My name is Natascha, I’m a Catlady Blogger, living in Graz, Austria with my wonderful husband Ralph and our sweet cats (Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa).

Ralph is originally from the UK, and I grew up learning English alongside German, so both languages are natural to me. Despite living in a German-speaking country, my blog and social media are in English because it’s my main language in everyday life.

My blog is a way to share my life with all the wonderful friends I made, who live all over the world and everyone who decides to follow along with us. The cats and I always love to connect with others and make friends, so feel free to follow and add us on social media too ❤

Aside from everything related to cats, I am also passionate and interested in birds, nature, taking photos and videos of our life, as well as science and mechanics, learning about everything I don’t fully understand as much as I can. I always want to know how something works, no matter what it is.

I love listening to podcasts at night in bed, as well as listening to songs on Spotify on my computer or my phone, while I do crochet or just run errands.

Due to my chronic migraine and other health issues, I’ve stopped working in mid-2012 and am now at home. I hope to be able to add a little bit of income with my blog (thanks to the monetisation through ads on this blog). So if it’s at all possible for you to disable your ad-blocking app on my blog, it would be such a great help and much appreciated. Though, I do respect an understand if you don’t. I have ad-block on my browser myself and only disable it on sites and blogs I actually want to support.

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@ladynatascha_and_cats – Murli and I started on Insta in 2014 and we found so many wonderful friends there. Until I managed to lock myself out of that account and had to make the following one, which has been around since the summer of 2017. Feel free to add me if you have an Instagram!

Facebook Page
facebook.com/natascha.and.cats – Now we have a public FB page too, and it’s tied to our Instagram.

@CatladyNatascha – Found many wonderful friends through Twitter!

Catlady Natascha -I upload all the videos I have on my blog there and will be uploading many more videos in the future.

Thank you for visiting us!

Ralph and me