Supporting us

Why I decided to look for support

I have been thinking about the future a lot, which simply feels uncertain regarding financial support, due to worsening chronic pain. Between the back and joint issues, and the chronic migraine, it’s especially the migraine that is restricting me so much and prevents me from doing any normal job anymore, as even just daily chores are a big effort by now. There is one thing left that I can still do and that is creating content in the form of blog posts with lots of photos and videos about the cats and life. It’s something I love and uplifts me a lot.

Inspired by others who have found amazing support through subscribers and donations, I thought about creating a support page for people to subscribe with monthly support, or simply send tips. I was thinking about this a lot and decided to post pretty much everything publicly, as I don’t want to keep anyone out in any way. But I will do create special things for supporters, benefits as a thanks in various ways.

I’m totally in the beginning with all of this, which is why I’m trying out various sites and see which one works best for everyone and my posts. So if you are able to support, feel free to choose any of the following. I’m still updating these sites and there will be the same content on all of them.

Ways to support!

Monthly subscription or tips on BuyMeACoffee

Monthly subscription or tips on ko-fi (This one has a lot of options and you decide which amount to tip us or how much you want to support us with monthly.

Thank you so much!