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June 3, 2017 Happy Caturday sweet furends!

Hey furends! Where do I even start after having been busy so much that I just didn’t manage posting. I guess first of all, we are both doing well! Murli is happy, talkative, playful and cuddly as always😸 The weather changed from a mostly cool spring, to summer heat within a short period of time. Of course with the usual high humidity we always have in summer. It started to warm up in mid May and on May 19 we had 84°F or 29°C, but it cooled down the next day due to a cold front and the temperatures remained in the lower 70°F or lower 20°C. On May 29, the temperatures went to 84°F or 29°C again and by the next day they increased to 89°F or 31°C. At first it wasn’t really that humid, and so it was not really uncomfortable and we did well with it. It didn’t take long however, for humidity to rise to 80% and more, especially in the late afternoon and during the night.

So Murli and I are currently adjusting to the temperatures, since we are not used to them yet. The temperatures later in summer will be a bit higher, with often 95°F or 35°C with high humidity. There will be days where it goes up to 100°F or 37°C. Murli lies on the cool floor during the day now,  or she naps at the open windows. When I get into bed to take a nap, she will jump into bed right away to nap next to me, but after a while she’ll feel too warm and she gets down on the floor. The thing is, she’ll come into bed again and again, because she really loves to sleep next to me. But she always has to get down again, since she’s too warm. I gave her a thin bedsheet. It feels cool to the touch and is made of linen. I use those in the summer all the time. I put a couple of them on her daytime nap places.

Here is a video of Murli from today at 10am.
The birds are very active, and the south windows are just comfy to 
relax on. I made it so she has shade there for most of the day. Murli is
chatty like usual. She talks like this with me if I cuddle and pet her, 
and anytime I interact with her in some way. I talk to and with her all day,
and we're both very chatty MOL!

Yesterday in the early evening at about 6pm, a bad thunderstorm came through, with lots of hail unfortunately. The hail started shortly after the rain had set in and it kept going for good 10 minutes. After that the hail stopped, and the rain changed to a light rainfall. But the frequent and closeby lightning kept going till about 8pm. As always, I had to get Murli off the window, because she loves watching the hail. I’m always totally protective of her, and don’t want her near the windows when its bad. You never know if the glass could break if the hail gets bad enough (happened last year to many windows in the street). After I got Murli off the window, I started filming. And at that point, the hail increased as well.

In the beginning of the video, I added a short time lapse and a few photos I took 
before the actual rain and hail started.

Thankfully, the hail wasn’t that bad all over the city. Because I was really sad at first, thinking the newly planted flowers on my Mamas grave and my Grandparents grave were now all destroyed. Dad went there to take a look today, and they were all fine. A friend of our family told us that the hail was pretty much harmless a in other areas of the city. So glad for that!

As for today… the weather was sunny again, as well as humid and hot. But we took a nap during the hottest part of the day, and have a comfy afternoon and evening now. Murli also got one of her favorite treats, which is Turkey ham. She prefers Turkey ham over normal ham… by far. She absolutely loves it. And I love making her happy!

Also, this weekend is a long weekend, because Monday is a holiday (Whit Monday). We make it a relaxed but fun weekend at home. Murli already had her FridayNightBagPawty yesterday. For today, she’ll be getting a new bag! It’s from Aldi, and bigger MOL! Of course there will be pictures of it all😆😸

Happy Caturday to all of you lovely furends!💕 We send you all love & paw hugs! Thank you all for reading and posting those sweet comments! You’re all wonderful!😽😘💕

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April 24, 2017 at 6:35pm Instagramz Video

Just before at 6:35pm – Murlis adorable lil talking 😸 It was a sunny day, and pretty warm again. But it’s getting a lil bit chilly now that the sun is about to set in a bit less than an hour, at 8pm (it’s shortly after 7pm now)🌄 Hope you all have a pleasant start into the new week 💜😽

via Instagram

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April 18, 2017 9:00pm – Murli helped with the bed sheets and chirped at the pigeons

Changing the sheets with Murlis help. She was particularly helping with the inspection of the pillow and the redistribution of her fur and scent on the pillow and the freshly cleaned pillow sheet MOL (which is just the sheet for the pillow. The actual pretty sheets come after that one.) And she approved of it and happily went on to other things, like stalking the pigeons that sit on the roof of the neighboring building, which directly adjoins our building and the little window.

That’s how she’s always talking and chirping when she sees a bird that is close, but she can’t get to it either. Just like all cats are doing anyway.

The first video with the bed sheets is from the morning of April 14 and the second video on the window is from the morning of April 17. I have several videos and photos and I’m writing on a post, and hopefully I’ll be done and post it tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I will.

Thank you soooo much to our new followers for visiting and following our bloggie and leaving your kind comments! Thank you also to all of you, I’m so happy and it’s so fun to post and connect to the most pawsome and sweet cat friends ever! Have a wonderful evening furends!

I leave you with the photo of Murlis pillow inspection lol
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April 16, 2017 at 10pm Murli gets her chicken at night (Video)

Easter Sunday at night… Murli gets one of her favorite foods… cooked chicken😸Of course she can’t wait!

Earlier that day: We had laid down for a nap, because I hadn’t slept well at all and was really tired by 10am. Murli curled up next to me like usual. But when I woke up again at around noon, I instantly noticed something was going on with Murlis left eye. She was rubbing her paw over her eye, and blinking it, and it was watering a bit. But the eye lids were slightly swollen as well. Which gave me a good scare right away, wondering what happened. The eye itself looked perfectly normal, and there was nothing sticky anywhere, and the whites of her eye were white and the eye clear and normal looking. It seemed to me that the constant rubbing over her eye must have caused the slight swelling. And I know how easily and quickly eyelids get swollen up.

But I still called up the Vet with the weekend and holiday shift, since all the regular Vet offices have closed over the weekend. He also thought she must have gotten something into her eye, which could be anything from a hair, dust, or even a irritating substance. I should come by the next morning if it didn’t get better.

An hour after initially noticing her problem, she suddenly had stopped rubbing and blinking. Nothing seemed to bother her anymore about her eye. As I looked closely, I could see that her tears had washed out a hair of her own fur, a long one too. Relieved, I hoped that was it and that her eye will be fine now. Thankfully it was, as by the time I did this video, the swelling had already gone down a good bit. By the next morning, the swelling was gone. Nothing bothered her anymore and her eye is fine. So it really was just that hair getting caught in her eye and not coming out quickly enough.

I also did this video, to show furends how she was doing that night after her eye problem. I’m so glad she’s fine and it wasn’t anything serious.