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Sunday, January 15, 2017 Start of the Bird watching season? (video)

“Birdz watchin season haz started fur me! Da birdz iz gettin active despite da freezin coldz!😸”

Despite the freezing cold, the birds seem to be getting more active these days. I hear the sparrows chirp a lot suddenly. Is this too early? Can’t really remember them being active in mid January, but maybe I just didn’t notice it in previous years. This morning, when I opened the windows to get some fresh air into the home, a bird flew by real close to the window, so Murli was on it with one big jump. Even though she avoids the open window completely usually, when it’s that cold. But she made an exception in case of birds.

The birds you can hear in the video, are the sparrows. There is a sparrows home, below the roof of the house right across from us. They’ve been there the previous two years as well. I don’t know if it’s the same pair since then, but it could be.

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December 12, 2016 More boxes and our relaxed and lazy weekend

Murli is so happy with her new boxes! On Friday Murlis food was delivered, which meant of course more boxes. Since she wouldn’t let me throw out old boxes, I just rearanged them. Now the huge box that came recently sits in the living room next to all her play stuffz. The box from Friday is the one Murli sits in and is now in the kitchen. As is the previous box.

I fits! So of course I sits.
Look at that face!
I cantz let dat mousie out of ma sightz! (Mouse is out of frame)
Hai Mum and pals!

Saturday, was unfortunately a day of migraines, but thanks to the meds, they were gone quickly, but it left me sleepy and dizzy like always. So we spend the day relaxing mostly, and things I planned on doing at home just got postponed.

Sunday was a nice day! No migraine and feeling good. Lots of playing, relaxing and cuddling.


Murli on one of her kitty beds. She loves this one and it’s usually next to me on my bed, or on the couch. She looked so cute, having her leg out like that. And look at her fluffy belly! It’s sooo soft😸

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Ours wasn’t exactly interesting for a blog post, but the photos are cute😸 We wish you a lovely Monday evening pals!