Murli and me

My name is Natascha, I’m a Catlady Blogger, living in Graz, Austria with my wonderful husband Ralph and our sweet cats. The kitties are 17 year-old siblings Samantha (cat in chief here) and Sonic (can’t hear, loves colourful flashy lights), 1 1/2 year-young siblings Lisa (high-speed cat) and Hero (3 legged boy, extremely intelligent, strong and climbs everything he wants). Check out more about them in their about section: Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa.

Ralph is originally from the UK, served in the Royal Army Signal Corps, lived in Spain for about 10 years after retiring and now we live together in Austria. I was born in Austria, my Mum was born in Slovenia, (Ex-Yugoslavia) and my Dad’s side from Tyrol and Graz. My Mum thought it would be very important for my future to learn English alongside German in daily life while growing up, so both languages are natural to me. Despite living in a German-speaking country, my blog and social media are in English because it’s my main language in everyday life and because it’s understood by so many more people.

INTERESTS – Aside from everything related to cats, I am also passionate and interested in birds, nature, taking photos and videos of our life, as well as science and mechanics, learning about everything I don’t fully understand as much as I can. I always want to know how something works, no matter what it is.

I love listening to podcasts at night in bed, as well as listening to songs on Spotify and reading books about history, current issues and events, cats and novels.

About our blog

I started to blog mainly to hold on to memories that would otherwise fade, and as an outlet to get things out of my mind and into text. Over time, I got to know so many lovely people, fellow bloggers, readers and many of them became very close friends, whom I can’t imagine not having in my life now.

MY HEALTH – In addition, this blog and the internet in general are such an important thing for me to connect with others socially, since I’ve been mostly at home due to my chronic migraines which are extremely easily triggered. For example I will get a migraine with anything that even slightly increases my heart rate for a few minutes, or affects my eyes with light and shadow differences, blinking and/or flashing, countless smells, loud noises and as well as many other triggers. Even just leaving the home to shop for groceries is enough to trigger a migraine nearly every single time.

WORLDWIDE CRISIS – Since there have been so many things going on in 2020 and an ever increasing number of worldwide changes and locally in our country that are affecting us more and more. Therefore, I feel the need to write about it all as well, from the perspective of our life with the cats, about how it all affects us personally and share everything I witness happening in general.

SUPPORTING US – Especially because of how uncertain the future feels, I had the idea and hope, that I could generate a little income through awesome supporters and readers on platforms like (patreon, subscribe star, buy me a coffee, paypal), to reach a bit of financial security and independence for myself and the cats in the future, by doing what I love through my blog and the content I create, which I can and will do for as long as the internet exists.

“Buy me a coffee” is a service for sending tips to support us. You can choose how many tips you want to send, by choosing or either typing in how many you want to send. No sign up required.

On there is also an option for monthly support. For 3€ a month, I would do special additional posts, which would be more personal, because they’re not public, as well as videos and live streams.

SubscribeStar is another site you can choose to support us, for 3$ a month. Whichever site you choose for the monthly support, you’ll receive the same rewards in special posts, videos and live streams.

You can also send the cats some catnip tips through paypal directly if you prefer that just let me know.

Plans for the future: If we ever reach enough support to have an income to sustain ourselves (the cats and myself), I would love to send out little gifts for your cats and yourselves, and I would donate a percentage of it to the local cat rescue, that saved Hero and Lisa.

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Ralph and me