled Sonic thru’…you are a STAR!!! Totally!!!
        ((hugs)) & ❤ ❤ Sherri-Ellen & purrss BellaDharma


  3. This is the Dance with older animal Companions … so glad he decided to stick around for a while longer. 😀 … and well done Natascha. 😀
    … g’day, Ralph, 🙂 … that was a close call, eh?

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so late again… Just after I posted this, I started having a bout of daily migraines again. Every day and they wouldn’t go. It happens unfortunately and I never know how long it will last. Thankfully it stopped and I am feeling great.

      It was a really close call.
      But Sonic is amazing! He keeps improving steadily. He’s gaining his weight rather slowly, but he’s getting there anyway. He’ll reach a lovely healthy weight in about two months I think. Maybe sooner even.

      Hugs from us all! 😺😺😺😺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Good news about the migraines … the longest cluster I’ve had is five days, and that was hell, so I know where you’re coming from. Take care, and thanks for the Sonic update.
        … G’day, Ralph! 😀


  4. This is such a great news dear Natasha, I am so happy to hear this, but you did great. This is really how to love a cat, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Thank you, Love, nia

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    1. Awww, you are so sweet! 😘😺😺😺😺💞 I can’t even describe how happy I am to see Sonic thrive again. He’s getting better every day now it seems. It’s a miracle. I love all the kitties so much. I feel the connection right from their hearts to mine. Sonic is now walking around a lot more, because he’s so much stronger. He’s purring and calling for me. His calling is always a sign of him doing well. The more he talks, the better he feels. And his sister Samantha and the babies Hero and Lisa love Sonic so much. They give him lots of love too💞💞💞 Love from us all! Big hugs! 💞💞💞💞

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    1. Thank you so much! We do our best to stay healthy! I make sure of it.
      Sonic is an amazing kitty boy. He continues to gain weight, slowly but surely. I also keep up the care for him, with lots of feedings and kitten formula in addition.

      Sending hugs from us all too! 😺😺😺😺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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