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February 1, 2017 Hello February!


Murli cuddles on my lap while I’m writing this💗 It’s the usual late afternoon cuddles at the computer lol.

With January over, it seems the freezing cold winter weather is coming to an end soon, according to forecasts. We’ll get Foehn wind again… Sigh. I just hope I wont have migraines every day again. Really hoped February might continue to be real cold, because spring will be bad enough migraine wise. But I hope for the best, sometimes I’m lucky too and it isn’t as bad. For today though, it’s still cold. I had to use my blow dryer to get the icy outer windows to open yesterday and today lol! I can’t help but think it’s funny😸

We also had some snow yesterday in the morning. Just a little, but enough for me to draw a kitty face into the snow.

January 31 2017 8:10am

I’m feeling fine and calmed down after the sad stories from the weekend. Murli helped so much, like always. She’s such a good girl, and always gets when I’m not ok. She’ll then quietly stay close to me all the time. And the usual cuddles and the playtime always cheer me up a lot💗 Murli is also so funny! I often have tears running down from laughter, just from her quirks and antics while playing.

Nothing much interesting happened this week, and it was pretty relaxed.

On Monday, Murli did her kitty loaf right next to me on the desk. She loves looking out the window like that. Sometimes she hangs out there for one or two hours. Of course, within that time she ends up sprawled out all over the place and partly on the keyboard.

January 30 2017 3:58pmJanuary 30 2017 3:55pm

Like pretty much every day, she joined me this afternoon at the computer. I always make a cup of coffee around 3pm, take my medicine and sit down at the desk. Murli follows right after me and gets on top of the desk.



Then she got on my lap and fell asleep soon after this pic was taken😸


When we go to sleep at night, it looks something like this:


This photo is from Sunday night. She’ll either be right next to my pillow with her head, or like in this picture at the end of the bed. She’ll always have her head out of the blanket like this. Often I put the blanket over her like this to keep her warm and cuddly. The other times, she’ll crawl underneath the blanket herself. She sleeps next to me like this for the whole night, except for the need to go to the litter. But she’ll jump right back into bed afterwards❤❤❤

Wishing everypawdy a lovely day/night! Purrs & cuddles!💕

Everything · Murli the cat · Pictures

December 16, 2016 How it looks when I’m at the computer (photos)

Every day when I’m getting on the computer with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, Murli will soon follow and get on my lap. Also pretty much wherever I sit for a prolonged period, Murli will join me, or follow me around the home. But it’s not like I’m much different… As soon as I notice she isn’t with me, I go to check on her😸

This is from Wednesday, December 14, 2016 in the late afternoon.

Murli on my lap, while I’m at the computer. Like always sitting sideways, so Murli can comfortably hang out on my lap.

It’s cuddly warm for both that way! Just comes with the usual problem of having to disturb her when I have to get up. I’ll hang out with her for quite a while. If I let her, she’d probably nap on me for a couple of hours easily. Before she naps, she’ll look at the monitor for a bit, checking out other kittyblogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all the other usual stuff with me for a while.

Or this happens! It’s from today in the afternoon…

Sometimes Murli decides she wants to hang out on the desk for a while. Of course that way, she’ll be partly on top of my keyboard like that. Then, all I can use is the mouse and then the kitty fun begins with her chasing the mouse pointer on the screen lol!

She won’t hang out on the desk for long, since I’ll get up after some time, since I can’t use the computer like that anyway, Then she’ll get up as well and follow me😸


Have a great start into the weekend!