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The pigeons are back!

Every spring, a tiny group of pigeons comes back to hang around the bird feeders I hang onto the small tree near our balcony. The pigeons are too big to get to the feeders themselves, but they wait around for the food the small birds drop on the ground. They especially enjoy perching on our bedroom window shutters.

Yesterday, I opened the balcony door for the kitties when the sun came through the clouds for a little bit. Glad I did it at the right time! Because Hero and Lisa were excited to see a pigeon again! The small birds were chattering away really loud, probably because they were happy about some warmth from the sun as well.

8 thoughts on “The pigeons are back!

  1. So cute! Love all that tail swishing and chattering the cats do. Cats must be the same all over the world, as when we had ours they would do the same thing. ❀


  2. Grate video Aunty Natascha! Hero an Lisa yore both so attentive to THE Pigeon…
    Iss lovelee to hear littel birdiess chirpin…iss still too Wintery here fore much birdie action….
    Sendin ❀ ❀ an purrss an nose rubss Couzin BellaDharma an ❀ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew two


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