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Our beloved Sonic passed away

Sonic, autumn 2020

Beloved Sonic passed away at 2:10am on October 27, 2021.

He was one strong boy, never gave up and kept hanging on to life until his very last breath. He was not alone, not even for a second. It was obvious that something was not right and that he was close to passing away. I carried him around with me if I had to go into another room, because I didn’t want to leave him for even a minute. When it was time to go to bed, I took Sonic with me and laid him into our bed, where he had slept all those years. But I didn’t put him into his basket that was on our bed, and instead right by my side, with hot water bottles, a his little pillow for his head and covered him with a blanket.

I kept the bedside light on, so he could see me and know where he was. All 3, Samantha, Hero and Lisa kept checking on Sonic, sniffing all over his body and licking his head. Again and again. They knew something was wrong. I kept holding his paw, stroking his head, just like he had always loved. That way I stayed with him until he stopped breathing at about 2:10am.

Up until this last day, Sonic was still walking after me, and out onto the balcony, enjoying the lovely warm afternoon sun. He loved lying in his big basket in the living room, while watching the pigeons fly back and forth in front of the window.

Lisa (left) and Sonic

He was always with one or all of us. Sonic was either following me, wandering around a bit, or staying with Ralph in the living room when I was out of the house, or I took him into the bedroom with me when I went to bed. Samantha, Hero and Lisa were also always close by somewhere.

In our living room

During the day, Sonic was in this basket (the one in the pic below), which I made as soft as a cloud, with a soft pillow for humans underneath him and another cushion at the back, so that it was soft all around him. In addition, I put hot water bottles in this basket, just body warm, but it kept him lovely warm and comfy. Ralph and the other kitties were usually all in the living room as well, hanging out like you can see in the pic above.

Sonic in his new basket, which I got for him just two weeks earlier

Lisa and Hero gave Sonic cuddles all the time. These three were friends right from the start. It was the sweetest thing.

Sonic, Hero and Lisa
Sonic and Hero (I’m sorry it was just so dark when I took these pictures)

As you can probably see in the previous 3 pics, I had made Sonic a little coat, because the fall started and he was thin. I just wanted him to be warm at all times. Sonic was one of those kitties who didn’t mind things like that at all. In fact he seemed to like it and feel comfy.

Lisa constantly gave Sonic a little wash on the head. Basically any time the two crossed paths in the home. Hero and Lisa gave him big head bonks and cuddles every time they were together. Sonic would give them a little wash on their heads as well. Samantha did the same when she and Sonic crossed paths. That sweet boy was so loved by everyone, just as Murli was.

Samantha and Sonic
Sonic and Hero
Sonic’s pureed meat, his water and in the back, boiled chicken breast, cut into tiny bits, which he loved to eat on his own

Sonic would eat on his own, but it was not enough, even though he was hungry. That’s why I had to feed him with the syringe. He loved being fed really. If I was too slow and waited too long for him to swallow, he would move his head towards the syringe, to let me know he was ready for another mouth full.

He would come up to me, letting me know he wanted some food, or come into the kitchen, sitting down at the same spot every time, which meant he wanted some food.

This is how he would look at me when he wanted food

Like in the two pictures above, Sonic would either sit in the kitchen, or anywhere else, looking up at me like in the pictures… Which meant: “Feed me!”

Sonic drank on his own, but I always gave him a little additional water to make sure he was hydrated properly. I would feed him every two hours, making sure that his stomach was never empty. Because he would get nauseous if his tummy was empty for longer than 3 hours. I would feed him right before I went to sleep. I also had some chicken breast with me in the bed, in that container. He would wake me up if he was hungry during the night and I would let him eat.

I would also feed him the pureed meat during the night with the syringe if he was hungry, or if I saw that it was time for a feeding, if he didn’t wake me. I usually fed him at midnight, then again around 2:30am and then again around 5:30am, go back to sleep and get up at 7:30 and feed him again and so on during the day.

Now I feel so sad that I don’t have to wake up to feed Sonic during the night anymore. I would have kept doing this for many more years and would have gotten up even more often if it would have been needed. There was literally nothing I would not have done to help him.

And I would do the same for all of my sweet kitties.

In the end, Sonic lived as long as he possibly could with his condition. His will to live had no limit. Even during his last moments I knew that he would rather stay with us. Though I’m sure that once his beautiful soul left his ailing body, he must have felt relief. He must have been so amazed to be able to hear, and to feel strong again and without the weakness of his body holding him back. I pray that he is in peace and with Murli and the others. I pray he isn’t frightened and confused at what happened and that he was helped to the light.

The rest of that night

I laid Sonic’s body into our kitty pram and put a blanket on him like always, just as if he was sleeping. I kept the pram by my bedside. There was no sleeping really. But the hours till the morning were just a blur. I got up at 7am and called the pet crematory, which I had also called for Murli, almost two years ago.

I’m glad they exist, as they are very kind and everything they do they do with the utmost respect and thought. The few hours until the man from the pet crematory arrived were a blur yet again. I just cried all the time. Before Sonic was due to be picked up, I gave him one last brush.

I also asked if Sonic could keep his little coat and thankfully he could, since it was just wool.

It was difficult to give away his body, just like it was with Murli.

In a few weeks, I’ll be able to pick up his urn. It always takes a few weeks, because his urn has to be ordered as they are handmade. It was the same with sweet Murli.

What was wrong with Sonic’s health

For a long time we didn’t really know what exactly was wrong with him physically. He started having issues with his digestion in 2018 and suddenly started having constipation problems. Though, with a change in diet, fibre and beneficial supplements, it was going well, aside from a few occasions where we went to the Vet if he had problems, which were thankfully resolved easily. Otherwise he was perfectly healthy.

Then in January 2021, his weight started dropping quickly and he was not eating enough by himself. So we went to the Vet with him a few times back then and found out that his digestive system was not working well enough and not absorbing enough nutrients and not metabolising everything properly.

He got enzymes I was to add to every meal, supplements and other good things for his digestion to help with it. Like I wrote above, I fed him a liquid diet with syringes, on top of what he ate by himself. The pureed meat was high in calories and nutrients, but easily digestible. That his meals were mostly liquid, helped his body digest the food better as well.

Doing all of this, he lived as long as possible. His body had reached a point, where his digestive system could not absorb enough anymore to stay alive. No matter how much food he would have gotten, or how nutritious it was, his body could not absorb any of it anymore.


I’m thankful for every moment and every day I had with Sonic. I always wish they could stay with us forever, or at least for much much longer. Each kitty is so unique and special, such a blessing on our lives. It’s so difficult to get used to Sonic not being here anymore. During the first couple of days, I still kept turning around from my desk, with the intention to check on Sonic, who would have been behind me in his basket. Or I woke up with the intention to feed Sonic.

Ralph and the kitties are also very sad. Everyone misses Sonic painfully. We’re now trying to adjust.

For me, the days are still as if I’m in some absent minded blur most of the time. I keep just staring into nothing for quite a while, and often my mind just feels totally blank.

Though I’ve been showering Samantha, Hero and Lisa in even more cuddles than I had done anyway. I’m trying to distract myself with podcasts and I focus on Ralph and the kitties and making them happy.

I’m also wanting to get into posting again properly. I know it would help a lot to connect and keep up with all of you wonderful people.

There is so much I need to write about regarding the last months since spring and how things were. But that will all be in a separate, or even a couple separate posts.

Thank you for still visiting and reading my blog.

Love, Natascha, Ralph, Samantha, Lisa and Hero

22 thoughts on “Our beloved Sonic passed away

  1. Our condolences for your loss of Sonic.
    Nice pictures of Sonic for a tribute and remembrance
    You will never forget Sonic.
    Keepsake Suggestion: Carolina Russo who is a blogger/author. She drew this beautiful picture of my cat I lost a while and put my current cat in the picture too… She did a fantastic job and I have a keepsake to remember my Tigger by. Also, I have my one and only picture of my 2 cats together. She drew this picture from 2 digital pictures. I love it.
    Something to think about.
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Crystal! I’m sorry I am replying so late. I’ve not been doing too well.
      Sonic was such a unique and wonderful kitty boy. He’s missed very much by all. Definitely never forgotten, he’ll be close in my heart for the rest of my life, just like Murli.

      Thank you for the wonderful suggestion! We do have a beautiful drawing of Sonic and Samantha, that a good friend of Ralph made a few years ago in Spain. But I’d love to have more pictures drawn of Sonic and all the kitties, including Murli.
      Maybe she could actually draw a picture of all our kitties together! That would be so beautiful.

      Such a great idea! Thank you!
      Love, Natascha


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know Sonic was a special kitty and that she felt love from you. You are a wonderful kitty mom. Take the time to grieve. I pray God will give you peace and comfort in the days to come. Blessings.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! He really was special. Such a strong boy, even though he was physically very weak in the end. But he’s had the strongest will to live, to the point it was miraculous. He did not give up. His body gave up, when it was just not possible to support his life anymore. I’m thankful for every moment I had him in my life and that I was with him and able to comfort him during his last hours. Ralph and the other babies loved him so much. Thank you for your prayers. They were needed very much.

      Thank you for your kind words. Love and blessings, Natascha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Aww he was such a beautiful and lovely kitty boy. I can’t even describe the bond I had with him. He really captured everyone’s heart. That boy was loved so much by the other kitties and Ralph. I am thankful for every day we had him in our life.

      Big hugs from us all, Natascha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! He really was. I’ll never forget his warm eyes and the way he always looked at me. I can still see him just like that if I close my eyes. He is being missed very much.

      Hugs and love, Natascha


  3. I am so sorry to hear Sonic, dear Natascha and Ralph, my heart with you all, made me cry to hear this. Lovely Sonic, you had a beautiful humans and family, and you were too. Hugs and Love, nia

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! So sorry it took me so long to reply, but I really was not feeling well in multiple ways. Sonic really was a special kitty boy. He loved everyone and was loved by everyone. Such a kind and loving boy. It’s going to be a long time before the pain will lessen. I just miss him so much.
      I’m comforted a bit by knowing that we gave him so much love and he was surrounded by nothing but love and friendship. I’m glad I could be with him during his last hours as well. I felt so horrible back when Murli passed away and I found her in the morning. I was so troubled back then by the fact that she died by herself during the early morning hours while we still slept.

      Hugs and lots of love from us all!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss of Sonic. He had been in the best cat family ever and had a wonderful life with such caring cat lovers. He will be missed by all of you as he was part of the family. Now over hte Rainbow Bridge he does not need to suffer anymore and is reunited with Murli and others. Many hugs to you all ♥♥♥

    Liked by 2 people

  5. That sweet angel was a wonderful kitty, Natascha and we’ll remembering him with sadness and joy as we knew him for such a long time. Loved to see the pictures and how close you all are, they’re heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time💔Know that we’re thinking of you and Ralph always. Here come some Extra Soft Pawkisses to comfort you all🐾😽💞
    Fly free beautiful Soul. Until we meet again✨

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Sonic. You cared for him so beautifully and lovingly. No cat could ask for a more attentive and loving mama and dad. We have two beautiful cats, Nutter Butter and Moji, who now live indoors with us. my husband and I moved from Sunny California where they were born and now live in Prescott, Arizona. Our older cats, Scardy Boy and Mama kitty passed away from old age before we left. They did not look nearly as beautiful as Sonic did with your excellent care. I’m so glad you and Ralph are doing so well. I found your beautiful blog through Ute. Lots of love for both you and My Favorite Ralph (MFR) and all the kitties and prayers for a wonderful new life for Sonic and healing for the rest of you.


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