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Only took me a week to finish this post…

First, I just want to say thank you to all of you, for leaving all your absolutely wonderful and kind comments! You are always amazing to me, to Ralph and the kitties. Thank you!

Just in general, I rarely get to sit down and write a post in one go, because there’s always something going on that I have to get up for. But I love those reasons, because it’s for Ralph and the cats!

This time, it took me days to write this post was simply editing it over and over again, unsure if I should even mention what has been bothering me.

I’ve already been dealing with anxiety since my teens, but it’s been pretty much the same for many years, not too bad. But since about February it’s gotten a lot worse, which has not happened like this since my teens.

It’s the result of a combination of outside influences, a lot of it probably subconsciously. In the most simple terms, it’s the fear losing control over my / our life in various ways due to government decisions / laws / regulations / mandates / restrictions because of covid.

These fears have always been part of my anxiety disorder, but with the difference that I was always able to realise that it’s just part of my anxiety disorder has no base in reality. Nowadays, observing different western countries (mine included) and their law changes due to covid, I’m not so sure anymore.

My disorder is likely rooted partially in all the hospital stays, treatments and medical check ups throughout my childhood (starting at 5) due to migraines. As a young child, I was totally attached to my Mum, my family and home itself, including my kitty Minky. Most of these hospital stays happened suddenly and unexpected. From then on I was worried every time I had a medical appointment, that I might get sent to hospital again suddenly. To this day I am getting panic attacks if I have an appointment at a new doctors office, especially before check ups and medical procedures.

But back to the present… Where I unfortunately feel as if anything could be changed or mandated all of a sudden. That’s just the way my anxiety has always worked. Everything feels a lot worse than it normally is, by far.

Working my way out of that anxious hole I’m in

With this going on, I could not concentrate well on writing a post or anything, especially in the past month. I just tried to distract myself a bit on the laptop when I had the time, with Sims 4… Which is amazing as distraction! I had Sims 2 and Sims 3 as well over the years. It’s the only game I have ever been interested in. I have lots of kitties in various households in my game… It’s awesome.

In addition, I also tried to relax as much as possible and focus on our life and everything I love and like to do. Basically just try to get on with life and try not to worry. I found some new things I might do as well, like live streaming! As well as posting regularly and staying in contact with you lovely friends.

Publishing posts in a more daily / journal like fashion is something I wanted to do in forever. Keeping some structure and something regular like this might help a lot and I know it would be fun. Even if I can’t concentrate well, I can still do a little post with photos from the day or something.

How Ralph and the kitties are doing

Ralph is doing well, aside from the shaking hands. We’re happy and looking forward to the weather finally warming up for good! Sonic is doing amazing! He keeps slowly gaining weight and he’s zooming around the home by now! He is walking really fast and jumping up on anything with ease! He joins the others on the balcony a lot and on the windows. There are lots of cuddles and washes between Sonic and the others. His digestion is working really well too! I’m feeding him with the syringe still in addition to what he eats on his own. I give him all sorts of pureed meats he loves.

Sonic also has a collar with a little bell by now… He is totally deaf, so he can’t hear it and the collar didn’t bother him at all. He didn’t even feel bothered by it when I put it on him. The reason is that I know when Sonic is moving about or what he’s up to. I still always keep my eyes on him and it gave me a lot of peace of mind being able to hear him when I’m in another room. The other don’t care about the little bell at all and neither does Ralph.

Hero, Lisa and Samantha are doing well too! They are really enjoying the warm sun now and spend a lot of time on the windows and the balcony.

I’ll be posting more soon!

Lots of love from Ralph, the kitties and me! Thank you for being here!

21 thoughts on “Only took me a week to finish this post…

  1. It may have taken a week but you got it done.
    Love the screenshots of the cats and the pictures of the cats.
    Resting is good. Listen to your body my parents’ nurse said. She also said, when your body tells you to rest… rest don’t push yourself.
    Me and the family are recovering from Covid. Trust me that was no fun.

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    1. Yes! And you are so right with everything! It’s all very true.

      Oh I am so glad that you are all recovering! While we were lucky not to catch it, I’ve heard from others who had it. Thankfully they all recovered but they told me it was horrible.

      Now I’m sure you need to take it easy as well. But you’re smart! So you know what’s good for you and your family ☺️

      We send you love and healing purrs and hope you all will feel much better soon! 🤗😽😽😽😽

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!💜


  2. We are so glad for your update. The situation in almost all countries had brought on a lot of stress and anxiety even to people who never had “a problem” with it before. There is discussion here (in the US) about how important it is to get kids back in school. Many pediatricians are reporting a lot of problems in kids – such as OCD- that has been brought on or made worse by the pandemic. My cats are such a comfort as I live alone. Purrayers and purrs to you, Ralph and your beautiful kitties.

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    1. And I’m always so glad for all of your comments! Thank you so much for your purrayers and purrs!!! We send plenty right back to you and your furbabies!

      You are so right! It’s especially awful for the children. I often wonder just how all of this will impact them for the rest of their lives. Also, a year is a very very long time for a child and this is still ongoing. I remember how long a year felt when I was a kid, it was half a life time.

      I know right? I’ve been alone before Ralph for a long time as well and although life was normal back then, I never really felt alone because of Murli and Geenie. But now that people are actually truly isolated, they are a true blessing. You know, feel free to contact me whenever you feel like it, when you are bored, need someone to talk to, or chat. I’m so thankful to have friends I can talk to from all over the place. My email is catlady-natascha@pm.me (it’s a protonmail address) and I can give you my details for WhatsApp, iMessage or any other messenger you might use. Just so you know, if you ever feel like it.

      Love from us all! Take care dear catladymac!


  3. Deerest Aunty Natascha mee iss sendin all mee ❤ ❤ an POTP to you….if mee were there mee wuud snuggell close an purr on you like mee doess fore LadyMew aftur a seezure!!
    Couzin Sonic lookss furabuluss! Yore a meeracull werker Aunty! An sweet Samantha an Lisa an hansum HERO look wunderfull two. Yore such a GRATE Cat Meowmy!! Happy bee-lated Meowmy Day to you!
    Pleese meow to Unkell Ralph mee iss glad hee iss doin guud.
    purrss an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~

    Hello Natascha & Ralph & Kitties Four: I have to say you are amazing taking care of 4 cats & keeping Sonic strong & well. I respect & admire you so-o much!!! Some days I can barely manage to take care of BellaDharma. Everything you share about your Anxiety touched me deeply. I too have found my Anxiety has ramped up as we are in 3rd lockdown for a month now & Province says we are going to stay in lockdown for at least 2 more weeks. I feel trapped…in my body…in my mind….in my apartment….I self talk how lucky & blessed I am to have a nice place & be safe….but the Anxiety keeps coming back. I can’t take vaccine & I fear that I will be cast out & ostracized. We have heard people who don’t get vaccinated may be kept out of grocery stores, banks, Pet food places….again I self-talk not to worry or project an outcome……but the fear is there. So I break it all down to living in the moment as best I can & to live just for today. Stay focused on the day. Reach out to people & let them know I care….it helps. And remember you have 5 reasons to stay calm & carry on,,,, 😉
    Sending you lots of positive vibrations & ❤ ❤ Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Kind regards to Ralph & kisses for the cats!

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    1. Awww you’re a sweetie BellaDharma my girlie! You are a purrfect purr-a-medic! You kitties are like medicine! I’m very lucky, I got 4 purr-a-medics! They are doing a purrfect job of taking care of me. So I’m in good paws for sure! And then all the love and purrs and purrayers that are sent our way! It’s a-meow-zing! I am truly grateful.

      Sonic says: “Fank u sweet Couzin BellaDharma! Ur so kind. Meowmy nevur left ma side since Decemburr 2020. Her was puttin foodiez in me constantlee. Mee likez da foodiez. Mee alzo haz all da purr-a-medics workin on me too! Mee gets lotz of luv nd purrs from ma 3 siblingz. Espeshully Lisa iz ma littul following mobile purr-a-medic. Her iz goin where mee goez most of da time. Sumtimez her flops rite into ma basket on top of mee MOL. Her iz funny. But iz nice, cuz her helped keep me warm when mee waz reely not feelin gud. Nao I’m full of warmth all on ma own! Fankz u so much fur sendin all da purrayerz nd POTP to me over the past monthz whil I waz fightin to get bettur! We all didz it 2gethur! Dis includez u Couzin & LadyMew az well! Purrs & head rubz! Luv u boths!”

      Hello again you two!
      As Sonic said, it’s all of us together giving each other strength and healing through our love for each other that keeps everything going as it is! And I always get so much love and a big boost of inner strength from you and all our friends, with every little comment, email, message and just knowing someone is thinking of you.

      I admire you! You are going through so much with your seizures and everything else you’re dealing with. You’re so unwell so often and you’re still here for everyone and comment and post and take care of your sweet BellaDharma so well. She knows she’s loved and she of course knows and understands when you’re unwell and does her best to help and comfort you. You two are a great team as well!

      I feel with you so much and can totally relate to your anxiety and everything you share about how you feel in general in your posts. Now that you mention it, it was during our 3rd lockdown as well when my anxiety escalated like this.

      Ralph and I can’t take the vaccine either, so this will affect us too. I don’t think it’s right or ethical to require papers/smartphone-passes to access everyday services and places, but they seem to be implementing this in every country.

      From what I can tell (regarding most western countries), it does not seem like they will refuse access to unvaccinated people like you, who have serious medical reasons for why they can’t be vaccinated.

      Judging by how it seems to be going here and in most other countries, these most basic services like grocery stores, pet stores, banks, pharmacies and medical places aren’t going to require a vaccine or covid passport. Especially because of people who can’t have the vaccine for medical reasons. So it seems that even in the worst case, these places will be normally accessible to everyone.

      Another thing about these covid passports… In most countries they also include current negative covid tests and having recovered from covid. So that unvaccinated people can access everything with these passports with just a current negative covid test or a recovery from covid.

      So at least don’t worry about losing access to basic services.
      I’m doing the same. I’m trying to not project and worry too much about the future and concentrate on normal life and everything that’s positive and good. I’m trying to focus on all of that and the things I love doing. Ralph is so awesome in helping me feel less anxious. He says you should not worry too much either. He’s got such a great logical and sensible mind, and he knows so much! Which is why it’s a big help for me when he says not to worry.

      Ralph keeps up with what’s going on around the world. I have now stopped reading and watching the news mostly, which actually helps me feel less anxious. It’s just like you and I are saying… Focusing on the now and our immediate lives.

      I will end this long comment now lol. But I’ll be online a lot more often now, whenever I can. Because staying connected with everyone and posting is part of me focusing on the good and the things I love, to calm my anxiety.

      Yes! I truly have 5 wonderful reasons to stay calm and carry on for sure! Actually, I got even more! Because I have you and BellaDharma and all our other lovely friends! Thank you so much for everything. Sending love, purrs, head bonks and head rubs! Hugs from us all! 💗💗💗💗💗


      1. Deerest Sonic mee iss so happy you are bettur an enjoyin Life once again!! Meowmy Natascha iss wunderfull….toetallee THE BEST!
        An Lisa iss THE purrfect moe-bile Purrymedic fore you too Sonic!
        Give mee purrss an ~~head rubss~~to Samantha an HERO~~ An lotss of paw kissess to you sonic an ~~head rubss~~ to little Lisa!
        purrss BellaDharma

        Please tell Ralph I admire his logical mind & will take his advice! Projecting & crazymaking & worrying is pointless! It sort of just starts as a little teeny thought & then WHAMO I’m freaking out for no real reason!
        I think with all my health issues going on I worry if ‘something’ happens to me BellaDharma will be on her own. Aunty Sheila is her Guardian but she still has alot of cats (6) & BellaDharma does not get along w/ cats face 2 face. And Aunty Honey has 2 of her own cats….anyway I have Sheila in place.
        My Costochondritis (innflammation of Chest Wall) is severe…..It started on Monday & by Wednesday nite I was ready to go to EMERG……I got thru’ the nite & little by little started to feel better…..but now (Sunday later afternoon) I am feeling pain & also am shaky!
        I hope you are 150% about people like us not being vaccinated & being able to go shopping for food, meds, pet supplies & even clothes. I do not want to live in ‘lockdown’ for the rest of my Life!
        You & Ralph & your Fab Four mean the world to us also…..be safe & take care! And remember to listen to Ralph the voice of reason 😉
        ((hugs)) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen

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  4. Thank you dear Natascha, I am glad to hear you and to know you are all fine, I am same as you, worrying, etc. But there is nothing to do more, we are all trying to stay safe now. I have to go to the doctor(s), visit etc. but right now I can’t… makes me nervous… I have so much stress pains… anyway, Hugs and Love to you ALL, nia

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    1. So glad to hear from you dear Nia! I totally understand. It’s difficult on everyone. It’s unbelievable what stress can do to your physical and mental health. One thing you can always do for your immune system is to make sure to take the vitamins and supplements to keep normal levels up, especially Vitamin D3, if you don’t get enough sunlight. Fresh air and sunlight, even just through a window at home is good for you and I try to do that for myself as well.

      I crave an end to all of this so much, like everyone. Love from us all and lots of hugs! 💕💕💕

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    1. Aww that is lovely to hear! Thank you so much for leaving your kind comments every time! I really appreciate it. It means so much to me that others are happy to read my posts!
      Ralph, the kitties and I wish you a wonderful day!

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  5. It is always lovely to see an update from you , Ralph and the kitties. The situation in every country is different nad it is a worry for all. It is harder for some. We need to stay safe, do the best we can do, I believe it will get better again. Your kitties need such a loving mum and you provide a wonderful home for them. They are very lucky.
    All the best from Ute and Thomas!

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    1. Thank you! It’s always lovely to receive your kind comments! 😉 You’re awesome! Yes, everyone is affected in some way, no matter which country. I’m lucky to have the kitties! They give me so much love and constant cuddles. I’m lucky to have Ralph and the kitties, so lucky. Ralph is a huge support! He also believes that things will get better again, which in turn makes me feel better 😊

      Take care! Sending love and hugs from us all to you and Thomas! 💕💕💕💕

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  6. Thank you Natasha for leaving a comment on my blog so I know you are still with us. Before I forget, tell Ralph myself and many others remember his humor on his Spanish blog long ago. I can still remember some of it. His humor should brighten up the apartment along with the cats. Covid of course put a damper on my planned life of love and adventure along with some other obstacles. Now I sit in my home fatter than I ever was. I order food and even meals sometimes from restaurants–got to keep the economy going I say–along with everything else Me and the cats require. Since 2013 I have had only one cat fatality and count myself lucky. the cats are lucky I am home 99.9% of the time and can pester me for treats or food anything and always.My catio distracts them for a while. I have had the vaccines and last week we were told vaccinated persons don’t have to wear masks anymore. I think I shall be cautious for a few weeks more and see how it goes. The tv news can make you crazy so I have the radio on a lot with music. I enjoy the gallery of your cats displayed here. They look so happy out on their balcony. It is theirs and not yours. I have seen your Youtube videos of them outside as well. We all just have to face each day one day at a time as it comes. It’s been a long haul. Wishing you and Ralph and the kitties health and happiness–it is where you find it.

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    1. You’re welcome! I love reading your posts and about what your kitties are up to! The days are just racing by so fast, I lose track of time while I am occupied with everyday stuff. I don’t want to keep missing out on posts, so I have turned on notifications for new posts for everyone.

      You are so right! Ralph’s humor is wonderful. He really does brighten every day for all of us. The kitties absolutely LOVE HIM TO BITS. Ralph and I laugh a lot! I’m beyond lucky to have Ralph!
      Thankfully I’m not depressed, it’s just anxiety that I’m struggling with. But Ralph is great in calming me in my worries. I appreciate his wide array of knowledge about the world and life, his logic and common sense a lot.

      I’m sorry that covid made things even more difficult and put a damper on your plans. I didn’t expect things to go on for more than a year like this at all. I hope things go back to normal not too long into the future.

      Your catio is awesome! The kitties never get bored with it and are excited to go out there every time. Same with our balcony. They always enjoy it to the fullest.

      Lol at the ordering stuff and keeping the economy going! I helped a bit as well, by ordering stuff for the cats mostly!

      Yes we heard about the new guidelines from the CDC about the masks. I’m glad that something is happening at least! You just do whatever you feel comfortable with. I think most vaccinated people will probably continue to be careful for a while.

      The news can definitely make you crazy. I took a break from it now, because it’s just too much. The news are 95% covid related and only 5% of the remaining airtime is spent for all other news, which are usually bad news as well.

      But I know my life is full of good things There are so many little things that I am grateful for in my life.

      I’m so happy you enjoy the cats photos and videos on YouTube! Oh you are right of course! The balcony belongs to the kitties. It’s all theirs, including the chairs and everything that’s on the balcony for (their) comfort.

      You are right, we need to face one day at a time.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! Ralph, the kitties and I wish you and your kitties health and happiness as well!

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  7. Happy to hear things are going well, in spite of Covid.
    The cats look fab, including Sonic.
    Give my love to all, especially Ralph. I miss him & his humour out here in blog world.
    Take it easy, Natascha. I know you have a lot on your plate, but looks like you are doing fine.
    Resa xoxoxoxo


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