Supporting us

Why I decided to look for support

I have been thinking about the future a lot, which simply feels uncertain regarding financial support, due to worsening chronic pain. Between the back and joint issues, and the chronic migraine, it’s especially the migraine that is restricting me so much and prevents me from doing any normal job anymore, as even just daily chores are a big effort by now. There is one thing left that I can still do and that is creating content in the form of blog posts with lots of photos and videos about the cats and life. It’s something I love and uplifts me a lot.

Inspired by others who have found amazing support through subscribers and donations, I thought about creating a support page for people to subscribe with monthly support for additional and more personal content, because I can feel a bit more free since these posts aren’t public in the normal sense.

But aside from monthly subscription for extra content, I also created different ways people can support us through, like one time donation on Buy me a coffee and PayPal.

Ways to support!

On Subscribestar you can subscribe for 3$ a month and receive extra content in the form of more personal blog posts, videos and live streams. You don’t need an account to subscribe.

On BuyMeACoffee, you can also subscribe for 3$ a month and get the same content as you would get on Subscribestar or send a one time donation for 2$ or another amount. On this page you can use PayPal.

And you can send us a donation through paypal directly:

If you are able, supporting us would help so much. Become a part of our little world and get more personal posts and videos, right out from life with the cats and everything else that’s going on around us.

Thank you so much!