Helping friend’s shops, charities and rescues

I made this page to provide what little exposure I can offer through my blog, for friends who do wonderful work with charities, animal rescues and artists with their amazing work . Hopefully this can help them ❤

Cat Rescue, Feldkirchen bei Graz, Steiermark, Austria. Helga, who started a cat rescue, due to the unbelievable and heart-breaking amount of hurt, abused and abandoned cats in her area and around Graz, is the lovely woman who rescued and saved sweet Hero, Lisa and their two siblings.

She’s always in need for cat food donations and other cat supplies, as well as financial donations. She’s working day and night to look for cats that need help in typical areas where abandoned cats are found. She often spends days to be able to catch a cat that needs help, she never stops. She also gets countless calls every day from people who found cats, or ends up with cats put outside her door. She’s not afraid to deal with aggressive people and stand up to them, to convince them to give out their cats that they only abuse and neglect anyway. Thankfully she’s got a number of families who agreed to be foster homes for some of the cats, just like it was with Hero, Lisa and their two siblings.

Helga, now has an official charity with her cat rescue:

If you haven’t got FB, I can give you all the details you need to donate to the cat rescue, or contact them. I wasn’t sure if I should put the details on this page, because I don’t want them to get messed with by spammers or scammers who trawl the internet for contact and banking details.

Back in November 2019, I found out about Hero and Lisa, the story of what they’ve been through together with their siblings and that they were urgently in need of a forever home. You can read about it all in my first post about them.

Helga has rescued over 500 cats, and works tirelessly to save more every single day. She is doing her work around Graz. There are countless babies being abandoned every day, in addition to all the other cats that are found and rescued, often in very bad shape and sick, abandoned and abused. She also rescues cats and other animals from bad places and does everything to get them out of a bad home when she hears about it. Often she deals with horrible humans who threaten her, as she tries to reason with people to treat their animals better, or to give out the cats and other animals they don’t want anyway, instead of abusing and neglecting them.

Helga herself has kept many cats in her home, she usually keeps the ones who are unlikely to find a home. At the moment she has many old and sick cats, that require lots of treatment from the Vet. You can see some of her old cats in the photos above. I know from talking to her how it affects her and how sad she feels sometimes. She loves all the cats so very much. Therefore, she needs all the help she can get, even if it’s just a little bit. Of course adoption and fostering will be mostly around here, but help with sending cat food to her, or a donation is very much appreciated and needed. I try to help myself when I can.

Please contact me if you want to help her in any way, and I’ll give you the details for her donation account or her address for sending cat food or other cat supplies. My email:

Happy Dazzle, a beautiful shop of an amazingly talented artist from Spain ❤

I was very lucky to come across Blanca Art on I just love everything about her art. The unbelievable talent in her paintings, they are so cute, and the freedom related buttons, stickers and pins in the cutest pastel colours. I ordered a bunch of cute things, among the items are these adorable kitty stickers and freedom related buttons and stickers which you can see below.

Here’s the link to the stickers in the shop:

Cat Sticker Set

Here’s the link to the stickers in the shop:

Stickers: Holographic Vinyl sticker

But there is a whole lot more: HAPPY DAZZLE SHOP

And here is a list of all her links on social media.

I wanted to link to her store, because like so many, they are struggling during these lockdowns and lost their job. Everything is very restrictive in Spain and so it means so much when someone else appreciates their beautiful art.

Friends of Asociación Girasol

Charity in Spain

Hilda, who is one of Ralph’s good friends from Spain, as well as my lovely friend and a huge cat rescuer together with her husband David, also volunteers for a a wonderful charity who relies on a big part on volunteers, as well as donations, to support and help people with with advanced, incurable illnesses, their family, and carers and offers a range of home palliative care services as well as psychological and social support.

Recently she asked me if I want to participate in providing a recipe for a little e-book for recipes, sent in by friends and families from the charity. So I sent a very sweet but easy little dish for the e-book. But there are a whole bunch of other tasty recipes in there that aren’t difficult to do and they come from all kinds of regions.

They need any help they can get at the moment, as things got more difficult for them due to the Covid19 Pandemic. So they had the idea to offer an e-recipe book for 9€, which will straight go into the account of the charity, to help them continue their great work.

You can get the e-book here (Friends favourite recipes e-book), or support them with a donation amount of your choice, you find the donation link on their website in the menu on the right side here ( Any little bit helps!

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