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June 7, 2017 at 12:07am Good night sweet furendz (Instagramz)

Good night from us to all our precious furends😍😘💜❤️️💜❤️️ It’s just a daytime pic (obviously lol) but me wanted to show u all that me still loves da pawtybag in it’s flat form. I love to hang out on it too!
Sending love & hugs to u all ❤️️ 😽💕💕💕 Sweet dreams everypawdy!

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May 10, 2017 More bird watching (Video)

Video link on Instagram HERE

I just thought it’s so adorable with Murlis cute lil head moving so much😸 She almost always goes bird watching right after her breakfast😸 The birds were very active like always in the morning, and she loves to watch them from this position recently. It’s so she can see them sitting on the ledge right above the window. She sees them partially, and that’s even more entertaining to Murli. They were also flying by the window a lot, which is the reason her head is moving so much💜Sorry for the noise of that big truck in the street. Normally there’s no traffic or car noise, but they were unloading stones for the renewal of the pavement in our street.

It got pretty cold again for May. We really didn’t have much of a spring at all. Just a few warmer days in all that time. And those days were spread far apart. It was just 41°F (5°C) at the lowest this morning. A little later at 9am, it was about 46°F (a little less than 8°C) which is when I left the small window open for a bit.

Murli and I are wishing everyone a happy whiskerswednesday!

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January 11, 2017

January 11 2017 9:46am

Another frigid day! Only 0°F / -17.7°C an hour before sunrise (Sunrise was at  7:42am). It created beautiful ice flowers! These were on the kitchen window, and when I took that photo, it was already almost 10am and much “warmer” outside and so the ice on the window was already melting. That melt created these cute formations❄️

It was sunny all day, so Murli could have a nice sunshine nap on the window sill😺☀️

Murli and I wish you all a happy WhiskersWednesday!😺