Everything · Ralph and I

We are married!

Just a short blog post for all of you lovely friends!

Now we are going to finally have just one last name on our door!

Ralph and I got married today, at 11am at the Graz registrar! Our registrar Lady was a very kind and nice woman, who did a lovely little ceremony. My Dad was with us and I had a lovely little bridal bouquet that I ordered from a flower shop near us on Saturday, which I picked up earlier this morning. I will keep it and dry it, to hopefully preserve it.

I’ll write a lot more about this day and there will be pictures coming too of course!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments, kindness and empathy throughout our adventure of getting married. It helped us both so much to be able to share it all with you while we were going through it.

There will still be some bureaucracy left for us… But that’s just updating our new status on every important government agency and other places. Of course since I took Ralph’s name, I’ll have to update my new last name everywhere. Though, that’s not really difficult and easily done. I love it actually, as I’m so proud and happy to be Ralph’s wife, to be Mrs. Whillier! Yay!!!! We’re so happy, there are no words I have for it all at the moment.

We really had a beautiful day and after the wedding, Ralph, my Dad and I went to a castle in Graz, which has a beautiful big park and a lovely little cafe in the middle of it. There we had coffee and cake. The pictures we took there are lovely and of course we’ll share them with you in our next posts. I’ll do my post at the same time as Ralph.

Thankfully, it did not rain, even though it really looked like it was about to really bucket down a couple of times.

Both of us are really really exhausted and tired now, and we’ll have a rest.

Now the story of our life goes on, as Mr. and Mrs. Whillier with our 3 cats in Graz, Austria.

Lots of love, Mrs. Whillier