All my Social Media Links

The cats and I love to make friends and we’ve got some really sweet human and cat friends all over social media, which is why I have a bunch of social media as well. It’s fun to me and it is helpful for growing my blog.

Feel free to add us wherever you want!

I upload all the videos I have on my blog there and will be uploading many more videos in the future.
Catlady Natascha

My Instagram is private, for the time being, so I can share things with only my followers on there. Feel free to add me if you have an Instagram!

Found many wonderful friends through Twitter!

It’s a live streaming service from Twitter. I’m planning on doing live streams with the cats more often.

I’ve had it for a while, but only now found it fun to use.

I use it usually to keep up with non-WordPress blogs. Makes it easy to like their posts. I also use it to find more awesome blogs to read!

Other ways of contact
I also have Skype and WhatsApp on my phone. Just ask me for my number via the contact form (you find it in the menu above) and I’ll share it with you. This way, you’ll also get my email address when I reply to you ;-)

The cats and me