In loving memory of my girl Murli

Murli About Pic

Murli – August 17, 2005 — December 10, 2019

It’s now mid February 2020, and I am still feeling so heartbroken and I will for a very long time. I will miss my wonderful girl for the rest of my life, and look forward to the day I see her again, when my life ends. But until then, I want to celebrate her life, life itself and shower my living family of Ralph and the 4 furkids Samantha, Sonic, Hero and Lisa with love and treasure every single day, every moment I have with them. Making sure that they all know, at every moment, how much I love them, so that if anything happens, they will have never had a doubt about it and I won’t have to wish I would have given any of them one more hug.

Murli was born on August 17, 2005. I adopted her when a work colleague was looking for a home for her. She was the only one left of the kittens, her siblings all had found a home already. I instantly said yes, and the colleague brought her into work the next day. When I saw her, playing with a little toy in a box, I thought: OMG she’s still so small! OMG poor little thing, she’s going to miss her Mum! But thankfully Murli was not sad at all. As soon as she came out of her carrier at home, she wanted to cuddle up on my lap. No crying at all. She was a happy little girl. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

You can see a photo of baby Murli, a couple weeks after bringing her home, here

She loved boxes, tiny balls, valerian root, string and toy mousies. She always came up to me in the morning, gently patting me on my arm, or sniffing my face, or jumping onto the bed next to my head to wake me up for breakfast. She’s been a big talker, lots and lots of meows of all sorts with a high pitched tiny voice. She would talk back to me and answer me in her way.

We always had a special connection right from the start, as she always knew when I was about to come home. Then, she would be waiting at the apartment door, or sit at the street-facing window, minutes before I’m even in our street yet. This was true for any time I came home, including all the times that she could not have known, since they were completely random.

Murli would also know the instant I wake up, even if she’s in another room. I would not even move, just slowly wake up before even opening my eyes, and I would already hear Murli coming to me.

Murli was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a while ago, and she was getting medication to treat it in the form of a liquid. Twice a day I added a measured amount on her food. Thankfully she never refused it and eats it all up without a problem. She had been doing really well and her Thyroid and other blood work showed that everything was back to normal. We would have bloodwork done a few times every year to make sure of it.

She was so happy and well, the most lovely kitty girl, my baby girl. It came as an unbelievable shock, when I found her passed away on the early morning of December 10, 2019. She looked just like she was sleeping, except for her open eyes. She showed no signs of distress on her body, and looked perfectly calm and relaxed. Murli must have gone to sleep and never even knew herself when it happened. My Vet explained that cats eyes open up after they passed on, even if they were asleep.

I had Murli cremated at a special Pet Crematory not too far from Graz. They were absolutely wonderful to me. Murli’s Urn, along with her paw print and a bit of her fur, as well as all her favourite things are now in a special place at home with us.



I wrote about everything when it happened:

December 10, 2019 – My heart broke today, as my beloved Murli unexpectedly passed away.

December 16, 2019 – Thank you all for your love and kindness after the sudden passing of my sweet girl Murli