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February 16, 2017 Throwbackthursday Instagramz – Baby Murli

#throwbackthursday Baby Murli! Her stripes were so clearly visible when she still had her fluffy Babyfur😻💕💗💕 Hope everypawdys day has been great!🐾 And thanks so much to our new followers for adding us😽❤️ You’re all pawsome!🐾
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January 8, 2017 More snow and ice

This mornings ice flowers, while it was -9°C / 15.8°F outside. The lowest temperature this dreary morning was at -11°C / 12.2°F with freezing cold wind. As it continues to be that chilly, I continue to be free from migraines. For as long as it stays like this, I get to have a break. At least from migraines caused by warmer, spring-like weather and Foehn wind.

It started snowing as well:

Murli and I didn’t get that much sleep, since we stayed up pay past 2am, playing, cuddling and me on my iPad, trying to catch up on what I missed online that day😸 Despite that, she was energetic and awake, running zoomies around the home and playing. There was lots of playtime until she suddenly felt tired… and was lost in her thoughts, while trying to decide between playing or napping. She decided to take a nap btw🐱💤💤💤

January 8 2017 11:04am

As the snow continued to fall lightly, Murli curled up on the bed and slept all afternoon. There was a lot more playtime in the evening, with the latest box she got to keep. The one from Caturdays delivery😸📦

January 8 2017 6:51pm

January 8 2017 6:54pm

Btw, she starts to get more black whiskers on the right side of her face (her right). The ends of her right sides whiskers are also black. They grew out white, but then make a gradient into black. Her left side still has more white ones, but some of them also have black ends. It’s been changing around like this ever since she was a kitten, including the whiskers above her eyes.

In case you didn’t read it when I talked about it, but her MamaCat was a tabby and her PapaCat was completely black. That way, Murli still has a strong tabby gene in her. The fluff fur, under the cover fur has the tabby stripes slightly visible. But they were the most apparent with her fluffy kitten fur when she was little: Take a look here

Anyway, in photos it might look like she has lost whiskers on one side, but they are just hard to see since they’re black 😸

Have a lovely day and night everyone! Hope everyone is well and warm❤️❤️❤️

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January 1, 2017 at 12:30am Cute floof for the new year

Happy new year from Murli & I 😸✨💕 We are in 2017 & Murli is doing ok. She’s jumpy from the noise barrage just before at midnight though. Sat trough it with her like every New Years. Hope all you friends & all the kitties are all doing fine! Have a safe night! We’ll try and see if we can get some sleep with the noise and the event music right there, blasting till 4am lol😂😭🙀 Love u all! And thanks for being pawsome friends & furfriends 💗💗💗🐾😸
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