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Happy 2nd birthday Hero & Lisa!

Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast! Hero and Lisa were over 5 months old when we adopted them on November 5, 2019 πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΈπŸ’— Their age was estimated by the Vet. But I chose the 15th of May because it was the earliest point on which they were probably born. And it’s a nice date!

Hero and Lisa are so thoroughly part of our little family, as if they have always been part of us. All the kitties love each other, even Murli loved the 2, in the short time they had together.

At the moment Hero and Lisa are partying like mad. Running around the home as fast as possible. And Hero is just as fast as Lisa! He just can’t turn corners as tightly as she can, and he can’t jump higher than onto a chair, but he makes up for that in strength and sheer will to get where he wants. He’ll climb everything! He’s so strong, he can pull himself up onto things with only his front legs.

They are both incredibly intelligent and learn things so quickly. Of course that involves figuring out all sorts of shenanigans! Always fun! Seriously, it really is. It’s pretty funny if you enter the bedroom and find all the drawers are opened with all the underwear and socks all strewn about.

Of course nobody was anywhere near it… Even if one of them (or both) are sitting in said drawers, then that’s only because they were investigating what’s going on and trying to fix it.

We love you sweet Hero and Lisa 😺 😸 I’ll always do everything to make your lives as happy and full of love and fun (and food & treats) as possible!

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22 thoughts on “Happy 2nd birthday Hero & Lisa!

    1. Hero and Lisa made sure I was sitting down to reply now! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and the b-day wishes from you all! Lots of love, purrs and gentle head bonks to you, Daisy Mae and Angel Tigger!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your furbabies! They sound like quite a pair. My last cat could get into my dresser from the back and I constantly found socks and underwear in the floor, but the drawers would still be closed. 🐈🐈🎈🎈

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    1. Meow! Thank you very much dear BarbCT! Hero and Lisa send lots of love, purrs and head bonks!!

      Aww your last kitty sounds like another smart little rascal! Must have been so funny! Once they have something new on their minds that they want to get into, they almost become obsessed with it for a while lol.

      I found some of Ralph’s underwear outside the bedroom, a little way down the hallway, earlier this week. Drawers were open of course! I guess Hero and/or Lisa had a fight with it. They love to put their front legs around something (like in a hug) and then kick it with the back legs like mad. Like Lisa did with the kitchen roll in one of my videos. They do it to towels, socks, blanket and carpets and they put all their energy into it, it’s hilarious!

      They’re lovely cats, all of them. They never scratch or bite anyone, it’s only with inanimate objects.

      Have a lovely day! Thanks for your sweet comment!


  2. Happy Birthday to your furbabies! They sound like quite a pair. My last cat could get into my dresser from the back and I constantly found socks and underwear in the floor, but the drawers would still be closed.

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    1. Awww you’re a sweetie! Thank you so much! We had a lovely and fun day! 😽😽They even kept the pawty going during the night after a bit of sleep. Purrs, paw hugs and nose kisses from the kitties! 😽😽😽😽Sending love from Ralph and me too! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


  3. HURRAH!!! Happy 2nd Birfday Lisa an HERO!!
    Aunty Natascha did you reememburr mee WAS born on May 15th?? so mee iss sharin mee Birfday with 2 of mee Couzinss! How furry kewl πŸ™‚
    Pleese come over an have sum Tea an treetss Lisa an Hero an Sonic an Samantha!!! Wee areTHE luckiest Kittiess inn THE werld!
    As ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha used to say “WOO HOO!!!”
    purrss an paw kissess Couzin BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew two

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