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Welcome my blog, where I write about the story that is our life! I’m Natascha, a Catlady from Austria, living together with my awesome husband Ralph, and our 4 cats, Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa.

About our cats

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Samantha is Sonic’s sister. They both were born to a stray mother cat in southern Spain in about 2003. Ralph rescued the kittens back then and raised them. Samantha is a tiny cat girl, full of life and energy, with the biggest eyes and the tiniest meow ever. She loves string, and she especially loves to chew on EVERYTHING. She was about to chew the wood of the rocking chair when I took this photo.

She’s a total sweetheart and absolutely can’t be without Ralph, following him around all the time. Samantha also has the longest purr ever, it just goes on and on once she cuddles up to us on the bed. She LOVES valerian root cushions and has a whole collection of them. She plays with them and sleeps on them.

Samantha started having problems with her digestion and was not gaining any weight. She would get a day every now and then, where she would suddenly throw up a couple of times and have diarrhoea. So I brought her to the Vet to have her checked out. Thankfully she was in very good health overall, with her organs all fine. Though she seems to have chronic inflammation in her intestines. The Vet prescribed her a low dose of cortisone tablets and a supplement. The food she was having was already perfect. With the medication, Samantha stopped having bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea and even started gaining weight! Now she’s looking so much better (as in not as thin as she was) and reached a normal weight again.

Sonic About Pic

Sonic is Samantha’s brother. As I wrote in Samantha’s description, they were born to a stray mother cat in southern Spain in about 2002 and Ralph rescued them off the street and brought them up.

Sonic is such a sweet boy. He became really attached to me and is usually following me around, or calling for me. He loves to cuddle up in my arm when I go to bed and usually starts calling for me to go to bed if I am late lol. His favourite spots are the bed, and during fall and winter, the large basket on the round chair next to the radiator.

Sonic is completely deaf. Though that does not slow him down or cause him to be unhappy. He loves to go silly and play with Samantha or just with his favourite toys. He especially loves string. I don’t think I have ever seen a kitty who goes that crazy for string and cats usually love it. Sonic though is on another level. He also loves the little valerian root cushions and his little orange ball.

Since he was a tiny kitten, Sonic has a little white spot in his left eye. It’s nothing dangerous and the Vet has checked it numerous times. His eye works normally, but he will probably see a little foggy patch in his vision from that eye.

In a total opposite to Samantha, Sonic needs help with his digestion. Even though he drinks plenty, he had trouble with constipation. Unfortunately, he refuses to eat wet food. I think it’s because he has no teeth, he finds it much more appetising to be able to cleanly eat his little kibbles. The kibbles he has aren’t big and not hard. In the late summer of 2019, Sonic suddenly had trouble passing bowel movements. He was trying and trying, but it would not come out. He was straining so bad and was starting to overheat. Once he started overheating, he was getting weak and hotter very fast. All of this happened in a matter of a few hours and I wrote a whole post about it all here: Constipated Sonic Emergency Thankfully I was able to get him to the Vet right away, as one of the Vets in our Vet office was taking us in right away. This awesome Vet was able to solve the problem and got Sonic all sorted out. Sonic was all better when we got home. From that day on, I changed the kibbles to kibbles with even more fibre than the previous ones. Now we’ve got the right mix of everything with the food and medicine (just a stool softener). His tummy and bowels are back in balance and he’s finally having no problems at all with constipation. His digestion works perfectly normal now and he is doing perfectly. 

Just as with Samantha and Murli, his health is otherwise really great! The Vet even said that our cats’ blood work looks like the blood work of cats that are much younger. Maybe that’s because they always got great food and all 3 of them have always been great with their water intake.

Lisa and Hero about Pic

Lisa and Hero – After I heard about 3 legged Hero and his sister Lisa and their story, I instantly knew I want them to become part of our family forever. After the Helga from the cat rescue and I had sorted everything out, including a visit from her to see if we could provide a good home, she brought the kitties to us on November 5, 2019 in the evening. At that time they were about 5 1/2 or 6 months old. The exact birth date is not known, but it must have been between mid May 2019 and the beginning of June 2019. But mid May seems to be pretty likely according to two separate Vets estimation. So May 15, 2019 will be their official B-Day!

It was Ralph who came up with the name Hero for the sweet little boy. They already had temporary names, Nero and Lisa. Ralph had no idea at first that they had these names already, and came up with Hero for the little boy. When you read their story below, and what he had to endure, you understand the name. He’s our little Hero, for surviving it all with Lisa. I’ll keep Nero in his full name, but we’ll call him Hero for short, so it’s Nero the little Hero and Lisa.

Months before we adopted them, or even knew about them, they were found in the midst of the rubbish of a construction site. In all, there were 4 kittens, each of them in a very bad state, as they were still too young to care for themselves and would have still been very dependant on their Mum. They were dehydrated, very weak and full of fleas, mites and intestinal worms. Especially little boy Hero was extremely close to death, because his right back leg was severely injured. He was probably hit by a car, or some other horrible thing happened while they’ve been out there by themselves. Hero must have been in so much pain for God knows how many days. It was thanks to Helga, who has a little cat rescue, who makes the rounds daily looking for possible abandoned cats and stray cats in need. She found them in time, as they would not have been alive much longer without help.

She brought the kittens to the first available Vet during that time and he actually wanted to put sweet Hero down right away! But Helga wasn’t having any of it and told the Vet to do whatever possible to save the little boy. So, Hero’s back right leg was amputated and everything else was done to treat all the kittens medically. Then they all were nursed back to full health in a lovely foster home. They cared for them wonderfully, as all the kittens are now perfectly healthy and full of life. Hero’s amputation site was healed up just fine by the time we adopted Hero and Lisa.

Lisa and Hero are very close, and Lisa is even protective of Hero. It would have been so sad if they had been separated, as they’ll be close for the rest of their lives, like Samantha and Sonic. The babies are still very shy, due to their mistrust and fear of humans, that seems to be deeply ingrained in them. But every day, it’s getting a little bit better. They’ve been here two weeks as I’m writing this, and they have completely lost the fear out of their sweet faces. The whole home is their playground and EVERYTHING is a toy. But there are a ton of cat toys anyway, because Samantha and Sonic like it that way too. I bought a big bunch of new cat toys and mousies as well. They’re definitely happy in our home. They are fully trusting us and they keep following me around all the time if they’re not asleep. Hero and Lisa can’t ever get enough cuddles and they give us lots of head bonks and cuddles too. They also enjoy to sleep on my lap.

1 Year old Lisa and Hero

You can read more about them in the first post about Lisa and Hero I did a while back:   A Cute Surprise! We adopted 2 rescue kittens, Hero and Lisa!

Posts about the kitties

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