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Update – We are in a bit of a situation – Maybe you have ideas or can help

Hey my dear friends!

It’s been months again… Where do I even start?

First off, we’re ok mostly and the cats Hero and Lisa are perfectly fine and happy. Ralph has a bad back, after a sneeze, which triggered his old injury to hurt again. I had a very hard time coming to terms with the loss of Sonic and Samantha. I’m finally coming to a better place emotionally though. Aside from the physical problems, we would be perfectly fine. Our life would have gone on as usual, without any problems or additional worries.

But, you have probably heard about Austria implementing a general V mandate for all adults. They first announced this in mid November and it came as an absolute shock. I would have never in a million years expected this. I expected the continuation of the restrictions for not having the V, but not this. (I don’t want to write the word out on purpose, as the backlash can be very severe for saying anything about it.)

We didn’t even know how this mandate law would manifest in the end. For a while, they were even talking about jail time in addition to fines, and then about jail of up to one year, if people are unable to pay. The protest from the wider population was enormous since then and has only kept growing since. Everyone was hoping that the parliament would not vote this mandate into law. Especially because at the time many countries started easing or even ending restrictions and mandates. Also in January it was pretty much known that the V does not prevent injection, so implementing a mandate with the argument that the V would stop transmission, seemed to be unlikely. But, despite everything, despite many law suits that had been filed and the massive continued protest, the parliament voted the mandate into law.

The mandate and the fines: Starting March 15, the government will send out fines to every adult who is found to not have had a V or not to be up to date on their latest V.

The Cov V is now mandatory for all adults. Only pregnant women are exempt from punishment for the duration of their pregnancy. Any adult, who has not had any V, or hasn’t gone for their 2nd or 3rd, will receive large fines, 4 times a year. As with other fines and debts to the government, if people can’t pay, it will be automatically taken from their pay checks, or a government Repo person comes to take anything of worth from your home and possessions. But the jail time is off the table.

The fines are 600€ (679$ or 506£) for each adult and that 4 times a year. So just the first fine for us both will ad up to 1200€. If you try to fight it in court, the fine automatically increases to 3600€, for court costs they say.

Our reasons for not wanting the V: We had decided long before this, that we didn’t want to get this particular type of V for this illness, due to the increased risk from our existing chronic conditions: For me, it’s my chronic migraine, an auto immune disorder (Psoriasis which also affects my joints), Sciatica and a history of blood clots and strokes in my family and chronic fatigue.

For Ralph it’s the Essential Tremor, also Psoriasis, to a lesser degree than mine, and problems in his back with a pinched nerve due to an accident years ago.

After studying the adverse event databases for months, I only found our initial worries confirmed, as neurological adverse events, basically anything related to the nerves, auto immune conditions and cardio vascular issues are the most common. The risk that my migraine would get worse and becomes untreatable is too much of a risk to take, plus the risk of my other issues. The same is true for Ralph’s Essential Tremor. He is already frustrated to be limited in so many things he would like to do. The risk of this condition to get even worse is also too much of a risk. Basically, our risk benefit ratio is clearly pointing in the direction of not having the V.

Despite our issues, we have one thing in common that is working exceptionally well. Our immune system. We rarely get sick. I can’t remember when I last had the actual flu. We also take the right supplements to make sure everything works as best as it can and we are at home the vast majority of our time, besides me going out for errands, my doctors appointments, the pharmacy and the Vet.

There is no possibility for us to get a medical exemption, since there are only 3 medical reasons that can be exempted, and they do not include ours. Though, even if you have one of the few conditions, except for the pregnancy one, you’ll be unlikely to find a doctor willing to write one for the other two reasons, since they are too afraid to be punished, as it happened to so many of them already.

There are no religions exemptions or deeply held personal convictions.

The financial side: There were a lot of expenses in 2021, trying to save Sonic and Samantha, which would not have been a problem, but we didn’t expect the insane expenses with these mandate fines. It’s going to be a huge problem and it will ruin us.

This is why I am reaching out for help after all. I have a little support page for my blog, if anyone is able to help with even just tiny donations: buymeacoffee.com/CatladyNatascha

I was initially waiting in hope for the mandate to be repealed, but nothing has happened.

Our plan for this year: Pay the first fines and hope the mandate will be repealed during that time, due to the problems it will cause. The courts won’t even be able to cope with all these fines and cases and most people will end up losing their homes since they will not be able to pay.

If the mandate is not struck down by mid summer, we will have to make plans to move to another country. This will require even more funds. So I hope to God we will not have to move out of country and only move to the country side within the country, as the rent is cheaper there and things are a bit safer.

To keep you all updated: I am going to start posting small updates throughout the week, to share how we are doing and how things are going. Not just upsetting things or worries, but the cats and their cuteness and just our everyday life to connect with you all. Especially because I know how so many of you miss hearing from Ralph.

I can’t even express how uncomfortable it feels to me to even ask for help. And any help so much appreciated! Don’t worry if you can’t help financially, most people haven’t got much after these last two years. But maybe by sharing my post, someone who can help and wants to help will see it. Maybe you have other ideas for us! And we absolutely love all your wonderful comments! This is why I am glad to have a little bit more energy again, to start posting small updates throughout the week to connect back with all of you and stay in contact. I miss you all.

I’ll post a proper normal update tomorrow.

The support links

Here is the link to my Buy me a Coffee: buymeacoffee.com/CatladyNatascha

(I went back into this post, to delete the fundraising link, since I deleted the fundraiser itself, after the gov at temporarily suspended the compulsory jab mandate.)

Feel free to use either of them, or contact me if you prefer a PayPal link.

You can’t share my blog link on FB anymore unfortunately, because months ago, when I posted a video of the kitties that also had my blog link in it, FB decided to call it spam and ban it. I disputed it right away, but they never reacted to it. No matter how many times I tried to contact them about it, it was ignored.

Thank you so much if you read all the way down to this point. Ralph, the kitties and I send you lots of hugs and love! Hope you all are doing well and everything is fine!

Love, Natascha

14 thoughts on “Update – We are in a bit of a situation – Maybe you have ideas or can help

  1. Oh Natasha. Our Stella was sick with recurring diarrhea and we don’t have the money to take her to the vet. Please rethink the vaccine. Denise has the same tremors and they haven’t gotten any worse. With her heart condition, Covid could destroy her heart muscle and blood vessels. I have migraines and COPD and I could end up on a ventilator.. My migraines aren’t any different at all. Didn’t you get your childhood vaccinations? There is nothing alive in the vaccine. It is just a shot. Get it because if you get sick who will care for Ralph or your father? And supplements don’t help. Denise’s cousin was the same and ended up in urgent care with Covid. Believe me the shot is nothing compared to what could happen. We love you and don’t want to hear anything sad about you or Ralph. Love, Shelagh and Denise


    1. Oh no I’m so sorry! Maybe you could to a fundraiser on gofundme for sweet Stella! I’ve seen people do it and get help for their Vet bills. You could share it all over twitter and FB and maybe get enough help.
      It’s so awful when they have ongoing diarrhoea, because of the severe weight loss. Samantha was just like that. But for years, she responded very well to treatment and it isn’t even expensive treatment. Just Prednisolone tablets, hidden in a treat or food. The tablets weren’t expensive from the Vet. It just really depends what is causing the diarrhoea, and if it’s inflammation like with inflammatory bowels disease or something else.
      But after two years, Samantha stopped responding to her meds, and really any meds. In the end she was so thin and starting to suffer, so we had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep, because nothing could save her and she would have passed away in prolonged agony.

      I hope Stella isn’t feeling too bad, despite the diarrhoea. One thing that always helped a bit to calm Murli’s tummy when she had diarrhoea from not tolerating certain foods, was boiled chicken breast. Without any seasoning, simply boiled in water and then cut into little bits for her. It’s easily digestible and can help to calm the digestive system a bit. There are also some kitty foods available at pet supply stores, that are meant for diarrhoea issues. Not all of them are crazy expensive.

      Regarding the V, we really made our decision and know it’s the right decision for us personally. We aren’t at any higher risk to C, despite our issues, as they don’t affect our bodies ability to fight off infections. There is plenty of official data out now, that only confirmed our decision.

      Like I said, it should be a personal decision for each person. Everyone knows their risks and their body and health issues best. There are so many factors going into this decision and these factors will be different for everyone.

      We are not anti V at all and we did have traditional ones all our lives, and so do the kitties. It’s just that these particular technology comes with a different risk benefit ratio than the other ones, and they are rather new.

      If it would have the actual live virus in it, I would be actually less concerned about it. Or if it would be with a weakened or killed off whole virus, like traditional Vs. It’s the technology that seems to be causing problems for certain people.

      I totally respect everyone’s decision and opinion on this. All of what I am saying comes just from our own personal circumstance.

      Sending lots of love to you all and I hope so much Stella gets better.💞💞💞💞


  2. OH WOW, that is a predicament. My mom has Dermatomyositis and and like you an autoimmune disease that makes her immobile and has no strength. She refuses to get the vaccine and I understand why just like I understand why you & Ralph don’t want it. Pretty steep penalties. I got my 2nd vaccine shot Dec. 13, 2021 and have been sick ever since. Don’t have booster yet and not sure I’ll be getting it the way I got sick after my second shot. I hope you figure something out.
    Good Luck My Friend
    Daisy Mae says hi

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    1. Oh dear no. Your poor Mum! I agree, that’s why it should be a personal decision. People are all different and everyone knows best for themselves.

      I’m so sorry you are sick! It sounds similar to what happened to my best local friend. She didn’t have auto immune issues, but a very bad back, due to being run over by a car years ago and she has migraines as well. After her 2nd dose, she reacted immediately and has been unwell ever since. Severe Fatigue, Nausea, her pain meds won’t touch her back pain anymore and her migraines are out of control and also won’t respond to medication anymore.

      My Dad got sick after his 2nd dose as well, and he had existing auto immune issues. He did get the 3rd and it made it worse.

      It just seems to be more of a problem for people who are already having problems.

      It’s also so difficult to even write about any of it. I’m actually worried about every mention I make about it online, because the backlash can be so severe. And we’re really not anti V at all. It’s like I said just our own personal decision, based on our own personal risk-benefit ratio.

      You know best for yourself what to do. Trust your own gut feeling in this, only you know how you feel and what your personal risks are 💕

      Like I said, I’ll be updating regularly again from now on😉 Thank you so much for your comment and for visiting! Lots of hugs and love from us! 💕💕💕

      PS: Hero and Lisa say hi as well😺😺


    1. Thank you! I hope so too. We might get lucky and the law will be repealed. I’m not giving up hope 🙂 I’ll update you all with regular cat posts and posts out of our life. Hope you are fine!
      Big hugs and love from us! 💜💜💜

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  3. Dear Natasha & Ralph, I’m so sorry to hear of your struggles. I hadn’t heard until now about Austria instituting the vaccine mandate for Covid. I’m still not sure how I feel about such mandates, but I do believe everyone should be vaccinated.

    I also have several autoimmune issues and I’m 69 years old so I did some research on the vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer before making a decision. I decided to go ahead and get the shots and I also got the booster shot when it was available. I’ve had no ill effects from the shots other than a sore arm and a mild fever for about 24 hours after the second shot, a very common reaction. I had no problem with the booster shot.

    Neither the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines used a killed virus (Johnson & Johnson does though). The vaccines are made of mRNA. An mRNA vaccine is a type of vaccine that uses a copy of a molecule called messenger RNA to produce an immune response. The vaccine delivers molecules of antigen-encoding mRNA into immune cells, which use the designed mRNA as a blueprint to build foreign protein that would normally be produced by a pathogen (such as a virus).

    It’s true that the vaccine won’t prevent you from getting Covid, but if you do it will be far less severe than if you hadn’t gotten the vaccine. I had a breakthrough case, but it wasn’t severe enough for hospitalization. My aunt, who is 75 and also has several autoimmune issues, also got the shots and she got the Delta variant while at an indoor craft fair. She did end up hospitalized, after struggling at home for three days. The doctor and she both felt that if she hadn’t been vaccinated she would have died.

    Short of the long, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get vaccinated. Ignore the negative stories you’ve read online as such things are not only unverifiable, but are rare incidences when you look at the vast number of people who have been vaccinated and had no problems. Unfortunately, in today’s world we only hear the negative when it comes to such things.

    On another note, there’s a company here called Cala Health that has developed a wrist-worn device called Cala Trio to treat essential tremors. I don’t know if it’s available (or affordable) in Austria, but I wanted to pass on the info. I’ve seen some positive testimonials.

    If you’re on Facebook, look me up (Barbara Combs Taylor). ❤️🙏🫂

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    1. Hey sweetie! Yeah, mandates aren’t really right. People should make their own decisions without pressure.
      Just like you did. It was your personal decision and you were comfortable with it and that’s like it should be. Everyone who wants and feels it will be beneficial to them should get the V.

      A lot of people are really opposed to the mandates, including most people who did have the V. Also because it sets a bad precedent. If they can mandate medical treatments, it can escalate to mandating other medical treatments down the road. And there are already officials who say that they could now mandate other things as well.

      We aren’t anti V at all, just to be clear. We had traditional ones all our lives and so did the cats. But they went through long testing and were based on long established technology that was safe and worked. These current ones are totally new to humans. So people really should not be pressured to get a new type of drug especially.

      For us, the risk for us to get worse after the V is too much of a risk. The actual infection on the other hand is less of a threat to us personally, due to our normally working immune system. Even for people in Ralph’s age, the recovery rate is 94.6% and he has none of the known dangerous co-morbidities that make an infection more dangerous. The same is true for me.

      The issues we have aren’t any factors for a worse outcome in case of an infection, but on the other hand seem to be a risk factor for adverse events of the V.

      That’s why it is and should be such a personal decision, because only each person knows best for themselves where their personal risks are and how their body reacts to certain things.

      In our case, the risks outweigh any potential benefits.

      I have seen the actual publicly available data, from the pharma companies, the research and all the government data and adverse reaction tracking data, and the UK data, which really openly documented how things were going with the V.

      I have no problems with vaccines at all. Both of us and the cats have had vaccines all our lives. It’s just that these particular new type of jabs, have a higher risk for adverse events than the traditional ones.

      Then there are my personal experiences. Everyone I know personally, including my Dad, who had certain existing conditions, has not reacted well to the V.
      Of course not everyone who has chronic issues will react badly. It seems to be worse with certain conditions. Which is why it should remain a personal decision.

      No worries about us regarding C. We are doing everything to stay healthy and keep our immune system working perfectly.

      It’s really such a difficult thing now and has divided so many people. Friends and Families are extremely divided at times, to the point of not seeing each other anymore.

      I respect everyone’s opinion and decision. This is really just a personal decision we have made.

      Thank you for pointing us to the Carla Trio! It sounds great. Only available by prescription in the US though. But, I can research if there is something similar here in Europe, or even in our country.

      I don’t use FB anymore unfortunately. Ever since they banned my kitty video and with it my blog, I was too discouraged to use it again.

      Aww, I hope you are well! Thanks for your comment and for writing such a long one!

      Sending lots of hugs and love!


  4. This is a tricky one. The fines are really steep. I am sure others are in the same situation. I personally am happy to be vaccinated and I had Covid. I do feel safer like that. Yet I respect everyones wishes, it is a peronal choice and it should be like that. I am sure there will be a rethink as there must be many more like yourselves. Hope it comes to a good end and it works out for you. Glad to know you both are well. Best wishes.

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  5. I’m glad to hear that emotionally you are better, I know how the loss of a pet can hurt. The V choice is definitely a personal one – I got both plus the booster, being as My other half and I are both high-risk. Fortunately the V was free, as I am retired and on a strict budget.
    I wish you the very best and please give Ralph the same from me, thank you.

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  6. Stand strong, Natascha and Ralph. Mandating V is wrong. Have we not learned anything from Hitler and the Nazi’s? The government does not have the right to experiment with our bodies. I am so sad your country has gone this direction, putting politics, power, and control over freedom. There is much evidence of reactions down the road which the media is hiding. Whether a person masks or takes a jab should be up to that person. It is an individual choice. You did your research; feel comfortable about your decision. There are natural and low cost drugs that work if you should get C, but it has to be available in your country and that generally goes back to government control. I will pray for you and Ralph as you make your way through this unnecessary mess.

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤ Yes, we are standing strong, very much so.
      No, they haven’t learnt.
      They haven’t got the right, but they don’t care. All of this is violating our constitution.

      There is a lot wrong. I would have never expected them to create a general mandate to force everyone to take it, or pay a fine so high, that most people will not be able to pay all 4 of them, let alone one.

      Just like you said, all of this should be a fully personal decision.

      Yes, we know about the remedies for C and everything one can do to strengthen the immune system. We are doing really well with our immune system.

      We can order everything except Iverm. and HC. There are a lot of other supplements and antioxidants that are amazing though. As well as Pine needle tea, which has shown incredible benefits. We’re also full of Vitamin D3 and Zinc, and everything else that’s important.

      Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment!
      We really appreciate your prayers! Love from us all! Hugs ❤

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      1. The over the counter supplement Quercetin is supposed to open cells to receive the zinc better just like Iverm and HC. I hope you don’t need it, but when our gov denies us the right to cheap, effective meds, you do what you can do. Immune system strength is so important. You are doing the right things. God bless you. I pray for you and Ralph and that your gov would return to its constitutional base.


  7. Very difficult situation for you and Ralph, Natascha. I don’t know when and how your next election is handled but these power grabbers need to be voted out of office. You will see that happen big time here in the USA come November.

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