My Health

The reason why this blog and the internet, in general, is so wonderful to me, is because I’m mostly at home due to my health issues. I had to stop working in mid-2012 since I became unable to even do my job anymore due to the constant migraines. They had become so frequent that I had them daily, and often twice a day even, if the meds helped to get rid of the first one. It’s just that there are so many triggers that cause a migraine for me and my sensitivity to those triggers grew a lot around the time I turned 30.

Weather changes, stress, sudden upset, heat to my head, getting hot without being able to move somewhere cool, and anything more than light physical activity that isn’t taking too long, certain smells, sunlight, bright artificial light or blinking light, as well as looking at a bright screen in a dark room, or doing something that requires focus and concentration for a while, are the most common triggers. These are in no particular order. Any of them cause a migraine right away.

Weather changes, and especially doing anything that causes slight physical strain is causing most of the migraines for me. Even just grocery shopping, if I have to run to more than a nearby store is a problem. I have to split up my household chores, so that I do them at certain times of the day and not all at once. For example, I do the most straining household chores towards bedtime, since I go right to bed afterwards anyway if I get a migraine and exhaust all my energy. That way, I don’t mess up the rest of my day.

Aside from this are my degenerating joints that cause problems, but thankfully at least this pain is under control ever since starting pain treatment years ago.

My Skin

I’m someone with extremely sensitive skin, especially on my face and I’ve had years of constant dermatitis on my face, as well as breakouts. I started learning about ingredients in skincare, about what is beneficial and what is not, and also which ingredients to avoid at all costs. I’ve always been interested in medicine and chemicals and I really tried to learn as much about what can help with certain skin problems and about the properties of certain chemicals. On top of it all, I don’t want to buy anything that is not absolutely cruelty-free.

After a long time, I found great products and chemicals, and many natural cosmetics that helped my skin and in addition found lots of make-up that is cruelty-free and won’t cause any problems for my skin.

Therefore, I’ll start doing some reviews and posts about what I’m doing and what has helped, as it might be helpful for others with similar skin types and skin problems.

So many have similar health problems and some of you might want to connect with me, knowing I’m going through something similar. I found that it’s always nice to be able to talk to someone who can actually relate.

So feel free to contact me through the contact form, which sends an email to me, or through any of my social media sites if you are on them as well: List of all my Social Media links