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December 27, 2016 Church Christmas decoration

The church right near us, has typical traditional Christmas decorations on their trees. It’s very simple, but it’s just like people decorated their trees in many regions of Austria for hundreds of years. Today, it’s mainly found in churches and rural areas. Ever since the Victorian era, people started to have more colorful decorations.

I’m loving colorful baubles and ornaments on my tree at home, but I do like to look at the traditional ones too. Thought I’d share

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December 24, 2016 Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas eve was lovely! Papa and I had a delicious dinner! He cooks the most amazing things, it’s so good. It’s Papas thing, he absolutely loves cooking and baking. I had my vegetarian version of the dinner. Gosh it was so good. Of course Murli got treats and dinner at the same time as we had ours.

A bit later in the evening it was time for the gifts!

Christmas eve 2016 6:57pm

There are gifts for Papa, me and Murli under the tree. All checked out and approved by Murli! She helped me to wrap Papas gifts too!

Btw, it’s not just me who is a catperson, Papa is one too! Just as much as I am😸 The photo just turned out the way it did, because Murli decided to turn to look at the tree right in the moment the photo was taken lol! But who cares, it’s cute!

And Murli was so happy with the wooden ball I got her (a couple of them). She loved it instantly after checking it out thouroghly. She was playing with it the rest of the evening, zooming around the tree and the living room. It was so funny!

Christmas eve 2016 7:19pm

After we opened our gifts… Murli was distracted from playing with her new toy, by the wrapping paper. For some reason, Murli was all over that blue paper!

I was and am so happy! It was just a beautiful and joyful evening. I wish the time wouldn’t be over so fast!

Murli and I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy Chanukka! Have lovely and blessed holidays!


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December 24, 2016 at 6:30am on Christmas morning

Morning of the 24th 6:46am

Woke up pretty early, at 6:30am and I just could not sleep anymore. Wanted to finish putting up the last few decorations on the tree, like my birdies and a couple more baubles. It was still completely dark outside and so I switched the Christmas tree lights on 😺 Murli was still soooo sleepy in that picture!

Morning of the 24th 6:40am
6:40am, shortly after getting up. Only the lights on the tree were on.

Morning of the 24th 7:09am

After Murli had her breakfast, she relaxed while watching me finish decorating the tree.

This whole week our city was covered in a thick fog, and it’s the same today. But at the same time it’s pretty lovely, since the Christmas lights are on everywhere, including many windows where people put lights and decorations. It’s definitely more “Christmasy” this way, than last year, where we had sunshine and 20°C outside, where it felt like we’re in the middle of spring.

Have a lovely day for now everyone!❤️

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December 22, 2016 We have our Christmas tree!

Today around noon, Papa brought the tree! This year, we have a bigger tree again. Not up-to-the-ceiling-big but bigger than a table top tree, we also often have.

While Papa and I put up the tree in the evening, I had Murli hang out in another room and closed the door, so we could work without worrying about Murli running around between everything and so I can prepare the rest of the living room and get out the vacuum cleaner. Murli hates the vacuum, and panics as soon as she sees it. Therefore I always put her in another room, so she doesn’t have to worry about it.

When everything was done, I let her out again:

Right when Murli saw the tree the first time
The tree! Not yet decorated, but pretty anyway. Murli is below the tree, but you can’t really see her lol
Now from the other side! Checking all around the tree.
Smells good!
And she’s happy!!! Tree has been officially approved by Murli!

I will decorate it sometime tomorrow evening (Dec 23). Still have to run a couple of errands and get some groceries and take care of things that need to be done before the 24th. Will post again, probably late at night on the 23rd. Then with the pics from the decorated tree!

Have a warm and peaceful night pals!

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December 20, 2016 Soon it’s Christmas


Only a few days, then it’s Christmas again! We are looking forward to it, as it’s our most favorite holiday. Our Christmas evenings on the 24th are always really nice, peaceful, cozy and happy. Murli gets treats and gifts and has fun with the eventual additional boxes too.

I decorated a bit, and will decorate a little bit more every day before the 24th. Papa (Dad) and I will get the tree either tomorrow or Thursday. I have seen kitty ornaments in a little lovely store downtown! They have mouses too! I needz it!!! Totally needz it. Murli says so too! I already have a couple of birds😸 (Not putting up pictures of it yet, because that way it’s more fun if you see the tree when it’s all done)

Papa has has made his delicious vanilla crescent cookies! And I made a big dent into that cookie box already lol. The recipe is just sooo good. Mama used to make them and Papa makes them perfectly. Murli always looks at me with her big eyes like “Give me! Give me sum! Wat u waitin fur?!” but I can’t give her anything, due to her allergies. She is doing so well now, I do not even dare to give her those few tiny crumbs I used to let her have before I knew that she has food allergies. I don’t want to risk it. But I might figure out how to bake treat cookies for her myself. Just need to find a recipe that would work for her.

The weather was being crazy like usual last week. One day sunny and warm, the other day dreary and cold. But it seems like it will stay dreary for a bit now, and rather cold. But at least that won’t cause me so many migraines! Hopefully…

Murli on Sunday morning (December 18)

Yesterday, on December 19, the morning was especially dark again. When we woke up, I thought it was a lot earlier than it really was lol. The photos were taken past 8am when I was running a few errands. It was also really cold, especially next to the river lol. Since Graz is pretty much in the foothills to the Alps, we are higher up at about 350m to 400m above sea-level. So we are often caught in dense fog during the winter. On days where the fog is really thick and it’s cloudy as well, it’s just dark. Today was the same, but my migraines are better when it’s cold and dark 😉

A little later it started to snow a little. It was just tiny little bit and didn’t stay. I think it might have just been frozen fog, and if it’s like usual, we won’t be getting any more than that. But I would like it if the frozen fog could fall on the 24th and 25th 😸

Have a nice Tuesday evening furiends!