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February 10, 2017 at 1:36am Good night (Instagramz)

😽Sorry wez waz not here much dis week😿️Mum hadz stoopid migrainez efury day. & da migraine medz makez herz all sleepy. Good nite kind furendz! & thankz so much for all da lovlie new furendz followin us! U iz all pawsum!😽❤️ Sweet dreamz✨💕🐱💤💤💤
PS: Mumz tooked dis pic while we waz playin, datz why I lookz liek dis. I sits on one of ma mousiez; u can seez da mousie tail between ma front legz. Da otha mousie iz da white one behindz mee. Nd u can seez a littul bit of a boxie)
Everything · Murli the cat · Pictures

January 25, 2017 Just saying good night

Going to reply to all comments, and emails tomorrow morning ❤️ Murli needed lots of attention these past two days, after she wasn’t feeling too good on Monday, when her gastrointestinal sensitivity acted up a bit. Caused apparently by having a slight change in her daily diet routine, by heaving more cooked chicken breast than usual. She was all back to normal on Tuesday morning, after having eaten her usual amount of everything. 

I’m still fine, and still free of migraines, as the freezing cold weather continues ❄️❄️❄️👍  Lol though… The outer window of my room was frozen shut just before, when I wanted to get some fresh air before we go to sleep. So I used warm water & my hairdryer to melt the ice off, so it would open lol! 

We’re in bed, and Murli feel asleep already under my blanket. It’s the cutest thing ever. Just her head is outside the blanket. We sleep like this every night 😻❤️❤️❤️

Good night and sweet dreams to all our lovely friends & furends 🐾❤️