About Ralph and me

Ralph and I in Ronda

Early 2017, the world got a thousand times bigger for me and Murli, and my future suddenly looked totally different from what I was expecting, because I found the love of my life, Ralph, the most wonderful man I have ever met, who became my best friend and my husband. I couldn’t be happier, and I still just can’t believe my luck! I’m so grateful, that Ralph’s and my path crossed on WordPress😊

Despite our age difference, we are totally similar in so many ways. Ralph is really just like someone my age in every way. Same interests, same likes, same dislikes, likes to do the same things I like to do and our personalities are a perfect fit as well.

We do get weird looks due to our age difference, but whatever, we’re happy and the cats are happy!

We are now living together in Graz, Austria with our 3 cats.  On my and Ralph’s blog, you can read all about how we found each other and how I went to Spain and back, and how Ralph moved to Austria, as well as everything we went through trying to get married:

On my blog, I started posting about Ralph and me on June 30, 2017: Time to let all of you know more about how I found real love 

Ralph told everyone about us on his blog on June 27, 2019 (Although his Blog is offline now due to Essential Tremor making his hands shake too much to even type on a keyboard) . The blog is archived and saved in it’s entirety on my WordPress account and backed up offline. It could be reactivated at any point should Ralph’s shaking hands improve and he feels up to blogging.

Ralph moves to Austria with Samantha and Sonic!

It was a huge task to move together. Especially for Ralph, Samantha and Sonic, getting all the belongings from southern Spain to Austria and then sorting out a flight to Vienna that would allow Ralph to bring the cats with him.

After lots of organising, preparations, weeks of worries, sleepless nights and stress, Ralph flew from Malaga, Spain to Vienna Austria, on September 16 at around 00:30am.

Ralph and the cats Samantha and Sonic at the arrivals hall at Vienna airport. Took the picture right when I ran up to him. Was out of my mind happy to see them!

It was the greatest and most relieving sight, to see Ralph and the cats coming into the arrivals hall, where I was waiting nervously, hoping everything went well with the cats.

We spent the night in a hotel near the airport, as it was 1am in the morning, and the cats needed to be let out of their carriers and rest. Later, the next morning, we travelled to Graz, and finally checked into our Graz Hotel, which I had booked for us. Samantha, Sonic, Ralph and I stayed in the Graz Hotel for 18 days, until we had our apartment.

Finally, in early October 2017, we moved into our new home. Murli had been staying with my Dad for the time we spent in the Hotel in Graz. As soon as we arrived at the apartment with Samantha and Sonic, I went back out to pick up Murli from my Dad.

Besides settling into our new home and life together, we also really wanted to get married. Though there was a whole lot of bureaucracy to fight through until we finally got married. It was many months of paperwork and more paperwork. Every time we thought we had it all now, they wanted something more. You can read everything about our journey and Ralph’s and my blog. It’s not that many posts, so it will be easy to read through it all if you want to.

But in the end, we finally got married on April 24, 2018! We’ve been so happy and enjoying life as a little family of two humans and three cats ever since we moved in together. The marriage was just the band tying our whole package together officially.

Ralph, me and the furkids
Everyone in the kitchen – Sonic on the floor, Samantha to the right on the stove and Murli to the left on the washing machine. And Ralph, about to go out onto the balcony. It was one of the first pictures I took after we moved into this apartment.

Murli left for the rainbow bridge in the early morning on December 10, 2019, but this page stays as it is, and I will only add to it, as our life and story continues. Murli will always be part of my life, my heart and soul, and she’ll always be part of our family and beloved step sister of Sonic, Samantha, Lisa and Hero. She is very much missed and my heart will ache forever without her in my life. You can read about it all here: In loving memory of my girl Murli

Just a little over a month before Murli would pass on, I found out about Hero and Lisa, the awful things they had to endure and that they needed a home urgently. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I was going to adopt them. Ralph was more than happy to adopt them too right away.

Everything in our life seems like it was meant to be, from Ralph and I finding each other, to how all the cats and especially Hero and Lisa came into our life. You can read the first post I wrote when we adopted them here: A Cute Surprise! We adopted 2 rescue kittens, Hero and Lisa!