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January 5, 2017 Cold front incoming

A cold front arrived over night. It’s bringing ice cold polar air, storm, ice and snow. It’s going to get cold, which also means no migraine. Which is awesome! It’s going to bring the winter temperatures that were normal when I was a child in the 80s and early 90s. We’ll see how long it lasts.

January 4 2017 4:26pm

Yesterdays setting sun illuminated the lowest layer of the clouds in a bright red, almost pinkish color. It was quite windy up there in the clouds. They were moving fast and in different speeds in multiple layers and heights.

When I got up this morning, some snow had fallen earlier. It really wasn’t a lot but it was fluffy snow, real snow and not frozen fog snow.

Took these photos when I came out of our apartment building. And I tried drawing a kitty face into the snow (I always draw stuff into the fresh snow at every chance I get, even though I can’t draw to safe my life lol). Poor kitty face is all disproportional… I need more practice lol!

More pictures are on my new flickr account: flickr.com/photos/catlady-natascha

January 5 2017 8:21am

January 5 2017 8:26am

January 5 2017 8:29am

January 5 2017 8:28am

January 5 2017 8:27am

January 5 2017 8:24am

January 5 2017 8:23am

Later the sky looked really beautiful again, with the clouds full of ice and with those strong winds up there:

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November 4, 2016 – A couple nature photos

On my way home from the pet store, I decided to walk by that one park, after I got out of the bus, instead of getting into the tram right away from there. I knew the trees must look lovely in that autumn sunlight. The sun is already very low at 3pm in the afternoon, now after the daylight savings change. Today the sun set at 4:37pm already and it will be earlier and earlier every day now.

As I got to the sidewalk next to the park, I saw those things. I need to look up what they’re called in english, but they make a pop sound when you step on them.


The park belonged to a beautiful mansion and was private in the 1800s as nobles lived there. Today the park is public and it’s actually very beautiful. Too bad you can’t go in there anymore because in the last few years the park is now full of drug dealers and thugs. Even rivaling gangs. It’s not the only park either that got occupied by those people in recent years. It really is sad.


20161104-150853 20161104-150908

I was also able to take a beautiful pic of the sky, about 15 Minutes after sunset, from a window at home: