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Me on October 15, 2019


My name is Natascha, I’m a Catlady Blogger, living in Graz, Austria with my wonderful husband Ralph and our sweet cats (Murli, Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa).

Ralph is originally from the UK, and I grew up learning English alongside German, so both languages are natural to me. Despite living in a German speaking country, my blog and social media are in English because it’s my main language in everyday life.

My blog is a way to share my life with all the wonderful friends I made, who live all over the world and everyone who decides to follow along with us. The cats and I always love to connect with others and make friends, so feel free to follow and add us on social media too <3

Aside from everything related to cats, I am also passionate and interested in birds, nature and photographing it all and cruelty-free skincare and makeup, which I plan to post about as well. I also enjoy doing videos more and more.

I love listening to podcasts at night in bed, as well as listening to songs on Spotify on my computer or my phone, while I do crochet or just run errands.

Due to my chronic migraine and other health issues, I’ve stopped working in mid-2012 and am now at home. I hope to be able to add a little bit of income with my blog (thanks to the monetisation through ads on this blog). So if it’s at all possible for you to disable your ad-blocking app on my blog, it would be such a great help and much appreciated. Though, I do respect an understand if you don’t. I have ad-block on my browser myself and only disable it on sites and blogs I actually want to support.

Contact and Social Media Links

You can send an email HERE You’ll have my email address with my reply. I wish I could just list my email here, but I’m sure I would get tons of spam if I do.

I upload all the videos I have on my blog there and will be uploading many more videos in the future.
Catlady Natascha

My Instagram is private, for the time being, so I can share things with only my followers on there. Feel free to add me if you have an Instagram!

Found many wonderful friends through Twitter!

It’s a live streaming service from Twitter. I’m planning on doing live streams with the cats more often.

I’ve had it for a while, but only now found it fun to use.

If you want my phone number for iMessage, Facetime and WhatsApp, please send me an email ;-)

Thank you for reading!