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How yesterdays Vet appointment went with Murli

Murli on the washing machine

Yesterday, I was just so knocked out after that day, that I went to bed quite early. I was too tired to even try to write an update. I also got a really bad migraine in the late afternoon.

Murli is doing well now, she’s tired but you can see she’s feeling very comfortable and relaxed. No pain!

Yesterdays day began with me getting up early, and giving Murli her Thyroid medicine in a treat. That was all she was allowed to have. Of course she was hungry and meowing for food, as was Samantha… I tried to feed Samantha in the living room and closed the door, so Murli would not see it. But Samantha did not want to eat there, she wanted her food at the usual spot in the hall near the kitchen. Oh dear. Poor girls. Sonic had his dry food anyway and Murli does not go for it, so he was fine.

At 10:20am I put Murli into her carrier. Because it was looking like it would rain any minute, I decided we’d take the bus and tram. That carrier belongs to a buggy, sort of like a pram. It can be attached and detached easily. I use them because I just can’t carry anything even slightly heavy for long.

In case it would rain, I took my rain cape, which I can use to protect the carrier on the buggy. Murli and I left right after I put her in the carrier. We were lucky, as the bus got there right as we got to the bus stop. It wasn’t packed either and we didn’t have a problem with space.

Murli is always quiet in her carrier. No meow meow at all, even if she’s in it for a long time.

We arrived at the Vet at about 10:45am and it just started to rain after we got there. There was an emergency before us, but the wait wasn’t too long.

Once we got taken in, the Vet was having a good look at her teeth again, checked her breathing, heart and temperature. Then Murli got a tiny shave on her right front leg, right where the vein is. Then a needle was used for a venous catheter, and fixed onto her leg with adhesive strips. Murli tried to rip her leg away and grumbled… but it all worked out fine anyway. Blood was taken to check her Thyroid again to see how the status is now after taking the medication for a few months. Then a drip was put in place, and the anesthesia was slowly injected into that line. Murli was still grumbling, since her leg was still being held, which she does not like. I held her head and I could feel her muscles relaxing and then I was able to feel she wasn’t holding her head up herself anymore. She was asleep.

After that, I had to leave and the Vet brought her into the surgery room. It was nice that I was able to stay with her until she was asleep.

The weather had turned really nasty as I left, which was at about 12:15pm. It was raining and a cold wind was blowing. Ralph and I both went to have a rest soon after I got home. But about an hour and a half later, the Vet called to tell me that Murli is fine and that I can come to pick her up. It was 3pm when I arrived back at the Vet, and a migraine had just started.

The Vet brought me in to Murli. She was in a bigger cage, in a darkened, warm and quiet room. She was awake, but clearly not all there yet. The Vet Lady told me all about how it went and that a few teeth were already totally loose and one was really bad. So bad it had gotten into the bone. It was now clear which tooth caused her all that pain. It was amazing, as it was not really clear by just looking at it at first. Only as she took that already loose tooth out that the infection became visible.

Murli had already gotten some antibiotics on Monday and got some more yesterday. I also got some pain medicine for her for the next couple of days.

With that we made our way home again, and it had finally stopped raining again. We were lucky and had a tram right away.

Once home, I let Murli out and she ran around the whole apartment, checking EVERYTHING. She was not too dizzy, just slightly. I made it easy for her to jump onto her current favourite spot. The first thing she wanted was food, but that had to wait for a bit longer.

Murli had a bit of a sleep and I took my migraine medicine, because my head was almost exploding by the time we got home.

At about 7pm Murli finally got her food, even though she did not eat much.

Today in the morning, Murli was wide awake again and wanted her breakfast. I was amazed that she was able to eat much better now than before, even though quite a few teeth were missing now.

I gave her one of her pain tablets at midday, and she’s been doing really well. She’s purring a lot, and cuddly, and looks really happy. She’s a bit more tired than usual, but it’s obvious that she’s feeling well now.

Poor Murli must have really been in agony with that bad tooth. I know what that feels like. So it was really absolutely the necessary to have her teeth sorted out properly. Shes free of that horrible pain finally.

Murli was purring happily when I took those pictures

Thank you all for your wonderful and kind comments! We all wish you a nice rest of the day and hope you’re well. Lots of love and purrs ❤

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November 3, 2016 at 8:45pm – Our Vet appointment day

Hello everyone! I planned on updating sooner today, but I was soooo tired… Because I did not sleep much at all last night. Maybe two hours and those not in one go either. I got up this morning with dark circles and red eyes 😅

Our appointment was sheduled for 11am, but an emergency came in before us, so we had to wait a bit longer. I took a short walk with Murli, because she doesn’t like when she has to wait somewhere, without anything happening. She is much happier when I walk around with her. Thankfully it did not rain today! Instead it was sunny, even though a cold wind was blowing.

When we went back into the Vet office, we didn’t have to wait long anymore. All in all, it wasn’t even 30 minutes that we had to wait.

After we got called in, the Vet (a very kind female Vet) looked at Murlis skin problem, which is right before the ears and on the outside of the ears. Typical parasites have been ruled out, and it doesn’t look anything like it either. Her ears on the inside are wonderfully healthy and astonishingly clean. The rest of her skin is fine. No itchiness or anywhere else.

It’s atopic dermatitis, caused by something her body is reacting too. Food is often the cause of it, but in our case it’s not very likely, as the dermatitis doesn’t seem to react to any change. The answer must lie somewhere in the fact that it doesn’t appear very often. The first time was in 2014, in April. The second time, is now. It appears quite suddenly and I will instantly notice, because Murli starts scratching heavily the area before her ears. Also, Murlis case is very mild. The treatment with the medicine, the coconut oil and the “Käsepappel Tee” (=Malvae folium) things are going to be fine. Both, the coconut oil (totally organic and edible) and the Malvae folium tea, I already have at home, because I use it for myself too. But I have to try and figure out what could possibly cause the allergic reaction.

Murli also got the usual check up and her vaccination shots.

I’m so glad we have this Vet, it’s truly the kindest Vet I have been to, like ever. But, we were both happy to be on our way home again. Murli because she was done, and I because she is fine.

The first thing I did after getting home, after letting Murli jump out of her buggy of course, was to get on with cooking her most favorite food in the world: Cooked chicken breast. And while that was cooking slowly, there were cuddles and comforting and treats for Murli.

Fank u Mom for making ma fav foodz. I forgive u for vet tiz time. Iz foodz done yet?
Murli looking at me, while I prepared the chicken breast “Fank u Mom for making ma fav foodz. I forgive u for vet tiz time. Iz foodz done yet?”

After she ate, she went right to sleep. Murli is tired of course. She always is after the vaccination shots.

Murli fast asleep
There she is… at 5pm. Peacefully sleeping

I’m very very tired myself and despite all the stuff I’d like to do, like talking with all our dear furpals and humanpals on twitter and here, I have to go lay down. But here are a couple more photos from today:

Murli looking at a couple pigeons on the sidewalk near a park, while we went for a little walk, because we had to wait a bit longer until we could be taken in.
Love her big eyes 💖 So glad it didn’t rain and Murli could enjoy some sun!
From our little walk. Here is the kitty chariot in full view 💝
And finally on our way home at 12:26pm, Murli looking out curiously. Probably at all those buildings we were walking by.
And from when we arrived at our home at 12:34pm and I was getting out the keys and of course my phone to take one more pic 😆

Thank you all for reading! Sorry for the late update. Hope you all have a wonderful day and a comfy warm night 💕


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November 2, 2016 at 11:30pm – Late again 

The time was running away from us today 😸 And tomorrow at 11am is our Vet appointment. I hope it will stop raining until then. Murli has a pet stroller, and that is how we get around. This is her new pet stroller by the way. Will post pics of the old one in a later post.

The first picture was taken on a cold and wet day too. Otherwise the flaps can all be opened, so that it’s just the netting, and she would be able to see everything and look around. I also put something over her pet stroller if it’s raining, so everything will stay dry.

I’ll be just as glad as Murli after the appointment is over. I’m kinda nervous every time…

I will have to go to sleep now… Murli already fell asleep 🐱💤💤💤 I’m soooo tired anyway. Going to stop by again on your blog with Murli, Siddhartha Henry 💖And reply to your comment 😸

Have a wonderful evening and a good night everyone!