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Hero’s selfie and love from all 4 kitties

Mew mew… 😸 I gots Mums phone…

So how does dis work?

So down there’s da button…

Does I holds it rite?

Oh, I just needs to look into da phone now!

Yay! I dids it!😺

I sends a BIIIG paw hug to all of you sweet furiends & hooman friends😽🐾 Luv, Hero

Lisa: I sends lots of luv and purrs!

Samantha: Luv to you all! Please take good care of each other and stay healthy and happy 😺🐾❣️

Sonic: Big purrs and luv from me too! We was missin bloggin and connecting wif u all! Mum too! A whole lot! 😺🐾❣️

I’ll hopefully get it worked out someday, how to get everything done that I need to do and still manage to blog 💕 I miss you all!

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May 1, 2017 at 7:40pm Sunday Selfie in bed Instagramz

Meow sweet furendz!😽💕Me iz relaxin and Mum just satz down with her coffee & finally getz to talk to furendz & comment & post 😸We didz not get lucky az we hoped… Mum gotz an even worse migraine dis afternoon 👩🏻 Sighz… So sorry luvly furendz fur not bein here moar because of it. But Mumz fine now, just tired. We alwayz feelz way more bad fur our adorable furendz, cause they haz to hear about Mumz health stuffz so often😫

Hope u hadz a great weekend? Today iz a public holiday in Austria. So we feel as if iz Sunday… Meow! Sendin purrs & love to all of u😽💕💜

via Instagram

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April 2, 2017 Hope you had a lovely Sunday

March 28 2017 8:41am

Good evening from Austria! As you probably noticed again, I am lagging behind with replies and everything. Due to the “Foehn wind weather” we had for over a week now, I also had migraines almost every day. Except for today, and another day during the week. But, as you know, I am doing well thanks to the always working Triptan, that gets rid of the migraine every time after one or two hours. The only problems are the after effects from the migraine. And those after effects cause me to lag behind with everything again. Just letting you know!

This week was totally spring like! Temperatures in the afternoon at around 20°C / 68°F and sunshine with clear blue sky. The mornings are still a bit chilly, with temps between 2°C and 4°C (35°F and 39°F).

I was able to leave some of the windows open during the afternoon and I started decorating for spring and easter🌼🌷☀️🌸

March 31 2017 3:52pm

April 1 2017 10:16am

Murli is a good girl, and she is used to decorations in the windows, so she doesn’t do anything to them. She just checked them out thoroughly and approved, and that’s it😺 When I the put the protective screen with the wire frame into the window, the decorations are outside the screen anyway. I just love cute stuff!

March 31 2017 6:37pm

Murli is totally happy that the windows are open again for most of the day! In this pic, she was watching  “bird channel 1″😸 It showed a sparrow, that sat on top of the pyramid-shaped roof, to the right. (You can’t really see it that well, because it’s just so small.)

Oh, btw… she just really loves newspapers and stuff to hang out on. She just loves them. But so that things are pretty again, I’ll put her lovely blankie there as well.

Also! We found Murlis “baskitball”! Ameowzing! Sweet Siddhartha Henry was right. I found her ball underneath the cupboard in the hallway😹 She stuffed it under there real good! Before that, I was looking in the living room, the bedroom, even the kitchen and the bathroom, but didn’t see it underneath the cupboard in the hallway when I looked there. Should have used the flashlight right away back then lol…

Just wanted to wish you all a lovely Sunday evening! Will be hopefully posting some more in the beginning of next week, if I get a break from the migraines. But I’ll be replying and stopping by all your pawsome blogs tomorrow!

I’m so happy to know you all and am really thankful for all your sweet comments! Murli and I really miss you all because we haven’t been here for days. Purrs & Hugs! We love you all!💗💜❤️️💗

20170327 155134 03
A Selfie we took on Monday, but it’s a good pic for Selfie Sunday ❤

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December 24, 2016 Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Christmas eve was lovely! Papa and I had a delicious dinner! He cooks the most amazing things, it’s so good. It’s Papas thing, he absolutely loves cooking and baking. I had my vegetarian version of the dinner. Gosh it was so good. Of course Murli got treats and dinner at the same time as we had ours.

A bit later in the evening it was time for the gifts!

Christmas eve 2016 6:57pm

There are gifts for Papa, me and Murli under the tree. All checked out and approved by Murli! She helped me to wrap Papas gifts too!

Btw, it’s not just me who is a catperson, Papa is one too! Just as much as I am😸 The photo just turned out the way it did, because Murli decided to turn to look at the tree right in the moment the photo was taken lol! But who cares, it’s cute!

And Murli was so happy with the wooden ball I got her (a couple of them). She loved it instantly after checking it out thouroghly. She was playing with it the rest of the evening, zooming around the tree and the living room. It was so funny!

Christmas eve 2016 7:19pm

After we opened our gifts… Murli was distracted from playing with her new toy, by the wrapping paper. For some reason, Murli was all over that blue paper!

I was and am so happy! It was just a beautiful and joyful evening. I wish the time wouldn’t be over so fast!

Murli and I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy Chanukka! Have lovely and blessed holidays!