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January 1, 2017 at 12:10am New Years Eve video on instagram

Filmed about 10 minutes after midnight during a short more “quiet” phase. It was really bad shortly before with fireworks, firecrackers & lots of those huge things that are not legal outside of professional use, which make a powerful loud bang and blast that vibrates all the glassware at home. Thankfully the worst is over now here (firework wise)

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December 31, 2016 Caturday New Years Eve

Hey there everyone! Happy Caturday New Years Eve! It’s now 9pm in Austria and Central Europe. Murli had her meal at 7pm, then we played and cuddled, and now she’s curled up in bed and napping.


I’m sitting at the computer and try to catch up with all the lovely followers all over our accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and here too lol. I’m staying home tonight, like every New Years Eve. Hanging out with Murli near me and doing everything to keep her happy and comfy.

I just have to say it again. I am so happy and amazed at how many absolutely wonderful new human friends and kitty friends we have made these past months! And we still meet more almost every day! You’re all so kind and we want to say Thank you to all of you, who followed us, and who we made friends with for the kind words, and the patience, since I am not always able to catch up quickly with everyone.

It’s totally cold again today! We had -11°C / 12.2°F in the morning and it only got up to 2°C / 35.6°F during the day. Now it’s below freezing point again decreasing further. It’s certainly going to be a very cold night.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Caturday New Years Eve! Be careful and be safe! Murli and I wish everyone a purrfectly pawsome new year, filled with love, happiness, hugs, treats, naps, hugs, pawhugs, purrs, good health, friendship and peace! We love you all! Happy new Year friends!

Murli here: Before Mum shutz down da computa… I jus wantz to sez, I iz soooo happie too for all da palz Mum nd I got to knowz nd made furendz wit dem! I iz so glad Mum made da bloggie here nd all da other accountz. We wud not have met u all otherwize! I hopez u palz r doin ok wit da noize nd bangz out dere. Pleaze stay inside, iz better dis noisy caturday. Happie new yearz Caturday from meow! Purrrrs, head rubbzzz, nose bumpzzz nd moar purrrsss! Murli😸💗💕 nd ma Mum Natascha🙋



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December 31, 2016 Morning and afternoon

Good morning & happy #caturday New Years from Murli & me💗🐾 Its been another ice cold morning. It was only -11°C / 12.2°F when we got up. Icicles hanging down from the outer windows❄️But we have it cozy warm and Murli enjoys some sun rays!
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It’s been a cold day all in all, but clear and sunny. The late afternoon sky looked beautiful.
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December 31, 2016 Road blocks for safety reasons

December 31 2016 4pm
One of the concrete roadblocks right across of our building

Police had these concrete blocks be put up yesterday in the late afternoon to make it difficult or even prevent anyone from racing through the street in a possible attack like Berlin and into the large crowds celebrating New Years Eve in my area. There is a huge party tent right up the street from me. (maybe 60 meters up the street from our building). The public suare where the tent is and the area here is one of the busiest and popular places on New Years Eve. There are other public event tents and parties throughout downtown.

Concrete blocks like these have been put in front of cafes, bakeries, public events and all kinds of other places over the city. And all up and down my street and the area. I also think the roads around here will be closed for traffic tonight for the same reason.

Police will be out in full force, in uniform and plain clothes, to react to, or prevent large scale sexual assaults like the ones that took place all over Europes cities last New Years Eve from happening again. Crazy times!

The situation has really changed in these past two years security wise. We already had a similar attack here in my city in 2015. Back then a guy raced through the city and downtown area, chasing people at random and running them over. In the end he raced into a crowded cafes outdoor sitting area, killing many, children and adults alike. I have never heard so many emergency vehicles at once in my life and for such a long period. Here the link to the story: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Graz_attack

I just hope everything will be ok everywhere and the year will end peacefully for everyone and all animals.